Make the decision to create my family 🍒🌈💎☝

Make the decision to create a family.

Wow ! That is wonderful.

In general – a family is a married or cohabiting couple with children.🤔
To think so, may be wonderful – but in my point of view it does not go to the root of this wonderful creation, and maybe that’s why there are so many divorces, infidelities, and very quickly couples get bored of each other.
Can you imagine a whole life to sustain that creation?🤔
That is a masterpiece.🌺
My Cuban grandparents, they did it – and they have always been an example of what is possible, I remember how lovingly they looked at each other when I was little. As if that spark never went out between them.
I remember, when sometimes I was playing in the living room and unexpectedly my grandfather would put the music on the radio and ask my grandmother to dance, they would both smile, and look at each other in an incredible way – that image remained fixed in my memory and childhood.
Then I grew up and thought about it a lot, maybe real love is the one that transcends time and that’s what makes a family – a kind of pact between Eros and Chronos.🍒
On the other hand, my parents’ divorce was traumatizing for me, because I was 10 years old – and I didn’t understand why they couldn’t be like my grandparents?
That kind of trauma, made me very careful in my relationships, because I was terrified that my children would experience the same thing, that fear dominated my family expectations, for a while – until I removed it from my inner blocks, and that’s how I see the situation from another angle.💎🌈

  • from love, and not from fear.🌈

In my point of view, I think that the most beautiful thing about a family is its foundations, and you should not be afraid to set those foundations clear and direct – and if you are ready to do it – just do it !

Also the life of an artist is a lot of dedication, and I used to think, there – first I do this, and then this – but from my Higher self, I realized that I was wrong – I was wrong – I was wrong!
Life flows and embraces all changes, and the most beautiful thing for an artistic career, is a solid family – like vise versa.🌺

So I am happy to be enjoying this transition point between my life, me alone, and me in a family – such a family begins with the union of two people and that is a wonderful point in life.

I am very happy to stop waiting to do it, cause before I was living a kind of romanticism, which was out of my real context, with people who were not part of my reality. One day, exactly on my birthday 17mars, I cut all those stories, and I felt a deep sense of freedom, peace, and expansion of my soul.🌈

That day I thought, I don’t want to be in love with anyone who isn’t even in front of my house with flowers.☝⚡
It was a super electric cut, ⚡ cause I was very much in love with a guy – but I stopped loving him in one day, in one single day. That was like my inner lightning bolt that manifested itself and thank God!

I am still romantic, but with whom I have in front of me, who is anchored to my reality and intervenes in it with love, and real gestures.

In the end everything is very simple, one is where one is and connects with whom one wants to connect, life goes on and there is no need to wait for anyone – who does not know how to see what it is all about.

Now, the most wonderful thing is that from the higher self – this kind of connection with the other is magnificent.🌺


Why artistic debates are so important ? 🌹

Philosophy and always surrounded by brilliant men, myself a Sun.

Now – Why artistic debates are so important – ?

It is very simple, it is through the confrontation of ideas – that the mind can evolve.🌺
That is why it is necessary, when one has beautiful artistic ideas – to connect with artistes of the same space-time.

This archive image is a treasure for my dada86 library, and my film movement – River cause in this wonderful place, the best lofty ideas that accompanied me along my creations.


I dont want film what I see, I film what I feel and I dont see – My Soul

«My soul and I» un fragment de réflexion entre la lumière et l’obscurité que prend forme sur mon corps. La lutte de mon âme dans un simple geste – Le Réveil.

Alors en partant d’une posture quotidienne je décide de capturer la lumière venant de ma fenêtre a a Havane, Cuba, et se projetant sur mon corps le matin.

C’est jour était une mâtiné comme tous les autres avec la différence que mon corps pour premier fois se place face a la camera étant que témoin du registre.  – AutoRec.

In film I am only interested in my higher self – and its ultimate expression – this film is part of my film movement River – and of a new emotional and sound exploration within the visual image.
In this specific case – I had no actors able to extrapolate my idea without artifice and worked with my own image.

The screening of this film – will be attached to my cinematographic filming method -River – which is divided into 365 films shot every day – in the period of 1 year.


Time to cut and generate new attitudes – Supreme

Time to cut and generate new attitudes. 🌺

For an artist it is essential, to keep the same creative energy – the balance –
in this it is important to realise quickly what tools one has.

The first thing to do is to value one’s own time and to see which people are in that time.🤔
The people who want your success and artistic expansion and value your art – those are the only ones to leave – the rest Open door and ciao.

It is important to state in what time and priorities you have, anything that delays those priorities, needs to be taken out of your life.🌺

In my case as a film director, I was very lucky and worked very hard in my artistic life, because the configuration of the country where I was born, and my objectives were different from those of my contemporaries.
I wanted to study cinema in Paris, and I did it, without legal documents, with two jobs and a lot of effort I paid for my artistic career, by myself.
But acquiring the technique seemed too little, I realised that I wanted something more, I cultivated my soul and all my creative intellectuality – and I decided that the cinema I want to make is based in another time.
That’s why I had to see the most intelligent artist in cinema – for me it’s Jean Luc Godard.

