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Edward  ÉᚪᛞǷᛠᚱᛞ 

Edward  ÉᚪᛞǷᛠᚱᛞ 


Where I am ☀

©️ Sylvain Corbeil – metafilms. Montreal

Believe in yourself -🤔

This phrase is very fashionable in our contemporary world, – but few know its meaning.

It seems dumb to me to say to another person – believe in yourself.
When I am told that – I usually think or answer – off – better invest in my art and off.
It’s as simple as that.

I believe in myself and I have always believed in myself, that’s why that phrase doesn’t suit me – it’s usually people who don’t believe in themselves who say motivational phrases – now it’s important to know the meaning of that phrase.
Believe in yourself – is to believe in your higher self, to know at least your origins and to realise your life’s purpose.

Really if I didn’t believe in myself – with the few likes from the reiting system that my artwork has – I would have long ago become depressed and stopped creating beauty. – Which has never happened, because first of all I fully understand the standards of society – so wonderful. 🤗

An artist has to know what kind of art he makes, and in that case everything is fine.

I gladly modify that phrase – believe in yourself for an artist – to – remember who You are

If you remember your origins and find yourself, you believe in yourself automatically, in fact that question doesn’t even exist, or is not important.
What is important in this case is the amplitude that comes from being yourself – hence the expansion.

That’s why I think this phrase is great – but not very functional in the world of art, because it’s not so much about believing in yourself – it’s about being yourself.

Of course, first one has to find the goldens – and once again all these philosophical questions lead the high universal artists – to the temple of Naxos ☀ Where I am


James ✨

It seems that all directions are leading me to St James square. 🤗

In 1662 Charles II extended a lease over the 45 acres of Pall Mall (St James’s) Field held by Henry Jermyn, 1st Earl of St Albans to 1720 and soon afterwards the earl began to lay out the property for development. The earl petitioned the king that the class of occupants they both hoped to attract to the new district would not take houses without the prospect of eventually acquiring them outright, and in 1665 the king granted the freehold of the site of St. James’s Square and some closely adjacent parts of the field to the earl’s trustees. The location was convenient for the royal palaces of Whitehall and St James. The houses on the east, north and west sides of the square were soon developed, each of them being constructed separately as was usual at that time.

St James’s Square circa 1752.

In the 1720s seven dukes and seven earls were in residence. The east, north and western sides of the square contained some of the most desirable houses in London. At first glance they do not appear much different from most other houses in the fashionable parts of the West End, but this is deceptive. The windows were more widely spaced than most, the ceilings were high, and deep plots and ingenious planning allowed some of the houses to contain a very large amount of accommodation indeed (see the plans in the Survey of London extract linked below and note that this is not reflected in the extract from Horwood’s map shown as he had no access to the interiors). Some of the houses had fine interiors by leading architects such as Matthew BrettinghamRobert Adam and John Soane.

Statue of St. James the Less in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran by Angelo de Rossi

thanks wiki


It’s simple – Tick Tuc 🤗 Before you beep beep with your car 👋 Empathy

It’s simple – Tick Tuc – Before you beep beep with your car

It’s wonderful to adopt animals, because you can learn empathy from them and that elevates the soul, and it’s beautiful – it’s as simple as that.

Besides, you can always take in a good animal and give it a home, food and stability.

Since ancient times, many kings and queens had animals in the royal court, nowadays everything is very easy and by making a budget to get an animal, one can enjoy the company of a small creature that will always be happy to be in good hands.🤗

It is necessary to know that an animal is not a toy and not a pretext to be filled with empathy for the animal and to be serene to the world. On the contrary !
An animal companion teaches you that all the love you give to it – you can give to a human being 🤗, it teaches you that it gives you love even if you are a human being – an animal that knows how to think bigger and with knowledge of language.
A being that can communicate, and if you are hungry – you say it and you solve it – the same with the roof.

Now as the little animals don’t know how to speak English, French or Spanish – it is up to us to help them.

You can make very simple gestures, and share information, helping animal shelters. Everyone has an unused quilt and can donate it, just as everyone has a little finger to click on the internet and share useful information.
It is very simple.

For example, when it’s cold, many kittens go into the bonnets of cars to hide from the cold, or the rain – so giving a few knocks before starting the car is very useful.

It’s simple, and takes no time at all.
Tick Tuc –

Just like that, you can save the life of a small creature, and who knows, you might even win a good friend with that simple gesture!

The most beautiful, most valuable treasures are hidden – only for you to find them – by opening your heart. Sometimes they are hidden in your car !


I am enclosing beautiful associations in the world of volunteers, which do just that.

while I walk with my beautiful kitten Venezia, adopted last year.
She is a beautiful cat !


Walking in an invisible cloak ✨

True Love Road –
is like walking in an invisible cloak where no one can see what you feel.
It is wonderful.

There are many steps you have to take to get to that point;

First to let go of all the baggage of the past,
and once you’re light on your feet you can start a – New chapter in life.🤗

It is very important to empty the past, and to stop running – because if you are running how are you going to get to the other?
You have to stop, and say here I amopen and free ✨ it is the only way to let the other know that you are ready to take the step.
To say it, is not to write an email, or make a phone call, it is to think it and as souls are connected at a higher levelthe person who is in your vibration picks up on it and the meeting happens – it is as simple as that.
It is like being connected to a higher high speed wiffi – everything becomes clear by tuning in to the inner self.
And because the other is part of you, feel the message.🥁

Nor should we stand idly by, or fall into silly stories of waiting – by no means can we lull ourselves into the entertainments of the Wheel of Chronos – we must make concrete gestures and move forward to the encounter.
It is as simple as that – within the inner peace and harmony one must act.
Realise that at this level of pure Love, none of the archaic algorithms of past relationships are used everything flows and is direct – because time is understood from another dimension and the souls know that this experience is their soul – the union.
I also advise not to fill your head with yotube videos on the subject – but to look for information in philosophy, old paintings, and thinkers who have spoken about this wonderful journey.
Think, think, think – meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate,
Try to write – or to capture in art what you feel, to explore yourself – and not to fall asleep in the arms of Orpheus or delusions.🤔

Take from one hand – the Wisdom of Athena – from the other the Passion of little Eros – and the result will be wonderful.
For it is a perfect balance of temperance and passion 📕📘

Go forward with sertitude, with reason and heart in hand, with intelligence and temperance.

And because the other is part of you, feel the message. – I repeat !🥁

Of course – if you know who is the person – you can write an email, or call them on the phone, or show up at their house.
But if you don’t know – and you feel a vibration close to you – just saying it out loud is enough – you can also write in a diary, or leave a visual hint of your soul elevation – it’s perfect.

The most important thing I think is to be prepared inside, prepared to receive the other and to give, that is essential.🙏

How do you know if you are ready for the encounter?🤔

It is something you feel ⚡- it is as simple as that.

You don’t have to run to a shop and buy a 3000 eur dress to try to impress – considering it’s the date of the year.
God has already undressed your soul, so it doesn’t matter what you wear – the other person will see your beauty.
I wear my dada86 dresses every day – because for me every day is – Glory, and celebration – I like beauty and for me that is transmitted in the way I dress.

Be – yourself – if you have already found yourself, no matter how you dress – you are beautiful.
Nor does it matter what you have achieved in your professional life, or where you are – these are all adjectives of the ego – they are beautiful – but they take us away from the truth.
Whoever loves you – will love you with the oscar in your hands or without, – does not judge your status in society – but explores your soul – which rises above it all.
If you are joyful and in harmony with yourself – you are dressed for your meeting.

