Reality and I ☀

I am happy to be so strong and despite a hard road I have not lost the goodness of my heart, nor my smile.

the honoured one who makes a film about it, will win the Oscar for the best realistic screenplay – that was reality.

Only God knows and only I know, why I am still smiling and it seems that in order to build a space for the good of humanity – I had to see first what is Humanity and its absence.


Chronos and I⚡

Artistic creation timetable

An artist is always creating, imagining and expanding beauty – now the existence of fixed schedules is wonderful because it helps to increase productivity – of course if the muse gets you out of your schedule – follow her like me.

The best thing for me as an artist to adapt my schedule to my day to day life – is that I have more time to enjoy my loved ones and explore other activities.🌺

I chose the morning – to leave the afternoon for reflection and meditation – from 6am to 5pm is my time to create and realise ideas. In my particular case as I am always connected with my art, my particularity is not in the creation but in its expression. I am grateful to work with an artistic representant.
For the simple reason that my artistic work consumes a lot of my time and I am happy to do it without disconnecting from the Source – where I am at the moment.

Now – the schedules give me a new opportunity to say – wow ! I want to explore the world with my lover – this afternoon. It sounds crazy but before I didn’t have these options, because I was busy with my creation all day long – enjoying flashes of moments, it was wonderful – I produced many works of art, but there were times when I just wanted to read a book and the completion of my illustrated novel was calling me – telling me – finish it now! This is a metaphor, to say that I was so eager to see the book finished, and I was so inspired that I couldn’t stop creating it – that’s why 86 illustrations came out in a flash. It was a time of a lot of intellectual and artistic dedication, and the truth is that thanks to my perseverance I finished the book quite quickly. At the same time I also made other Series of paintings, Selfish Blues, Golden City, Thursday 17:30, Wings, Art atelier – so the intense and extensive arrival in the world of all these creations.

This week I start my new schedule, and I am happy to see the results.

I am also very happy, because I will be able to dedicate more time to my personal life, and my work will be oxygenated in an equitable way, I will be able to read more, study greek and enjoy life.

In that sense I’m thinking that it’s great to have a timetable, and even if it varies and is flexible – it’s wonderful to have time to do things other than art, to relax during the day and think about doing something else, whether it’s exploring a park, discovering other friendly mountain people and exchanging ideas.🌹
It’s something I always do with my artist brothers, – especially via whats app.

At the moment I’m thinking about how beautiful my Library space DADA86 will be for artists and blind people, and there will be moments of intellectual debate between artists and visually impaired people – that’s great. My big dream becomes true – Art and Solidarity.

I miss those moments and I’m already missing that beautiful future – which transforms in my present – Love through. 🌺

About debates and critiques of artworks is my next article 👉 – don’t miss it. Will be very cool !🌺

In the meantime I’m exploring how I’m doing with Chronos – I’m sure it’s going very well ! He is my friend

in time for open my door –


why make up ? – Me Up

As a film director, I have learned throughout my creations – that from a technical point of view, actors and actresses – need make-up.🤔
It’s all a question of lights and reflections, of cameras and projectors and a series of technical factors – which have not yet evolved, but are just as valid as – filming with a washed and natural face.

Now, make-up itself, not so much in film, but in life, has a long history, most of which dates back to Egypt, where both women and men used to put dark pigments over their eyes – to protect them from the sun – which is why in all the beautiful paintings of Egyptian frescoes that we see today – there is an emphasis on shadow.

Now through history and time of course – all this has transmuted and changed.🌺

For me, as a woman, who wants to wear make-up and who doesn’t – these are individual actions of every human being, who chooses what he or she feels comfortable with.🌺

In my case, I remember very well how I got into make-up land, in my adolescence in Cuba, there were not many choices of make-up, and they were all very expensive. Sometimes you could buy some of the ones brought from abroad, or you could get them in hotel boutiques – but it was quite an adventure to have make-up.
And with the strong sun, the best one could hope for was a good sunscreen – that was a luxury.
And the only one I could afford, so I spent years happily going without make-up and just moisturising my skin.🥥
As a result, today my skin vibrates out of my age.
I also have to admit that I’m a bit lazy, and I don’t like to spend time in front of the mirror sticking colours on my face.🤔
🤔As I studied painting, I see it as a portrait in which I invest my life time and which disappears the next day.
🤔As a film director, it makes me think that I’m in repeated scenes of a film that never ends.
So in my own dimension, I decided to explore more about myself and discover something beautiful within make-up.