And I also succeeded, my encounter was better than I thought, and it gave wings to my own cinematographic movement – which I have been exploring since I got my camera in hand – River

I am very happy to have so many achievements of intellectual evolution – now I am only going to win an Oscar with my cinematographic concept, a Palme d’Or and all the prizes that are attached to beauty and artistic evolution.

So it is and so it will be – my vision is powerful, transparent, fresh and direct, I am happy to move forward in it and never abandon my creation – to which my private life is added, with other very important objectives as well.

I think this, the time of an artist’s existence and the expansion of his vision in the world – only of two factors.☝
I compare it to that of archers, as a metaphor.

The first is the longer and more precise the shot of your bow, the more time, research, and preparation it takes – but once you hit the target – it is pure glory and transcends time and space – that’s what it’s all about.🌈
There are magnificent works, like Michelangelo’s David, – which was sculpted from a single stroke, from a single stone and that stroke, that arrow of beauty, strength and elevation transcended time, for that is what virtuosity does – transcend.

And that is what you have to cultivate, without comparing yourself to the success, or the glories of other artists – you don’t have to compare – but to grow in the shooting of your own bow, to work on your arrow, in your time – the rest has nothing to do with the higher creation – they are just circumstantial expansions – which nobody knows where they will go.
Only Chronos makes the courage and strength of the artist, and he is the one to make a pact with – no one else.

For these reasons, the most powerful tool of an artist – is his ability to understand time, and where exactly in that time his art will live.

So – With this configuration in mind, it is great to work with people and other artists – who are in the same temporal space – because everything is a question of time and art – is Time, the time of an artist’s Life.

Second factor ☀- never forget where you come from, that is essential the Origins of your choice N1 – in my case it is the cinema, the day I was sitting in the library of one of my Maestros at that time, in the city of Camaguey – with 17 years old and watching the film by Godard – El Amor

I said – I will studied cinema in France, in Paris ! And then I go on holiday on a beach in Marseille.
My teacher laughed and said –

  • Ha ha ! Sure, but how ?
  • I just know, it’s the only thing I want to do, and that’s the way it will be. Don’t you see what Godard does with his camera? I want to know everything about cinema – it’s painting in movement, it’s reality, it’s beauty, it’s sound! It has everything.

That day changed my life, and all roads led me to Paris, to Godard, all roads did not divert me from my goal – exactly like today – everything leads me to the Expansion, and the Glory of my cinematographic vision – treasure for humanity.

It’s as simple as that – what guides an artist is Passion – Passion in Time.🌈


Leap into the void – Ser Supremo

Leap into the void –

It sounds impossible to be in a dimension of only love, transparency and beauty – where time operates in a different way and every lived detail is beauty – it sounds impossible but it is very real.

The Hider Self – leads to happiness and opening of the heart – you are faced with two choices – either you open your heart and integrate into infinite love without fear – or you collapse and shut yourself off from the world.

Openness 🌈
From the simple act of throwing yourself into the earth, to touching the plants, to getting on a train and exploring the world – every detail of contact with nature reveals love and beauty – cause you become love and you are part of it.

In fact if you are part of love, and if you are love everybody who is in the same vibration is with you – everybody who is in the same velocity – is with you.🌺


Creating art in nature – Vicent – SunFlower ☝

Creating art in nature 🍃

The beauty of creating in natural environments is that one can learn from nature – simply by observing.

Nature is not static and has a lot to offer to those who want to discover more than what is visible.🌈

A wonderful meditation before painting in the open air like Vincent – a wonderful way to learn about nature.

  • Is to become a tree 🍃

Trees are not static even if they seem to be, they are in constant movement – but always with a solid root. In solid positions great movements can be made.

So, if you leave your house every day for at least 30 minutes and go to a park 🍃, stand in front of a tree and observe first – then close your eyes and imagine that you are a tree.
Peace and stillness will take over your body, and you will feel the wind blowing through your hair, the sun, the rain – whatever happens, stay still. 🌺☝
Then try to spend more hours in the same state – of peace and stillness.

The second exercise is very simple and even easier, and it is about hugging a tree and sticking your body to it – that makes you recover your energy, and it is wonderful.🌺

Once you have that connection with nature, you can take out your card and draw, paint, write, – I assure you that your head will be cleared of all disturbances and your paintings will be a reflection of your higher state of being.☝🌈


my armour is in metal – I am Gold ☝

I’m in advance of my time – but nothing happens -⚡

How to live when you are out of artistic time ?

Well, the first thing to be clear about is that being out of artistic time – is to have a lot of courage – it’s like going to a super market and everything you want to eat no longer exists in that place – even if you have to live and eat of course.