As a universal artist, I see this spiritual experience that I am exploring as very beautiful, – it is very real and intense, so I think that maybe there is a part of reason in theories that try to prove a pact between souls above and outside spacetime – as if God does not play dice.
It is very likely to be true, because what I am experiencing is magical.✨

The sense of certainty and accuracy of events is wonderful.🙏
Of course you have to purify your mind to get to that pointto stand in front of a blank wall and let only high vibrations flow, no labels, no names, no concepts.

Just thinking who I am – it’s as simple as that – and if you know who you are – that other who is part of your soul knows it too – only the union remains – which is covenanted on higher planes.

Now – it is important to let go of the past, and even to say goodbye to all sisters souls if necessary.
I advise to write farewell letters to all people who need to be let go.
Letters of farewell are wonderful because they release the other, and enlarge the space in your heart for the person to come.
You have to let go, as much as you can let go.

Imagine that the heart is like a home so if there are all ex-partners, inserts, – how will the other person get in?

It is a house to stay and create something new and beautiful, so everybody out! Mother, father, everybody !
So the house remains clean and with the essence of oneself – then you put in things you like, but which are part of the present or future desires.

Then if you want to introduce your partner to him§ her – the past, even to your neighbor’s dog, – great.
But first focus on love and meeting,

I don’t remember any love meeting where I took my parents by the arm…🤔
One goes alone – with the essentials that are inside the heart.

Something very interesting at this level – is that you remember the most beautiful moments of your childhood, you also heal all the scars – all the past fades away – and you understand that the most precious thing is love.
It is wonderful – like a Renaissance of the soul ✨- in another, higher dimension – everything changes.

Now what is it that leads to that encounter – Love – Im sure – olny love leads
Here is this beautiful metaphor,

In the first instance, after my experience, these are the conditions that allow us to see the golden thread to follow. – I call it a higher covenant which is covenanted in another dimension.

Now what to take for the journey?
The same, no heavy things, as little as possible and – that which makes you happy every day, it can be tools for work, or nice things for leisure, simple things.

As I am a universal artist and film director – I reduce my equipment to my camera, my pen, a diary, my cat and 3 dresses – a pocket book of philosophy and nothing else – that makes a small handbag.
I also took a gift that as fate would have it appeared in my hands a few years ago, and I thought – this is my gift of meeting with a high being like me. It turns out that along the way I got my feelings mixed up and tried to give it to other guys, none of whom would accept it because they were obviously not the intended recipients.

Also in my True Love travel bag is another gift for my grandmother.🤗

Now – the question and the philosophical questioning which is worth millions

Where is the True Love travel to?🏁
Well, every soul has a route to follow with certainty, and knows exactly what to do – some go to New York, others to a cafe, others to a bookstore, – there are millions of destinations – millions of souls and that’s the beauty of it.🤗

It really is a unique experience, and that’s what makes it so valuable because you know without seeing, hear without hearing, and walk without moving – the soul is lifted and the path becomes crystal clear.

Nothing and no one prevents this meeting, because all the cards were laid out for it to happen on an exact day and at an exact time – all roads lead there. On both sides.

Both you and the other – you are the house, you are the union of two worlds, so that place can only be found inside each other – and he returns to the words of the temple of the Delfes.🙏

Back to the Origins – where everything was pact behind the mirror.

So if you are on the Path of True Love, you can smile in peace, for it is a blessing to have explored so much to arrive at this day.
You can smile in every way, of course.

But every time you stand in front of a mirror, think that somewhere in the Universe, there is your double – and that person if he or she loves you as you love yourself just wants to see you happy, radiant and open to a new experience – that same one – the one of Origin – Love.


The flying fountain, the wise man & a surprise🌺


A wise man climbs the mountain in search of a spring, the higher he climbs the more he sees, and the world is wonderful, even if the spring does not appear, everything blooms around him and without finding the spring the wise man sits down to think on a stone.
At that moment drops of water fell on his hands.
Happy the wise man smiles, raising his hand to the sun and contemplating the drops.

On his way down happily he met a girl who was smiling and holding a kite.

  • Sage sage – look! How it soars with a simple thread ! Take it 🪁 – said the girl giving the kite to the surprised sage.
  • Ha ha! Fly, fly 🪁 – and what is that?- asked the astonished sage as drops of water fell from the kite.
  • Ah wise man, you are wise and you don’t know? Hi hi hi !
    You must be very tiredIt’s a watering place – I push my kite up to water the flowers above, as I can’t go up, I do it from here.
    The wise man remained thoughtful, and in a few moments he bent down to the ninel of the girl and said :
  • It was you who watered the flowers on the mountain then… ? Why didn’t I see your kite? 🪁
  • Hi hi hi.. sage, because you were surely looking up, and my kite shoots water from below, like a fountain!
  • You say fountain…I was looking for one on the top of the mountain….
  • And you got the thread ? – asked the astonished girl.
  • No… What thread is that?
  • Well, look at my kite – without thread it can’t fly and sprinkle the flowers, without thread the drops wouldn’t reach you, wise man!
  • Ha ha ha ! Of course, the thread ! – exclaimed the wise man, laughing and looking at the mountain, while the happy little girl raised her kite and drops of trickles of water fell on the flowers.

So it was that the wise man began to appreciate how beautiful it was to sprinkle the plants of the mountain with a kite and a thread that was born from the heart of a little girl.🪁

For you, who of the two reached the fountain first – the girl or the wise man? Or maybe it was the kite – ha ha ha ha.
So – 🔔

Don’t judge wisdom by years, nor by its appearance – because at the moment you least expect it, when you think you have climbed as high as possible – a little girl with a kite flying on a simple thread can appear and surprise you! 🪁


Paseo y 23 🌼

I love Vedado ~ where I used to live in Havana ~ for me it is the most wonderful neighbourhood with beautiful views of the sea.
I would always leave my flat on Paseo y 5 and walk up to 23, a beautiful avenue with cars of all colours.
The trees on Paseo Avenue are all leafy and you can still breathe in the sea breeze ~ walking along this avenue is a great way to get to know very colourful places, like my favourite stall, that of a lady selling flowers.🌼🌸
She always sat in the doorway of a colonial house with sunflowers, lilies and flowers of all kinds.
I usually left the house very early in the morning and always bought something from her.
I love flowers and I like this photo very much ~
No doubt the colourful Vedado will always be one of my favourite neighbourhoods.🌱


~ simple like that ⚡

☀️ in Jean Luc Godard film – making my own film with my camera Sean.

It was the first and only time Fabrice projected the film for me to see in the small hall in Lausanne. I didn’t know the editing, and I saw the film through the light. I didn’t know what the film was about, nothing was planned – it just happened and as you all know I like to film reality.

A kiss to Velazques on this idea. It was magical – just standing in front of one piece of art and creating another in real time, not knowing at all and feeling – seeing the invisible.

The most beautiful thing in art always – just happens. A film within a film.


All images of right – reserved to Jean Luc Godard and to humanity – my camera Sean as a gift.

I realise that it is very popular to sell things with the films, and I take this occasion to remind you that the prints of this marvellous and signed book are only 1500.
To all the directors, and film lovers get active and see beauty.
I invite you to buy Godard’s wonderful book and to continue to invest in his films – which are a golden legacy for our generation.

Everyone love this book.
~ simple like that ⚡

copy the link here – merci


Mais Qui Censure L⚡Amour ?

сейчас все просто ☝️

I was on a journey to build my architecture ~ for visually impaired people and artists.
On my way I had wonderful and unbelievable situations ~ which of course if I would tell everything as it was ~ for sure nobody would believe me.
So I took some time to think ~ how I want to tell my story, and thinking a bit more ~ I thought that the wonderful gift I can give to humanity ~ is write a novel on science fiction, ~ Reveling a path to Love ~ where I am from.

Written at the crossroads of paths ~ where at some point we are all forced or free to choose a direction ~ I choose love ☝️ ~ above the eternal battle of good versus evil.
In this eleccion my novel expounds deep ethical reflections on peace, goodness and Fraternity among human beings free from petty selfishness.

All compacted into a wonderful and exciting adventure and a illustrated fiction novel ~ containing all the pilates of my journey, to my friends and loved ones.

I am very proud of it, because it was not easy to compile all the situations I lived through and put them into art on 212 pages.

While everyone was running around stressed because of the world plague ~ I was immobile in that situation and thought to myself:

~ Wherever we are in the world ~ all friends 🤝, all the people who were part of my path, all of them ~ I want them to be in a wonderful place full of love, joy and high values.

I didn’t have the cement at that moment to make that place, to put pretty things and invite everyone to celebrate ~ I had a drawing pencil, a typewriter – and if that wasn’t enough ~ my heart ~ all Virtue in my hands to make the arrival of this book into the world possible.
That is how my book was born 💎 ~ and I am very proud of it, because today on every page that I pause to read my own story ~ I see only love.
From the water to the fire ~ from the earth to the sky ~ everything is love ~ by a gesture in Saint Michael station and a paper coat ~ I know it sounds surreal and hard to believe ~ but it’s true ☝️

With this article ~ I will not reveal the exciting synopsis of the novel ~ because it will come into your hands as if by magic 🌟

So now ~ I can simply share it with the rest of the world and let it expand love like a Sword of Light ~ it rises it shines on its own.


note :

thanks my constancy ~ the higher inner force that becomes a quality and makes a work of art come into being in the world, just as the artist conceived it⚡

hug to Dmitrii ⚡ for the wonderful colors that made possible the realization of 86 color illustrations.🌈

hug to Rev ⚡- for giving me his hand in times of darkness🌈

hug to the little little inner child – shia👶🏻 for showing me that there is no fire that can burn the water🌈

a huge hug to Jay ⚡- for the gift to my birthday🌈

hug to Will ⚡- for nothing and for all ! hihi – loving jokes🌈

hug to Pedro ⚡🌈

And of course a mega hug to my Higher Self ⚡🌈 

You know without a day there is not a week – and without a week a month, a year – a lifethat’s why hugs are so beautiful.

Honor and kindness for adobe all of everything – it is and it will be☝️

сейчас все просто ☝️

Sunday 17 – let’s celebrate My Naxos arrival

Success now 👆


My garden 🌸

Designing the garden of my house – my future already present embraces me ~~~~~~~~
only love ~ my art ~ my love 🔵🔴~ my family ~ fraternal brothers and sisters ~ my art library ~ treasure for humanity ☝️
I don’t care about anything else and do I have time for anything else ? – not really.

It’s as simple as that ~ blooming 🌸


Victoria ~ Im in home ✨

Walking down a very long street and seeing all my past lives as little restaurants of experience where at some point I stopped and did something important, or maybe something irrelevant.

In some I stopped for less time than in others, meeting sister souls who were always by my side in each of my lives ~ in each of those restaurants of experience. In some they were friends, in others enemies, in others family, in another siblings or children, ~ all appearing to give an exact road guide ~ like a golden thread of love that makes me keep walking the street uphill ~ until I reach an unnoticed space.

Walking with hunger, ~ hunger for knowledge, walking with thirst ~ thirst for wisdom ~ walking against bullets and gift flowers ~ however I move forward and leaving in each life a small fragment of memory to hold on to for strength ~ intuition.

I sense that I can’t stay here and I go on, I sense that I can’t turn down that alley that although it seems short will lengthen my path. Without knowing the exact direction I keep walking ~ receiving love and giving, leaving joys and sorrows, I walk trying to remember my origins and the more I remember the less I see the visible and the more I see the invisible ~ and seeing ~ I understand ~ and understanding I follow at the speed of light that invisible thread that guides me.
Sister souls from their own evolution or involution are leaving me clues, showing me the best of me and the worst, purging and cleansing my heart more, opening it ~ until it is unlimited before the eyes of the world.
I am happy I want to embrace everyone ~ but still none of my fellow travellers remember their origins, they have not yet climbed, ~ they have their learning path and I have mine ~ that is the one I follow.
I climb and I see myself in the past, I can look back and reflect on my soul. I see from the most sacred to the most profane ~ but nothing is more important than going up ~ nothing is more important than arriving.
I pass all the restaurants and stop at none, time walks on my side ~ revealing to me new faces and other forgotten faces.
Black and white dogs appear ~ guides along the way. Everyone looks at me but I look at no one ~ Focus on the centre of myself. Focus on my direction.

Life seems to me Like a Karucel of attractions that says ~ Catch YourSelf if You Can.⚡
Difficulties embrace me, but I know them all ~ I resist and laugh ~ I survived in lives before them.
I keep climbing and the street looks long ~ I remember my childhood ~ from this life as fragments of others parade before my eyes ~ dressed in sensations, smells, tastes ~ words that are familiar to me.
I read, I study, I explore philosophy ~ science ~ all searching for answers ~ all searching for my origins.
The sun can already be seen in the distance, and through it there are crystal clear glints of water.
A fountain can be seen, I’m tired but I go on.
At the crossroads of the roads, a carrefour, the same as when I lived in Paris. Every day before picking up the children I was looking after in Paris to pay for my film studies, I would go into a carrefour and buy a 2.89 box of sushi with cidra and with that lot I would sit in front of the Sorbonne’s wonderful fountain to eat, read something and enjoy the sun ~ when it wasn’t raining.
Of all the food packages in the super market I always chose that one ~ and I never knew why.
Today I am in another city, more than 10 years have passed and right in front of the big fountain at the top of the mountain on my way ~ there is the same Carrefour.
I am hungry and tired of walking, I have 7.50 euros in my little tiger of a purse.
I go into the super market and buy the industrial sushi ~ just to remember. And of course my bottle of cider.

This time I have my bottle opener myself.
I sit down and remember.
And those sushi taste like glory to me, the whole puzzle of my life is reconstructed in fractions of seconds.

I know who I am and this is my last reincarnation, for better or worse the whole chain of encounters on my path happened to bring me to this day.
A sign in front of me says ~

Except Up and Down.
So I’m not moving from here.
Because really after finding oneself and reconnecting with the Source ~ where can one go?

From this point I would like to embrace all my travelling companions souls ~ and I hope my embrace will reach them.
I smile, for I can only enjoy every moment of beauty and be happy ~ I have travelled a long way to get here.

And at last I am ~ Picsis ~ last sign ~ last me ~in Chronos Karucel Road. I dit It ⚡~ Im in home.

A feeling of infinite peace inhabits my heart. Even an earring came out in the background ~ and that was not foreseen.

So you know the soul can reach the Fontaine from a simple supermarket ~ eating 4.20 sushi and drinking 1.08 cider. For each journey of each soul is independent and like on a chessboard among thousands of moves one knows well which one to make.