How find a way for do a good gestion of art in this configuration ?
It is very difficult to pretend that everything is ok, in fact pretending makes the mind involute – and accept archaic models – and that is not ok !

Now, the beautiful thing is that the only artists who transcended until today – were the ones who were out of their time – fact ! – I dont give up !

So I think that from an intellectual point of view, for an artist everything depends on what time he is in.
I go with my ideas around the world saying – look how simple it is to do like this! But there are still structures of the step that refuse to change, and what is simple for me is complex for them – I still don’t care, I keep moving forward and contemplating the multidiversity of barriers that human beings create for themselves to reject the new in art.
In fact it’s all about money – cause it’s not easy to remove an archaic structure where everybody makes money – I still don’t mind doing it – I’m like a short circuit within the repeated reality.⚡
Sometimes it goes down well, sometimes it goes down well.

Now, how to live and create in that configuration – well very simple using my method – I don’t mind – I don’t care – I don’t care.⚡

The most important thing I think is to define what time you are in ?,🤔 and what useful structures operate in that time that can be part of your creation – if your mind is of the future – it is better not to waste time on traditional structures – cause even though pompeii burnt down in a day – it is better not to waste energy on that past and concentrate on creating your own authentic structure of expression.

For me that structure is my architecture, which is based on the expansion of art from the latitude of its Universality, solidarity and protection of the environment – those are my bases.

And with Faith I am advancing towards this goal 🎯 which is wonderful, and although it is out of time it will be one of the most important spaces in the history of art – so read everything I write today – cause in the future you will be surprised what it cost me – to reach the construction of a space of the future in archaic time.😭
In fact I will be given several acknowledgements for it, but that is not my purpose.

My main purpose is that visual impared children and all future artists fly in High creative latitude, and have a place created from freedom and love – that allows them to create Universal works of high values – treasure for humanity.🌹

For these reasons I recorded my entire journey, everything is documented – from my many emails, to my saddest moments – it is all part of the Dada86 Library and is a legacy for your hyper-connected generation – from my generation 1986 – one of the last that saw the transition between man and machine.

That’s why my generation is so beautiful and so authentic, cause it knows how to live with technology and without it – for me it’s the generation of paper kite makers, of kids who still ran with a string and a paper and sounded big with small details.
It is an authentic generation on a communicative level – and that is gold.

So, regardless of the unforeseen events – I continue to move forward in my architecture, out of time – but very important in the course of the history of art.

So if I am writing to you today from the past of my self, you know that my architecture will transcend time and space – and everything is only Glory and Victory for the future artists.
Only for you, my open mail, and all my archives – and may your art be beautiful, clean, pure, free and as Universal as the Universe itself. And although it is not easy to be an architect of the future in the past –

I will succeed – cause nothing matters more to me than that the knowledge of beauty, reaches your hands in all its forms of artistic expression, of humanity, solidarity and breadth.
Art is the most beautiful thing we can save – cause art is the highest expression of humanity.

So – If you are reading this in the future, and follow all my posts from the metadata – you already realised how important it is to express beauty and love – and be kind.

Always with your hand on your heart, letting your tock tock expand.


anti-fashion me~⚡☝ in fashion district NY 🌈

The most exciting part of my artistic and polymathic development – I love to design clothes.
It’s something that makes me disconnect from philosophy and immerse myself in the world of practical, useful and beautiful matter – it’s like a necessary oxygen for my higher self.⚡🌈

First of all I never like the clothes that everybody wears and that are not unique, from the most expensive to the cheapest – for me every being is unique, and it is necessary to do everything possible and impossible to defend the fact of being unique.
That doesn’t mean being a snob, a hipster, or any of those fashion trends that are absurd – and Equal.

In fact, fashion is communist ! 🤔- cause it is about equality and repetition – the whole infrastructure of fashion is based on an archaic approach – of repetition – even though everyone has seen the wear and tear of the planet they are still doing it – not because they are bad, or stupid – but because they still have their minds in the past – and haven’t made the leap into the future – which is wonderful.🌈

Nor is it about recycling and wearing old clothes. It’s about connecting the brain and generating ideas that are environmentally friendly, authentic and unique – that’s the purpose of my anti-fashion brand dada86 – which is born out of a Protest to this archaic system of production.
dada86 – is born in freedom, and in freedom it expands – freedom is the basis for the elevation of the individual and his spiritual growth.🌈☝
And that freedom in my proposal is – Love.

So it was with love and in total freedom from archaic concepts that I appeared in the fashion district with my anti-fashion idea.

As a universal artist and creator – with my designs – I think it is absolutely necessary that my anti-fashion infrastucture structure exists.

So it is, and so it will be – the future is wonderful it is thanks to people who think like mecause in all branches of art the priority is to ensure a quality of life impact – without destroying the planet.🌈

It’s as simple as that ⚡🤗

🌹👁‍🗨 for those who want to collaborate with my brand dada86write to shia labeouf – so that he with his good laser printer – will send you with joy – one of the catalogues of my creations.
don’t pay attention to his past – he’s a good guy ! 🌈

you can also write to me ☝🌹


If there are extraordinary beings – one of them is my Father ⚡☝

I remember very well the look on my father’s face when I told him with great enthusiasm how much I loved NY.

Within the family context, my father is a wonderful person, he is a Cuban communist and believes in his ideas. I love my father, – he is an authentic person who has always helped many people, he has planted many trees and he has a PhD in agronomy, plant science, food development and natural nutrition.
My father is a genius, and I respect that he believes in whatever he wants, cause he is the first person who has always been on my side in all my creative ideas.
If there are extraordinary beings – one of them is my father.

So maybe we can talk about everything, even the beauty of NY.🌺

I think that humanity go beyond the limits imposed by political beliefs, there are Americans who are beautiful people, as there are horrible Cubans, and vice versa – because in my vision of the world it is not about being for or against, but about humanity and universality of being.

So I love NY, and I thought it was beautiful the time I spent exploring the art in that beautiful city.

My creative speed is very constant and intense, and the time I spent there seemed to me to be a city at the rhythm of my ideas.🌺
It’s great to be at the rhythm of one’s ideas, cause rhythm and time is what the life of an artist is all about.


The city where everything is possible 🍒🌈

The city where everything is possible.🌈

After living in Europe for a long time, I loved America – because it is a young country, and the mind of the people is direct and open.
Europe has a lot of weight and a lot of history, which sometimes prevents different ideas to emerge – it’s a weight of traditions – and mental barriers – which I didn’t see in NY, every day in that city I met different people, and discovered beautiful things.

One day I explored a wonderful cafe bar, and I ordered two different drinks and was talking to the bartender about mixes, and cocktails – and I thought it was cool to have two drinks at the same time.
So I did, and it was great – I really enjoyed that moment.🌈
The bartender asked me – two drinks for yourself at the same time?🍒
Yes of course, it was a soda with ginger and another with orange, it had very little alcohol in it, because it wasn’t about being drunk – it was about experiencing another way of drinking – mixing flavours at the same time.

So when my friend Dusty, film director arrived – he who took the picture, – I was in a state of philosophical understanding of two flavours in my tasting.🤔
It was super cool, cause he asked for the same thing, and so we mixed various flavours, mint, lemon, pear, strawberry.
That was the day of the simultaneous drinks and it was in NY. 🍒🌈


I Love NY⚡

I love NY.

That’s what all the t-shirts say, in my case it’s true NY is one of my favourite cities, because everything flows at the speed of light, I love that speed.

My first day in NY was wonderful, I lived there for almost 3 months and it was great, in NY I fell in love with an Irish artist and I lived an exciting story of love and art.

What I liked most about the city is that the people are open, direct and active – it was wonderful to walk around NY.

Definitely living between NY – Havana and Tuscany – is a wish that I will make come true, because those 3 spaces have a wonderful energy.🍒⚡

Just like that, I love NY – the fastest and most active city I’ve ever known, and when it comes to speed I’m there! NY is just great.

I will write more about this city and its beautiful libraries,


drawing flowers with the sun ☀

That’s how I came up with these beautiful paper curtains made of flowers.

Every day I drew a different flower, with lights and shadows of the trees – bellismo – my flowers were full of sun and at the same time transparent, that’s how little by little my house became an artistic installation.🌺

And that’s why I can only live with an artist, being sensitive to this kind of domestic interventions – for me creation is everywhere, and it can be expressed from a paper curtain in the bedroom to a film at a festival.

art is inside me, and it expands to occupy spaces – it’s just great.🤗🌺


the sun and me


my books everywhere -window of knowledge 🌺

The idea of making the walls of my Library with books and movable shelves came to me in Montreal – while I was arranging my books in the window.🤔

I remember that day very well and it was beautiful, in fact my suitcases always had more books than clothes, so when I took them out of the suitcase I had no shelves to put them on, I only had those beautiful windows and I put them right there.
It was great because at sunrise and sunset I always read beautifully in the natural light.🌺

I thought it was great for my architecture, so I designed the plans for the Library based on that day.

My musician friends, who always spotted my house by the books in the windows, told me that I had to put them on the other side to see the titles – but I never listened to them – maybe they were right.

I’ll think about which side they have to be on in my Library.


My home – words come in and words go out 🌺

While decorating my flat, I realised that I needed something at the entrance that was different and beautiful, – it was not difficult to find the object – because I love books – that’s how I got my hands on a huge old French-English dictionary. 🤗🍒
I put it in the door, and made it a habit that every day I went in and out of the house I would learn a new word at random – and so it was.