And I have the necessary material to enjoy a dessert in front of the Fountain ~ with my book.

I love you all, my fellow travellers souls ☘️

I did It ⚡

My advice to you ~ evolving soul ~ of all the cards the Universe deals you ~ choose the only one that will lead you to yourself ~ love.
And maybe with luck you will live your last life and be as happy and in peace as I am.
It is a wonderful feeling.
I am home !

Victoria ✨

Just love.
Whatever comes your way ~ just love above all else.




A generation of kite makers 🪁

Does anyone remember their first kite?
A generation of kite makers ! 🪁

In Camagüey ~ where I grew up ~ I remember that we used to make kites in creative workshops at school, or at home with our parents, uncles, aunts and uncles, or friends.

I remember how carefully I used to make sure that my kite did not get full of knots in the thread – so that it would go up as high as possible.
I would run around a lot, watching as the colours of my kite joined the blue of the sky🪁

Making a kite 🪁itself was quite an adventure ~ we would first find different sticks that weighed little and then cut out the paper shape and glue them together – stretching the string.
It was quite tedious when the glue that was usually made from flour stuck between the fingers and that creation was close to catastrophe….
The great victory was when coloured paper or paint was found to decorate the kite and it took flight.

The other nice detail was the choice of the thread and the little wooden tare that held it, I remember very well how with my little hands I tried to manage that flying beauty – and of course, at the same time you could run – piloting a flying being with colours.

Sometimes you went out to fly the kite with bare feet and in those moments it didn’t matter what boulders appeared on the way, you ended up with dirty feet – but happy – of course, you looked more to the heights than to the ground.
And the more wind ~ the better! 🪁

A beautiful fragment of my childhood ~ rescued !
And you remember your first🪁 kite?


Success now 👆

The famous word ~ success ✨

In art as in the personal life of every artist ~ success is always achieved ~ without forgetting that it is a relative concept independent of each creator.

What is a successful life for me ✨ is not the same as for someone else, ~ as it depends on many internal factors that are a function of the spiritual evolution of each artist.

Sitting in front of the sea and eating an ice cream while contemplating the sunset in total inner peace and communion with oneself ~ is a success, which is amplifies when you receive a phone call and your family tells you that they are in good health, or you open your email and see a message from a very dear friend who invites you to the screening of his documentary.
Of course, for that beautiful moment you are living in front of the sea ~ no one will give you a little oscar, and you may not have thousands of followers at the moment.
Which is not to say ~ that it’s wrong or right to win an award, or to get likes ~ it just shows that there are different kinds of success in life, and they are all admirable and wonderful to be proud of.

Success depends on the personal goals you create along the way, making a pizza in 10 minutes is not the same as painting the Mona Lisa.
Today we all love pizzas, and the universality of Leonardo’s art, who didn’t even have a surname ~ transcended to our days ~ glorious.
It’s as simple as that.
It all depends on what the artist wants to expand with the elevation of his soul, and as it is well seen pizzas cohabit well with Universal art~ one for the immediacy of the primate instinct of consumption ~ and the other for the elevation of the spirit.

If you are happy doing what you love ~ you are already successful, and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone or anything ~ if you have your inner peace ~ you have a lot✨

If you wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled ~ and express it in a work of art ~ whatever the medium ~ you are a successful artist✨

If your artistic creation ~ needs no external stimulus to exist ~ be it validation from others, awards, honorariums ~ you are a very successful artist✨

This does not mean that external stimulus are bad ~ or good ~ it just means that the artist has risen above all else and is focused on their work to a point above all stimulation.

A work of art is the ultimate expression of an artist’s soul ~ and the mere fact of bringing it into the world ~ is to succeed.✨

The prizes are gladly received ~ afterwards.

But the first step ~ the firmest and most powerful ~ is that of an artist who stands up👆and believes in his ~ her ~ work of art above all else.

Now ~ many works of art are subject to the time factor, and to this is added their success.

We all know the artistic path of Vincent V, ~ who today is in all the museums of the world and all thanks to his brother’s wife who cautiously recovered his art ~ to expand it and pay her bills.
It’s as simple as that.
Now, there’s no need to fall off the Vincent bridge ~ or go to the Warhol extreme ~ as far as his art is concerned.
It remains to be seen whether Andy will remain in a museum like Leonardo after centuries ~ highly unlikely ~ but that’s for Chronos to see to, so what the artist should be concerned with other than success ~ is the question ~
whether what he ~ she ~ is creating is part of yourself or a pale reflection of society in constant movement ?

Of course, without forgetting that this is another work of inner exploration

From that question two actions spread ~🤔

  1. I am myself in my art.
  2. My art being myself ~ expands.

👆That is the success, because if you are not true to yourself and your creation, no matter how many awards and glories ~ the day the ring bell of the cemetery where even the glorious ones end up ~ that day there will be no turning back.
So to think and meditate on these questions is wonderful ~ today and now⚡

Bearing in mind that success can always be very relative.

Success it can be as simple as eating an ice-cream in front of the sea ~ 5 oscars ~ or both ~ ✨☘️😇

Now ~ if you are dada 👉 ~ the creation of a work of art ~ like the enjoyment of a tasty ice cream ~ are available to the artist 24 hours a day ~

So if success ✨has arrived at the door of your atelier ~ just enjoy it !


Constancy ✨

Finishing a work of art ~ which requires intellectual and technical knowledge beyond our space-time ~ is marvellous and challenging.

That’s how I came up with the creation of my picture book ~ composed of 86 colour illustrations and a fresh and new literary structure.

In my creative experience, I put the success of my creation on a necessary quality for every artist ~ Constancy.

Constancy is very different from discipline, ~ qualities that are relative in every human being.
Discipline is getting up every day at a certain time, for example.
Whereas constancy ~ is knowing why you have to get up and do it without it being tedious for you.

✨Constancy of believing in the creation that I realise ~ was what moved me relentlessly in its completion.
Such constancy ~ forms a discipline of actions that lead to the success of a finished work of art.

✨Constancy arises from an absolute concentration on the development of an artistic idea ~ Focus.

However, there are polymathic minds that can develop several creative ideas simultaneously and that is wonderful.
That is why it is never right to generalise the concentration abilities of some artists and others ~ because it all depends on the speed at which they manage to grasp and express reality ~ through art.

In this case ~ everyone creates in their own space and at their own pace, whatever it may be ~ it is always necessary to have constancy of creation.

✨Constancy is a superior Virtue ~ which shows the strength of the artist to concentrate on his~ her~ work of art ~ overcoming external factors.

For the creation of my picture book ~ I amplified constancy and thus raised my technical ~ pictorial qualities to the level I wanted to take them to.
I went as far as I wanted to go and surpassed my artistic expectations by contemplating a complete literary work ~ in the exact image of what I wanted to convey.
Also from an intellectual point of view I succeeded in creating a dramatic structure that is simple to understand and at the same time based on a complex literary study.

I am very happy about that.
And I based the success of my creation on ~ Constancy ✨ ~ the higher inner force that becomes a quality and makes a work of art come into being in the world, just as the artist conceived it.



Inner peace is a state of absolute love, where nothing and no one can modify the vibrational system of the highest frequency – Love.

Understanding that each soul has its own individual evolutionary process, one can learn to let go, to forgive and surrender to the shining fullness of the Higher Self.