Within a week I had discovered many interesting words, and it became beautiful to go in and out with new words to guide me.
Then when my friends came over they did the same, they left with words, and came in with words.

As the dictionary was big, it was possible to spend the whole day learning, and to be surprised at how many beautiful words there are.

It’s a wonderful idea, and I recommend it to everyone who is learning languages, because it’s a fun way to learn.🌺


Hello God,

Hello God,
Are you on holiday?

Hello hello, my name is Mary, and although it is a biblical name, and already very common, I am a universal artist, – I am a christian, but I am really a bit disappointed in your mismanagement of the world.

We are in the 21st century and there are still wars going on, there are recognisable places on our planet like Africa, where children have hardly any water and are malnourished – there are other places like Europe, where if everyone decided to end that famine they could do it – but instead of doing useful things they are in tick tuck dancing and selling clothes, clothes that are made by brands that pollute the planet.
People buy these clothes to feel good, more beautiful, or I don’t know why they need so much nonsense, all this happens because there is a structure called fashion mode, and it always changes, that’s why everyone needs to buy clothes again – and meanwhile there is still hunger in places where there is no electricity.

Surely because you are God, you are everywhere and you don’t dress up you don’t know about these details – but it is the repetition of these details that has brought the world to a state of chaos and inhumanity.

If everyone in Europe would send even 1 euro to Africa, the children could eat and the famine there would end – in one day.
Many people pray, but besides praying there are concrete ideas.

In the churches the clothes of the virgins are made of gold, but mothers who live in countries with financial difficulties hardly receive any help.

Yet people are still praying and thinking about the power of prayer, I think it’s very cool – but where are the results?
Why do wars continue in the 21st century?
Why do so many innocent children die without access to water?

Something is going on here, either people are praying wrong, or you are on holiday, or more good deeds need to be done at the speed of light.

I am dissatisfied with your management of the world and that is why I am writing this letter to you, in the hope that it will reach somewhere in the universe, and if you are everywhere please send some sign of change.

I don’t agree with such a badly managed world, I myself have been trying for years to build a space for blind children and artists – and everything that has happened to me along the way – I didn’t deserve it. If you are God, I protest !
I protest ! I protest !
Where is the goodness of humanity?
Actually, I saw fragments of that goodness, but I also saw the worst of it, and if you are God, all love and mercy, why do you allow such things to happen?
There is something badly told or badly written in the history of mankind.

Still I never stopped believing and hoping, but seeing the injustice I can’t help but think – that it is time for you to come down from your throne and take care of this world a little.

I am dissatisfied, and I do not agree with a God who allows so much misery in the world, maybe no one has ever written you such a sincere letter, but I do not agree with everything that happens, and when I do not agree I express myself!

I think you are somewhere, but maybe with the tick tuck slingshots you don’t get the messages and you can’t see what’s going on down here.

As I am a christian I have many questions, first if you sent your son – Jesus as a sacrifice and today in the 21st century there are still wars and injustice, – what was the point of sacrificing your son ?
Why can no one love his neighbour as himself?
Today the image of Jesus is like an avatar, many believe in his message, like me for example, but very few apply it in real life – they do the opposite.

I myself on my way, I have been helping people, what did I receive – beatings and beatings, lies, theft, manipulations, ou la la – even if I didn’t close my heart and now I ask you what good did it do?

What good is all this?
What is this life about, God?
I know it’s all about love, but why is it a jungle even with your existence?
It should not be like this, we should live in a world of peace, solidarity and elevation of the soul, without wars, without injustice, with harmony and tolerance, with respect.

I believe in you, but I find it very difficult seeing how unfair the world is.
Even my unique tattoo says – only with God – in Icelandic.
Cause of course I was saved from a possible accident by a miracle, and that day was magical – that’s why I believe in you. Thank you for saving my life, because only a very big unexpected force could make me move from the place where I was and couldn’t see the bus moving towards me and of course I am sure that force was you.
I even managed to film it and I didn’t drop the camera.
That same day, as if by magic, a tattoo artist friend appeared who I hadn’t seen in 14 years, and he did my tattoo – Only with God.
So I won’t forget that day, and that God you exist.

But now that I am alive, healthy and strong tell me – how do I build the Library ? Everything I have done for it has failed, failed, failed, even so – every day I get up and keep trying, I still have faith.
I need answers to my questions.

Give me a sign,


PS – I am busy writing to God.


breakfasts in front of the sun – love 🍒

On my balcony –

Balconies are man’s most beautiful architectural creation, it is a space from where you can look outside – it seems so simple but the simple fact of having a balcony – it is like being on the top of a boat and sailing away from the house.

What I liked most about my house in Montreal was that it had a balcony, my house in Havana also had a balcony with a sea view – it was wonderful, because I never had a TV – the most beautiful moments of my life were spent on balconies.
So many books read, breakfasts in front of the sun, love stories, everything ended on the balcony – as if the house was a pretext to end up in a place without walls and with a view.🤗

I love to walk in the evening and see the balconies and windows of the houses, each one has its own personality, some have toys and swirling winds, others have well-kept plants and flowers, in others the flowers are dry or there are no plants, in others clothes, or colourful chairs – like in mine !
You can tell about people’s lives by looking at the balconies of buildings.
It is also paradoxical because you can’t say anything – because nobody knows what really happens on the other side of the door.

That’s why I think, that the house is not the walls, not even a balcony – it’s the people who live in it and the energy they spread inside.

Wherever – I love balconies, and in my house my children will be able to draw on the walls with colours – all art is allowed – after all, that’s what walls are for – to fill them with beauty. 🌈💎


among millions of people in Earth 🍒- you special unknown

True love

Not being in love with anyone and knowing that in the future you will be – is a wonderful feeling.

The certainty that the person who is on your path is not like any person you have ever known, – is like a new book to be discovered – of which you don’t know the name.🍒
In my metaphorical idea we are like books, some open, some torn, – but all with multiple pages of beauty.

The beauty is how among millions of people one connects with a specific one – that is magic – and I am happy to live that moment of discovery – before seeing the other.
I call it the moment before, once Eros embraces me, this moment will no longer exist – there will be another even more beautiful moment – who am I after Love enters my life?

Hence the beauty of enjoying every moment, and being open to love –


El Amor ~ es La Libertad.

El amor ~ es la libertad.

Este artículo es interesante, pues será en link con mi manifestó ~ Laliberte, el cual escribí entre la Habana, Montréal, Paris, NY y Georgia.

Así de simple me fui por el mundo a explorar la libertad y en libertad ~ puedo decir con seguridad que cuando La Libertad nació ~ ya yo estaba ahí mirándola y disfrutando de su llegada al mundo. Si ! Mi alma es vieja, tanto ?
Si !
Definitivamente los grandes conquistadores y estrategas como Napoleón, serían felices de tomarse un café con croissant conmigo un día.

Ahora, para hacer mi recorrido aún más brillante en esta vida, mi alma se catapultó en Cuba, una isla maravillosa llena de humanidad, música y belleza.
Si Cuba tiene también muchos problemas, como todos los países, ~ pero humanidad hay mucha en mi tierra natal.

Ahora sin entrar al contexto político, sobrevolando como un relámpago el bloqueo y todas las situaciones que respecta el supuesto derecho de Expresión en Cuba ~ yo que viví en París, la cuna de la Libertad, Igualdad, Fraternidad ~ puedo decir con certeza que muchos conceptos de libertad son ilusorios ~ en todas las partes del mundo !

Si para pagar una educación artística en París, yo tuve que tener 2 trabajos ~ así que todo es relativo. Y para poner ver las situaciones es mejor hacerlo desde un Prisma limpio y elevándose a las circunstancias del ego.

~ este artículo termina cuando pague mi café y pase por la fuente donde estoy explorando belleza ~ así que continuará ,…. Besitos


No matter what people say – be selFish its ok👁‍🗨

No matter what people say –

Being selfish – maybe the best way to love the world – which starts with you.

I am very selfish and therefore I love many persons in my life – a paradox ?🤔

Listening to the inner self and being selfish is ok ?🤔

I think – Yes ! Sometimes it is important to only listen to your inner self, – cause every being is a world and many people, even friends speak from their mirror, they are not even seeing the reality you live or feel.

It is very rare to be in conversation with someone who sees you and does not see themselves in you, or themselves – everyone always speaks and recommends from their own experience.
And what is best for you? Who know that better then you ?

Now, I think that a very great soul elevation occurs, when you remove from your head the word people, system, and all that is a contextual adjective of the human being.

I don’t really care what anyone thinks, because I don’t seek to be validated, adored, or important in front of anyone or any situation – I am as I am – in constant elevation and exploration of my own being, the rest doesn’t matter to me.
It may sound selfish, but it is what it is – besides, I have seen few people as selfish as me who invest their life time in building a space for others – that’s why I don’t care about anyone’s opinion.

Everyone is free to say and think what they want, but why should I care?🤗

Of course, when you don’t seek anyone’s validation, you acquire a wonderful degree of freedom, that’s why in my world there are neither famous, nor rich, nor poor, nor better nor worse, – I start from the principle that everyone goes to the bathroom in the same way – it’s true !

So to be selfish in that configuration and to help others, putting time of life to build beautiful spaces – is a good way after all.☝

in NY


How to maintain the state of bliss ? 🤗🍒

How to maintain the state of bliss ?

It is normal to have ups and downs, life can surprise you with unexpected situations, so it is normal to react to them, without accumulating sadness.

Now – how to always return to the state of peace ?