To reach this magnificent state requires many years, even many lifetimes of learning, centuries, centuries and centuries.
That is why it is often said that there are some old souls, and they are souls who have rolled long enough – purifying and purging themselves – to shine today with pure love.

It is a wonderful state of spaciousness, and spiritual upliftment, of artistic creativity, and understanding of the world – through acquired knowledge and peace.

One enjoys every detail of life, from a crystal cup of honey – the morning in a house by the sea.

Yes ! – Especially one enjoys the mornings, the small fragment where you open your eyes and smile with gratitude – saying – Si !

Si – for the soul in peace enjoys beauty and blossoms.
Si – for the glory in the eyes of God to behold an inner strength and beauty that is above all and all – yet invisible.
Si – cause you are loved, and you love in the same intensity that you were created – that you were and are – love.

Love other as you love yourself.- The one phrase that if you place it in your heart, will open the door of kindness light in you – and that’s what it’s all about – coming to home that we are –
To return to love.

In the path – which is called Life – is about you, and only about you – everything and everyone is at your way – for you to discover yourself, to reach the highest of your own Self.

To return to Love.
The journey may take centuries, and proofs – which are only wisdoms dressed as proofs – all – to strip your soul of the artifices, of the past, of the hurts.
God – doesn’t play dice – it is said –

God strips the soul.
Sooner or later, in this life or in another – all return to this wonderful place – to a great Feast of the soul.
Love first and always, love before everything and everyone,
Love – cause love rises above all.

So just open your arms to the world and say – YES to Love.



17 marZo ☀️

💛primer día después de mi cumpleaños – sensación maravillosa de paz y harmonía espiritual. Serrando un ciclo de mi alma, donde muchas de las personas que quería quedaron en mi pasado, y sin rencor alguno – cortar – es una bella forma de desprenderse de situaciones que ya no tienen que ver con nuevos horizontes, de personas, de lasos, de actitudes a la que no respondo más con mi ser Superior bien anclado en mis brazos.

Adoro los nacimientos, y más allá de una cuestión de tradiciones, considero que cuando se trata de artistas – seres elevados – es magnífico celebrar la vida del otro, su fiesta, su alegría – es maravilloso comunicarlo y enviarle un fragmento de amor en ese día tan especial.

En mi camino espiritual, decidí tomar la siguiente configuración – este día 17 de marzo💛 – quiero recibir felicitaciones y regalos de los seres más queridos a los que les he guiado y dado tanta luz – como ellos a mí me han enseñado valores maravillosos.

Esto se refiera a seres que consideraba muy cercanos – para mi alma💛.

Así de simple – lo que recibí – fue con lo que me quedé para mi futuro – y lo que no – naturalmente se desvaneció como un castillo de arena – el cual solo se sostenía de mi ilusión y amor ilimitado.

Amo al prójimo – como a mi misma, y me di cuenta de que en muchas ocasiones, no es que las personas sean malas o buenas – es que no te pueden dar – lo que a sí mismos son incapaces de ofrecer – amor.

Lo que se denomina en el siglo 21 – selfcare.

Ahora – en nuestros tiempos contemporáneos, hay muchos conceptos de – selfcare – selflove- y en la gran parte dichos conceptos se plantean imágenes de personas felices disfrutando de alguna comida rica, cremitas para la piel, o diversas posturas.

No he visto muchas imágenes de self care de personas haciendo regalos, y haciendo feliz a los otros con un pedasito de sí mismos.

Y allí va el otro punto – menuda tarea, esa de encontrarse a sí mismo!

Como se dice en Cuba – eso son otros 5 pesos…


Soy tan feliz que lo doy todo, y te doy a ti, mi prójimo el bello fragmento de mi amor a mi misma ilimitado y pleno.

¡Claro que de esa misma forma, es maravilloso recibir, y cuando digo recibir no me refiero al simple facto de un regalo envuelto en un papel bonito – el regalo es el medio – ahora el que genera la acción es quien importa, – el que va al correo postal y te envía una carta – escrita a mano, como el que entra a una tienda de tonterías y dice – mira este juguetico de colores me hizo pensar en ti! 🌈

Tengo una caja de dominó – y la regalo en un cumpleaños a un ser que considero artista y le gusta jugar, y mi riqueza no está en el valor de la caja – sino en el acto mismo de la ofrenda💛.

Hay personas que tienen más que una caja, pero, sin embargo, no tienen el gesto y de eso se trata la vida. – De abrir el corazón, y dar – y quizás dando se pueda contemplar lo ilimitado que es el amor propio💛. – y que el otro es una partícula de nosotros mismos y merece tanto recibir, como nosotros regalar.

Y está bien que a veces en nuestros caminos – existan personas⚡ que te digan :

– Oye eres pobre de corazón! ⚡ –

¿Por qué si no lo sabes – como te vas a hacer rico ☀️?

O sea, que revelando un pedacito de nuestra supuesta inconformidad al otro – solo estamos colaborando en su crecimiento espiritual y eso es una acción bella y directa.

Esas acciones son las yo defiendo su preservación en la línea de viaje – que llamamos vida.

También, hay que estar consciente que a veces el otro está en mundo rush time, y no es que ignore el cumpleaños de un amigo, si no es que este full – en ese caso ser transparente y directo es genial.

Por mi parte – Yo le pregunté a las personas que más quería guardar en mi futuro – Donde está mi regalo? Así de simple, para eso no hace falta más nada – que escribirlo – y comunicarlo.

Uno de mis amigos respondió muy simple y directo – dirección por favor

Jesús Cristo dijo – toca las puertas y se abrirán, pregunta y se te dará 💛- y así es – cuando de vibraciones elevadas se trata.

Ahora, respirando profundo y tomando conciencia de mi destino – un nuevo ciclo se abre antes mis ojos, nuevos encuentros, nuevas ideas – todo es maravilloso.

Del pasado, deje lo que se quedó en mi 17 de marzo, deje las personas que siguen mi misma vibración y el resto sin dolor ni rencor – se desvaneció – como por Arte de magia.

Estoy –

Frente a un lienzo blanco – donde el amor conduce mis pinceladas.

Somos lo que dejamos 💛






I touch the cold stone pieces of my house, and I think of beauty
the sea breeze my golden curls, and I just contemplate – the meeting of mySelf.

I think

what’s the point of roaming on?

I know where my heart has brought me


Golden City


I choose

Today is a great day for me – as a creator and as a woman – finally I am no longer in love with my past and take the destiny of my future completely in my own hands.
On my way I have always given everything for love – it’s great what strong and self-confident women do – because it is a very difficult gesture, to give without knowing what the other feels – just being in the vibes of unlimited love.
That experience led me to expand my heart and to see reality from another point of view.

Today – The experience is over, and now I am going to live another experience which is unlimited love from two directions -%- I am very happy about this decision and I am open to it.
From my past, I kept the most beautiful fragments of my heart in a wonderful book, the one I wrote during the pandemic.
Then I opened my heart – until the day of Eros, where I once again fearlessly remained vulnerable with my heart open.
That day I was very happy, to experience how a woman in love doesn’t have to stick to a guy to enjoy life – in fact I was always very free to choose my days.
The day of Eros – it was wonderful – and opening my heart I didn’t feel it was broken, in fact a heart is never broken – there are only energies in one direction that come together.
That’s how simple it is.
Human beings complicate everything, when everything is simple.

Experiencing love in its full extent, I realised that Silence – is one of the most comfortable and coveted positions of this beautiful experience.

Communicating the feelings of those moments is beautiful and uplifting.
All my relationships have been beautiful and emotionally all my past is behind me – well preserved in my book – My Sword and I –
As a universal creator, I can bring the beauty of lived moments into art – and I am proud of it.

I am happy to have the strength and courage to do so and to hold my destiny in my hands keeping my heart open and unbroken, unwounded, and radiant.

My heart is golden – just as I give unlimited everything I deserve to receive.
I’ve made the difference between the ghost guys, the ones who keep silent because they’re cowards ? – I dont know why, this silence, and the ones who come to see you with an ounce of flowers, simply because they think of you and decide to do so.

I choose the ones with flowers, the real ones, the ones who respond to my vibration and make me rise even higher in my art.

I love mens with character, because I myself have a lot of character! I love mens with real actions and gestures – because I myself put real gestures and say what I think when I think it – directly.
Supposedly we live in the 21st century – but in our society many ideas about women are a bit confused – either she has to be Penelope – sleeping beauty – or one focused on success and career with money – when the reality is not like that.
A woman can have it all, and be sweet, faithful, beautiful and strong, create a family and create a career – at the same time.

When Homer wrote Ulisses, he sat poor Penelope down to wait for her prince charming – and I making a quantum leap now – I’m going this afternoon to the beautiful vineyards where Homer imagined those adventures and told him:

Homer, if She loves – so much, why don’t she dont take a boat and travel! – Like me ?

For love I made a wonderful film – my first feature film – Resonare Fibris – where I was giving all my heart and received as an answer – What beautiful shots. That day I understood that I was in another dimension, and that love be drawn from dimensions. Of dimensions and time. When one creator elevates love to a work of art and the other is unable to see it, it can be very painful. Why it feels – I gave you everything and you didn’t see it yet, you didn’t see yourself. I got over it and kept creating beauty.

My heart is not broken by that experience, my art is not affected, my films are wonderful and I do not feel less, nor more – I feel that I was myself in all the moments of love and I am proud of it – I am strong.

Im Golden.

My Film – The Golden City.

That experience does not lead me to take my camera and side with feminist directors, and detest all men on the planet, does not lead me to think that men are bad – on the contrary my Higher Self elevates me from the little mary and says – you are more than that. It doesn’t matter who can’t see you – it matters who can see you. And every day you wake up and look at the Sun you are before the eyes of the Creator, who sees it and gives everything – yet – it is invisible – it is love. – And if you are in the eyes of love – you are love and by love it is created – you live – you share – in an unlimited way – that’s how simple life is.

I am myself no matter what, and I am open.

In total communion with my Higher Self – I think it’s great, that womes are able to decide and assert their desires to men and that romantic relationships move to a higher level of emotional openness.
Being open does not make us fragile, it makes us stronger, and we have to understand that the heart is never broke – so if you love a men – Tell him – I love you ! Its all, if he love you – he will act, if not he will dont act – Simple and direct.

Now – liberated from the past, and in – The Golden City – my film in road.

My way is True Love – where I am the mistress of my destiny – as always but with a strong certainty of what I want and what I don’t want.

The world is beauty and I just decided to share my precious moments of life with a lucky man who knows how lucky he is that I support him, and love him – that makes me also lucky to see how love expands and the soul of both of us rises.
This is the experience I chose to live.

I choose True love.




With the rainbow in my pocket 🌈


The first reading on – Thursday 17:30 – was magical 👏

Joyful to finish writing my comics, I went to celebrate the arrival of my work of art into the world.

At that moment I wanted to have a nice cold beer in a place with a view – not be in the typical roff top, for roff – me ! for top – me !

Yea ! My day – my rules ⚡
It turns out that in my favourite place in the city of Madrid, from where you can see the most beautiful sunsets – it is the Royal Palace, unfortunately there is still no bars place to celebrate looking at the sun.
So I thought I would find a solution that would make me independent of the lack of space and that I could use for my celebration. After all, I had the whole square for a party, even with live music – despacito. Yes, you won’t believe it, but that’s how it was.

Chronos told me the exact time of the repertoire of the Orfeus of that square, who is not Hauser but is a beautiful musician who sits to play harp and sometimes harmonica. It’s just great !
Sun and Music – Im in Home – what more could you ask for !

Well I ask for a solution for my whole party and I have it – Idea 🤔 – a bottle opener !
A bottle opener – Yes! Victoria ! – that’s my magic key to this day of all days, I want that on whatever mountain I am, I have in my pocket something to open a simple bottle and celebrate, be it with San Peregrino, or with Guinness, it doesn’t matter – I needed a bottle opener – Now !
I went to the nearest shop and when as this week the rainbow followed me – as if by magic the only opener I saw – was a rainbow.
Great !
With the rainbow in my pocket, I bought two Mexican beers and went to the Royal Palace, where I sat in the sun and opened my bottle!
I was very happy to read my comics, and drink beer – and all thanks to a rainbow opener !
I took off my shoes and stayed for a while enjoying my Triumph in Art – when one of my best friends wrote me that he was coming to see me, he was on a bus that was stuck in a tunnel and was just arriving from Havana, so it was just beautiful.
I said to him – quick, I have another cold beer for you in my bag.
That’s how the first reading of my finished work happened – all spontaneous and unprepared – all under a rainbow of peace.
And beer of course, you can’t forget Dionysus.

Those who follow my art – know the importance I attach to values such as honour and friendship, and that’s what comics is all about, it’s a beautiful adventure, where I draw inspiration from my road and my friends. So it was magical that one of them was there on the big day at the Royal Palace and read my story.
It was beautiful when, at the end of reading the story we were walking to a cafe, and my friend asked me – And where is the ship?
He was still connected with my adventure, I kept thinking and today I wrote this article – because I have the answer.

🌈FriendShip – who has wonderful friends – is Golden 💛

Sure – in life we also need rainbows in the form of openers, and champagne terraces in Royal Palaces…..

But dont worry, they exist – with a rainbow – an heart open to life – the world is beauty.

Every day is royal.

Every day is glory.

Everyday is love and friendship.

Every day is a reason – to share – to celebrate – to create beauty – that’s what stays – it’s true ☝️

To all artists,

I invite you to Celebrate your creations, and to keep a little rainbow in your pocket – always !


Plaza San Juan de Dios

I only live once –
I don’t want to regret – afterwards what could have been and wasn’t.


I am walking along the cobblestones towards Sacred Heart Church in my hometown  – Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.
I am 17 years old. On the street I see the lady selling flowers on the corner of Republic Street, I have bought some bouquets for Magdalena – the mother of a dear friend of mine.
Magdalena is a nurse and she likes flowers, today I will eat at her house, because she also likes to cook and she cooks very well!
The bus will take me to her house, near the hospital, and then at 16:00 I will go to visit one of my Maestro – J.Besmar.
I will only be able to get to his house around 17:00, is when he is finish the Books painting.
That’s good, I have enough time to explore the city. That means I can walk all the way down the street ….. and get to the National Library – there I stay 10 minutes to say hello to the students of my art class – who are probably doing the art history homework that Alfredo, the teacher, sent us.
How boring – it is to stay in the library in total silence. I already did that homework yesterday and today I just want to walk around, and visit wonderful people.
Oh, let’s see if my friend – William, maybe he is creating a new painting, in his house behind the Sacred Heart church, if his mother is not there, we could talk about painting techniques before I get to Besmar’s house.
Well, well, the wooden windows on the first floor of his house – they are sawn… it seems – he is not at home, however his mother is sitting in the living room – Wow ! She is happy today… – she opened the door…
I continue to the end of the street, and from there I’m almost at the Avenida Caridad, reaching the Maestro’s house, I still have time to stop by the dollar service and buy something for Marcel and Diego, it would be horrible to arrive on empty hands, in a house with childres…
Good plan, but…
A line of few unruly people are waiting at the entrance of the Dollars Shop…
It’s so hot in the street, and it’s 17:00 in the afternoon!
God, I need some air-conditioning in the shop.
Well – finally inside the dollarland, let’s see !
Ou la la – they only have one of those red lollipop candies?
Well, those are the ones! 25 cents, Jm.
Let’s get a glimpse of those chocolate biscuits ? 1 dollar .35 cents ?
I hope they have chocolate stuffing in them, at least that’s what it says on the picture on the box. Jm…
Well, candy and cookies in hand, I’m off!