I use a structure of senses and smells, I have chosen a smell that represents this state – in my case it is the natural perfume of coconut.🥥🌺
I don’t care if other perfumes are more expensive, more luxurious – my perfume was given to me as a gift by a shop assistant in the supermarket, cause she saw that I liked it and as there were no more left, she gave me a sample – which had a lot of perfume, a lot of perfume, very nice person.

That day was quite magical, because it’s always beautiful to get presents from strangers.

I remember that when I smelled that perfume, I was immediately ⚡ transported back to my childhood, to the distant Caribbean, to Cuba – it was like a direct driver. I recalled wonderful memories, and it became my bridge between my sadness and the passing world – and my inner peace.

As I have learned to manage these states, today I don’t need the perfume, but I still use it when I want to, I just like the smell.

I think this is a wonderful idea, for those who want to be in a state of uninterrupted peace and are still learning how to manage it.

It can be an orange scent, for example, that reminds you of beautiful moments, or a cinnamon scent, with your grandmothers’ cakes, – any choice is valid – as long as it is linked to a moment of happiness.

It can be a song, a lucky t-shirt, any object or sense that brings you to that state. After so much use it will become natural to return to that space of absolute happiness.

I am currently connected to my beautiful time at the art academy, – and to that time I am taken back by the first guitar chords of the song matilda by harry styles.
that’s why I have it on loop – and thanks – for its existence.

In my particular case those chords are exactly the same as the ones I heard from my musician friend, just when he started to tune his guitar, and they only bring me good vibrations of spaciousness, inner peace, freedom, innocence, joy and a lot of gentleness.🍒🤗🌺

I think that the most beautiful moment is when an artist in search of an idea, and those chords take me exactly there – to the moment of peace where through music and painting, beautiful ideas appeared.
It is unbelievable how much I remembered listening to those first chords.

Now – why remembering is important ?🤔

It is very simple, in the course of life one can live through very difficult, sad and complex moments – as well as very joyful ones – now there are people and key moments that remind us of the essence of our higher self, those moments are worth Gold, cause they allow us to return to what we are and not to lose ourselves.

And for that, and that is why art is wonderful – an artist draws, a door, the door can be a painting, a song, a sculpture, an art bracelet, – a detail that maybe was spent creating years or made in a day – it can transport you to a beautiful and unique moment – it is not a simple object, or a simple work of art – it has a soul and a lot of power.

So it happens that all the doors to our higher self and peace are right there in front of our eyes 👀 – we just have to learn to use them, – smell can be a good door – like the notes – it is free in the air – and it can be on your skin – wherever you go – you bring your paradise.🌺🤗🍒


Being myself – not my question 🍒

Being myself – not the question in my case.

On my path, I have always been myself – and that is what has led me to beautiful moments, sad moments, joyful moments, and all kinds of evulsions of my own self.🌺

The philosophical question would rather be, when you break out of the mould and label being yourself – what happens?🤔

And well, what happens is that life is very different, that feelings are explored from another latitude and seen from knowledge and Virtue – in that case the priority is to come to a kind of understanding of the Truth, and that is exciting.

Now – there are perhaps many videos, youtubers, and books that keep repeating – be yourself – be yourself!🤔

Ok, I am myself and now what happens ? It’s so silly that it even seems illusory to have that question in mind – and to think that it’s something that keeps repeating itself.
Also – nobody explains how to coexist with the world by being yourself, – in my case, I am a very social and empathetic person, I like to help, and whenever I can, I do it – even if sometimes my excess of empathy is seen as strange – wherever – I don’t mind, I am gentle and I help, because I would like everybody to be as transparent and open with me – as I am – direct !

For me the most important thing is not to be oneself, the question should be – Who am I? – That would be more productive, and it is the first step to an inner journey, because that is where the most precious treasures, answers, and everything that can be useful to uplift the soul, always lies within ❤🤗- and even if external situations, or people push us into that mirror – in the end it is oneself who holds the key.


Are tables necessary with the Harmony in the Spheres? 🌺🍒

Harmony in the spheres and St. Augustine.💛

My first encounter with the Harmony of the Spheres was when I lived in my flat in Montreal, it was a time of great creativity and exploration that I enjoyed to the fullest – I lived alone in a huge flat that was my workshop, my home, I even had a kitchen with a beautiful wooden table that I found, and I used it whenever I wanted – cause I ate more on my bench on the balcony than on the table in question.🤗

I remember, that the first thing that appeared in that flat were two wooden chairs and a sunflower plant, so the first day I slept on my own clothes, until I ordered a beautiful mattress – which arrived in 2 days ! The Quebecois are slow.

I remember very well when I lay down on the wooden floor, and thought – wow here I will live and create beauty ! The truth is that I didn’t need any furniture, my art already occupied everything, and of course my sunflower and two chairs.