Look, I’m arriving at the Marriage Palace – Nice ! An old man sell flowers there too, how wonderful.
Oh, some sunflowers for Beatrice, my Maestro beautiful wife.
How lovely is the world with sunflowers !
Anyway, I can’t continue exploring the shoping of traffic, flowers and sweets, and now – straight to the point – house with the staircase, where the door opens with a thread -that is made of gold-.
Great, great, 17:30 already at Maestro Besmar’s house – flowers on the little table at the hall, where there is a game of chess, and the children are running around happily, Marcel found a slug and showed it to me, that boy is very clever.

Diego is still small, but I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a film director, he loves to observe the details, he’s a curious kid. Here comes Beatriz from the balcony waving, always so smiling and elegant.
And of course the Maestro, explaining about Platonist works, and taking stock, in the living room, with its gleaming bookshelves.
Thank goodness I didn’t go to the library to study!
4 hours later, I leave the temple of knowledge, I have time to eat a 5 peso pizza with Luis Arturo, in the street of the cinemas…
Arturo is looking for paper for his drawings, so we have a quick lunch in the square, and he goes off in search of his materials, to a very distant neighbourhood…
I’m still hungry, so I go to see if Janny is at her aunt’s house. I’m thinking it would be great to have a party at San Juan de Dios, and why not have something to eat in the area.
By this time it’s all closed… Almost 21… Buttercups?
Well, I keep thinking and I’m going to shout at her aunt’s balcony.
Ouff, my friend is home, what a blessing! Her aunt invites us to dinner, and we call Arturito and Nine, from her landline, to meet at Plaza San Juan de Dios.
Janny got to thinking… we need wine, see if Rojer’s mum is open, she sells wine for 10 pesos, it tastes like pure vinegar, but it’s strong!
Great, we’ve already got our bottle of plastic with the strange drink in it – heading for Plaza de San Juan de Dios!
Ayyy – I forgot there’s a film, Almanza is showing at the Cine Club, and maybe he’ll give us some time, but, I don’t think we can go to a screening with vinegar in our veins …. It will be tomorrow.
Now I’m on Holiday, thank goodness I’d finished my art history homework for the nice professor -Alfredo.
What a laziness to get up at 7 o’clock to be late again in the morning…
Well, I’d better not think about it, I’m with my friends and it seems that the only music we have is in my music player, and in our hearts of course!

Ohh, Janny just reminded me that my art group has a perspective exam with the Maestro – Ernesto, just after the matutino …. God ! So early…
No, no ! I can’t think about perspective at this hour, I don’t know what the exam is about, but something will occur to me in this moment – after all… – Walking and exploring the road – is my favourite perspective.
Arturito is taking me back to my house in his bike, and I’m sure when my grandma Rosa opens the door, with her surprised face, all the wine its in me – will come out inmediatly – so I’ll remember this day very well!

One day in my city –

My hometown is a Unesco Treasure, just for the record! 🌈


Art Call 🌈


This Christmas, I started an Art Call
– to all artists of the world, for participate in a beautiful collaboration in an Orphanage in Russia – sending your beauty to children, who have no family and thanks – God, have wonderful teachers who give all their energies in their artistic growth, where every collaboration is Welcome – from art materials, books, and even works of art.

We always give what we have, and an artist has it all – a whole Universe in our hands! There – how easy it is to share it, and to get it into the hands of little ones.

With this call I also invite all curators to meditate and take a more amplified action with regard to art – since an artist is an unlimited being, and I repeat – it is very easy for both artists and curators to bring beauty to all corners of the planet – Earth!
From museums – to orphanages, from your website to a postal envelope in the hands of children. 🌈

I thank my friend Xavier, director of the postal service of the city of Madrid, for collaborating in my Art Call.Art

And with this message I make a – Do Re Re Mi Fa Sol
– Re Call – 🌈

For all artists who are interested in participating in my call – please contact me for more details.

Thank you !



Dada86 Architecture ☀️

Kрасиво когда видишь


Hi Friends,

Before you attend the braille reading – realized by my friend Javier;

A brief background about the basis of my architecture Dada86 Art Library– for visually impaired people and artists.

In 2009, when I lived in the city of Madrid, I met a wonderful person – Laura, who worked selling lottery tickets in a small ticket booth – where next to her was her beautiful dog – a golden Labrador. One day when I was a bit overwhelmed, I passed by her work place, and chatting for a while, I was struck by how happy Laura was, although for her it was impossible to see the world, to see the sky, to see the sun.
Laura said to me:

– Hey Mary, don’t be sad, look! You can see!
I would like to see Paris, for example…. – Is the city of love!

And even if I buy a ticket and go there – I won’t see anything!

Of course it will be even more complicated to travel with my dog.

At that moment, looking at her dog’s eyes through the lottery window, I realized that Laura was right – anyway, I could travel to the city of love!
I could see the sun, the sky! I have everything!
To express my gratitude to Laura for her inner vision, it occurred to me to take a portrait of her dog, so I didn’t hesitate to the next day bring my 35m Pentax K1000 camera and take a beautiful portrait of her.
It was a sunny morning and she was very happy to have a memory with her dog.
I then brought the picture to relief so that she could save it, and see it whenever she wanted to.
Time went by, and one of my best friends – Alice, invited me to Paris – where I came up with the idea of documenting my trip through my camera, and embossing all the photos for Laura.
At that time, I realised that reliefs were extremely expensive, and not all of them had good definition, so I had to create my own technique – and make all the relief photos myself by hand.
That’s how – Rose came about – an installation curated by Elvis Fuentes and exhibited at the Kumu Museum – Tallinn.

In 2011 – already living and studying cinema in the city of love and lights – where I didn’t hesitate to move to, after my trip – Karucel was born – the first 16mm film I wrote and directed, and where instead of working with actors – I worked with a visually impaired couple – both guided by love.
My producer Karlyn Sovied – screamed with gasps when I told her – I didn’t want to work with actors, but to capture the invisible to the human eye – so I did.
For this piece I had to create a relief storyboard, and it was wonderful to explore the direction of light before the invisible.
The most beautiful thing about the film – at presentations and festivals – is that no one noticed that the protagonists were visually impaired – I worked with their abilities, putting aside the disability.

Karucel - Tournage
Karucel – tournage

Through my artistic experience – in 2016 the intellectual bricks for the construction of my architecture concept – adapted to visually impaired people and artists – emerged.

The new perspective of my ceation – is based on the ability of visually impaired people, and not on their disability.

With this brief flash -back-
Currently in collateral to my creations, I am working on a painting programme – in which I collaborate with Javier – in his hands is the first reading of examples of a braille printer – as well as the development of my techniques adapted to the artistic expression of visually impaired people – under the name of Wings – which will be shown on this page – every Thursday at 17:30.
It will be wonderful – so – alert – stay connected!

All clear now,

with joy I invite you join the reading- visible to the eyes and hearts of all 🌈


In the first part of the braille reading – Javier, he is helping me to define the quality of the printer – For Dada86 Art Library.
The document was sent from Norway, and is in English – it contains all the technical data of the machine, including its speed and embossing quality.

Now – the explorations of printers and printing machines – are closely related to my architecture.

From the beginning I decided that – In my architectural plans – the second floor of my creation – will be composed of braille books.

So for those unfamiliar with braille printers – this example comes from a Braillo B-450 2.1.

It’s a wonderful machine, no doubt – but too big for Dada86 Art Library –

Therefore – after a research and logistical understanding of braille books, I realised that the best way to compose the second floor – is to print the books with a printer adapted to the architectural space.
So all the print machine explorations, with their respective relief powers – are an essential part in the development of my architecture.

Now about Braille reading,

After the exploration of Braillo B – 450 2.1, in direct collaboration with Javier – I decided that for Dada86 Art Library – it would be much better to work with another type of machine – smaller and handling another format – A4.

Is most effective to print the books in braille that will compose the second floor of the architecture.


At the second reading, we explored my ink representation techniques, and their accessibility to the reading touch – with one of my fish from the collection – SelFish Blues.

As Dada86 architecture is dedicated to the artistic development of visually impaired people – through the knowledge of artists – I continue to search for new forms of expression.
And precisely – ink on paper – which creates a small relief and makes the painting visible to the touch.
In this case we were starting from a complex drawing of a fish – which has several layers and many lines of information. I am very happy that my friend was able to see it, and that gives me a good starting point – to explore complex forms and once again work with ability rather than inability.



In the third stage, we made the first freehand drawing with ink and pen.
It was wonderful that the cafe we were in had marble tables and classical music – which helped to develop the pulse.
We also talked about different relief possibilities and it is at this point that the painting atelier – Wings – which you can follow via Dada86 news – starts this Thursday at 17:30.


I end this article with the flash from the interview about Dada86 architecture – by Fabrice Aragno ☀️

and with one of Antonio Vivaldi’s ☀️ most beautiful seasons – Spring – flowers, love, and music !

Music ! Yes ! One moment, a golden brush stroke is not to be missed in my flash – Arcangelo Corelli ☀️

17 Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: II. Allemanda

18 Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: III. Corrente

19 Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: IV. Gavotta. Allegro

20 Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: VI. Minuetto

Kрасиво когда видишьClose your eyes for a moment and listen – Beauty !



My Father Óscar ✨ 



Today is my Father’s birthday – Óscar, and he is one of the best in the world, he has always inspired me in my art and has been, as he will be in the most important moments of my life.✨ 
Many film directors are in the world in search of an Oscar, and without a doubt of those that I will have as an artist in my life – I already have the most important one – that is my father – Óscar, a wonderful name that speaks a lot about his personality.
Its meaning is «the spear of the gods» and is of Germanic origin.✨ 
The name comes from the great apostle of the Scandinavian countries. Irish legends tell that Oscar was the son of the hero Oisín – the great poet of his people – and the fairy Níamh.

His saint’s day is celebrated on 3 February, which coincides with St Oscar’s Day.

Super cool to party until the 3rd !✨ 

I am proud to have such a wonderful Father✨ , as well as to have been accompanied on my philosophical path by the best Maestros of the Universe✨  – fathers who show the beauty of the world from the angle of respect, honour and kindness.

That is why today February 1st – I congratulate all fathers in the world , and I invite you to make a big Skal✨ for them, for all Maestros✨ , and loved ones who are always with us, and who are – like the Oscar – who give us the gift of life, – they are Golden!

My beloved mother -who took this photo- is not left behind either, as she was born on the 14th of July – the day of the day of the storming of the Bastille – so the old Chronos gave me a tremendous briefcase ! Hihi

Skal and Party ! ✨ 



Thursday 17:30 ⚡

I am currently finish my creation – for which I took the form of a comic book.
Thusday 17 :30 – is an adventure based on wonderful ideas, which I will reveal shortly.

For me as a film director and painter it has been a wonderful experience to immerse myself in the writing and imaging of a story, without the use of computers or design software – just using an antique Renaissance technique – I managed to express the images I wanted and at the right pace I wanted – it was simply marvellous.
The series is divided into 5 chapters – that is 5 comic books.
I am very happy with the final result.

beyond a face – a star shines


I decided and I am ☝️

I decided to be famous – and I am – Not because I like the world of vanity – I feel fortunate to always create my art in total freedom, beauty and trueness to my moral and spiritual convictions.- the reason of my new point is simple :
Since many years my art has social references – which I would like to develop, one of them is the artistic work with children, and among them with children and adults with visual impairment.

On my artistic path I conceived an architecture – for visually impaired people and artists – which is simply necessary in our cultural environment. From 2016 – I am in the creation of this space, and I have travelled a lot, I have seen a lot, and I understood how this world works with all its respective levels.
I saw and saw and decided that this space is going to exist.
First of all because I have faith, and it is great that artists share their vision with those who have less vision – and in this case – no vision – like children with visual impairment.
I look around the world, and I see that many famous artists promote creams, and beauty products – I think it’s great because everyone is free to do what they want with their image. Now, I look even more and see how these messages are shared and distributed at the speed of light, not because people need creams – simply because the people promoting them are famous. – It is true.
It’s as simple as that.

In my case instead of creams and beauty products, I want my message to reach all levels of society – especially artists – so that from their light they connect with those who cannot see, but feel the world in a very special way.

That’s all. 🌈


Go straight to the point 🎯 – is an elevated understanding of time and space.

Being direct is lovely.


When a person has a journey planned and is waiting for a train, plane, car – and it arrives late – ouf…

The first thing you feel is disappointment.
Now when it comes to relationships, in old communication structures – based on the archaic psychology of action-reaction – being direct can be frowned upon – when it comes to the journey itself – the journey of life.

Based on my own experience, I believe that we are energy – and the speed of communication, as well as the level of sincerity of the individual – depends on the spiritual evolution of the individual.
There are individuals with whom the flow of communication is so beautiful and direct, that it is not necessary to hide behind psychological artifice, to have an intellectual, romantic, friendly exchange – simply being direct and open makes ideas travel in a harmonious rhythm and that is beautiful.

A woman who is direct, is a woman who is sure of herself, and knows what she wants assuming – that she is on the same life journey – as the man.
So being direct – does not take away the magic of a relationship – on the contrary – everything is seen from a sublime angle of respect and communion with the superior self that lives inside us.

Now, all human relationships – are subject to time and space – it is a physical phenomenon from which no mortal can escape, so when a person is direct it means – he/she understands how ephemeral our existence is and how precious it is to have a beautiful, direct and transparent flow of energy.
So by respecting our temporal dimension – we respect that of all our loved ones.
After all, how beautiful is the world is when relationships flow in a transparent and healthy way.
Passion and Inner peace in total balance, without fear of being direct.

my first note on the road – of true love road

приглашаю вас в свое пространство размышлений, где будут идеи на русском языке!