Every evening I would sit and meditate in front of my flower, looking forward to meet a person who would sit in front of me, to eat without a table – or maybe thinking it was imaginary – and to see the world in a different way – from art and beauty.🤔🍒

It was great time, because I lived in a very active cultural neighbourhood, and right next to a vinyl shop, and that’s where I went one rainy day, as I didn’t have a record to play – I thought starting with vinyl would be great.
And so it was, as the first one I got my hands on was – Music of the Spheres – a wonderful classic version, which I will reveal in another article.

The coolest thing is that without realizing it I was collecting vinyls that I never listened to, I even made friends with the guy in the shop, and there I bought a lot of books – and magazines.

All my collection and my books are safely stored in the Treasure Hunter’s bookshop – my friend Richard’s, in Montreal of course, I left all those treasures in his basement before I moved to NY.

Today, several years later, I understand that already in those moments without listening to the vinyl of the Spheres and their Harmony, I was in perfect harmony with myself, it is as if St. Augustine gave me an invisible hand and without attaching any terioes, I was, where I am today – in the Harmony of the Spheres.
Sitting in that same chair in front of my flower – thinking of embracing my higher self, – because not even the table separates us!

And that’s genius 🍒


Home 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

You are at the Source,

And the people you love, who have not yet reached that level – what to do?🤔

In my experience there are two options, either you help them – or you let them develop on their own.

It all depends on the evolution of your soul, in my case I wrote a book based on a science fiction story, which helps to liberate the soul, and is also the basis of the architecture that will be built for blind children and artists.

I enjoyed writing my book very much, cause it tells my spiritual journey and it is wonderful, as well as having a literary structure according to the future time. I am very happy about it, I am very proud – cause in the middle of the pandemic chaos – I cut myself off from the whole world and achieved this creation.
I got to the centre of myself and my origins – beautiful.🍒

So, we are free to enjoy the higher self and be connected to the source, or to share a glimpse of love and beauty – with the people we love, and with the rest of the world in a generous and intense way.

Of course, each soul has its own path of evolution, its own time and cycle of repetition, which is unique to each being.

Anyway, even if you are on a bridge and you can help someone with your art and good energies, it’s great – such a world is beautiful and magical.🌺

Is true that – small gestures can change a person’s life, from a song, to a message with a key word – that makes you think that maybe it is time to move on from the past, or from a counterproductive situation.

I call them moments – flashes of light⚡🤗 , and of course like all energies that move the world – they arise from the heart – a tock tock sound bomb ❤🧡💛💚💙💜- that if you put your hand on it, and think of different people – your heart will give you the exact answer of what to do – Love.


Sex with Love – is an intellectual choice 🍇

Having sex is easy, it’s the most common primate feeling – now sex for sex’s sake is boring.
The highest pleasures are achieved with an elevated soul, more the soul is elevated – more the pleasure is precious.
Therefore, there are people who with 10 minutes of sex see the stars and have an orgasm, and there are others who live the same in a continuous state of days, hours, – and all that without losing energy – in fact sex – is an exchange of energy.

And if that’s all you have to give, that’s poverty 🤔

The difference – is to have the ability to choose above a primate instant.

Now – When you meet your higher self – you can have orgasms even walking down the street and without touching yourself – that’s how beautiful it is.🍒☝
You go around the world happy having orgasms and independent of everybody – it’s like a pixel in a galaxy.

The beauty of love and sex with love, is that both energies manifest within the body and the soul – but with a person who has the same chemistry and a higher spiritual system – so the orgasms last longer – hih hi.
Everything in the world is about duration, driving a Lada is not the same as driving a Ferrari.🤗

Within that configuration exploring sexuality is great – that’s why self-knowledge is essential, because the more you know yourself – the more intimacy you can have with your partner and of course the more multiple orgasms you can have.

The world would be a very beautiful and different place if everyone was having a good sexuality with an uplifted soul.🍒

And who are you more, a lada or a ferrari?
Direct, fast, constant and high –

I find the metaphor beautiful – cause as life is about energy, physics – chemistry and soul elevation – cars have a lot of that.🤔
I am fascinated by the subject, cause intellectually I am studying car and boat engines, and it is beautiful to see the difference in the components.

Direct, fast, steady and high – in my personal choice – sex for sex – definitely – no – only with Love and Voltage.



I am lucky – that I am as I am, open and free 🍒

Understanding facts in True Love Road – I am lucky 🤗

Not to be in a relationship at the moment – and not to hurt anyone with my True Love News

I’m lucky – not to have children from previous relationships.

I’m lucky – that I’m not in love with anyone – and have enough place for the pilot to teleport into my heart.

I’m lucky – that my past doesn’t get in my way.

I am lucky – that I am as I am, open and free,

I’m lucky – to have health, beauty and intelligence

I am lucky – to have clear life goals, and to be kind.

I am lucky – to have inner peace 🌈🤗

Those are the luck, which in my point of view are the pillars of True Love – to know how to recognise it is a great advantage – because in the end we are born to love and to be loved – it’s as simple as that.