That’s how I got stuck with a simple cerise lipstick 🍒 that just protects my natural lip shade, and that’s it.

Now, I take Athena by the hand and measured in my case the usefulness of make-up in my life and came to the philosophical conclusion that I don’t want to wear make-up.🤔
The beauty is that when you don’t wear make-up, you see your skin as it is, and if you have imperfections you treat them – it’s like seeing your real face in the light.
I think that the most beautiful thing is to have a beautiful face without make-up – which you take care of from the beginning.

My laziness, and my lack of patience in exploring the multitude of creams and their virtues, leads me to make a minimum of moves in this vast world of beauty – with a maximum of results.

Porcelain Skin – it turns out that in Japan, girls used to use rice water as a traditional method to make their skin glow. So simple and effective.

As art and my personal life, between friends and family take up so much of my time – I am a person who likes it straightforward, simple and effective.
I have rice, I have water and I have a mirror – I don’t even go to a shop, I don’t even look on the internet, because with so much information, then you get salty – simple and straightforward.🌺

It’s also great to go to salons and get gold treatments, algae – and all the beautiful things that create new beauty creators.

Now when it comes to the day to day – everyday, I made the decision not to wear make-up, and to amplify the beauty of my skin from inside my body.

🌺 2 litres of water a day – or more

🌺 You can add cucumber, which is super cool and tasty, or coconut water – for those who live on islands and can go to the beach and retrieve a nice coconut water.
Cold it is delicious, and has lots of vitamins.

likewise natural fruit pieces, without making a mixer. Just little pieces of fruit floating in your water bottle will be a wonderful show for the body and soul. Pineapple, lemon, orange, cherry, strawberry !
Whatever you like. This will give the water a natural taste, without colouring and will motivate you to drink the liquid.
It’s tasty, healthy and fun !

👁‍🗨 You don’t need to spend hours looking for a super bottle of water – you go to the supermarket, buy a glass bottle of water, cut up some fruit and pour it in!
If you want you can put your name on it with creative stickers.
Hi hi hi ,

Inner Cream Vitamine

You can also enjoy it with loved ones, friends, family – besides having a glowing skin you create wonderful moments of tenderness and love. All in one simple action !

👁‍🗨Then, it’s great before repeating many skin solutions youtuve videos on your skin – with homemade treatments – to do some research and explore your skin type, possible allergies and all that.

The most simple, beautiful and something that will clean all the toxins from your body – is to drink water.
So with such a simple and constant action, it is not only possible to have a glowing skin, but also to regenerate the whole organism. And that’s what taking care of your inner self is all about.

If you want to put on blusher afterwards – cool !
But I assure you that with a glowing skin, you will spend more time doing beautiful things with your partner and friends, than looking at yourself in the mirror !

I do a lot of things, plus it gives me more time to read, create art – and enjoy myself.

My personal goal that I achieved – is that my skin is radiant because my body is healthy, not to please anyone, not to think that I will be more beautiful.
I am beautiful, as I wake up with my face washed – I don’t see what else I can add to my natural beauty – other than water and a cherry lispstic!
Which I always end up eating, and I realise I only use it because it reminds me of my childhood, it’s moisturising and smells nice.

And it’s cool for kissing –

Whoever looks up to me – no make up, fine, and whoever doesn’t – In what beauty concerne – I really only care about my own spiritual comfort and my goals for myself.

So, lots of water, fruits and in simple gestures, without artifice, great truths shine through.


The body is sculpted from the soul – inner beauty firts !🌺

The body is sculpted from the soul – inner beauty firts !


Today my article is not about art and creation – but about the most beautiful creation itself – the human body.

Many artists neglect the state of their body, – not because they don’t care, but because they are connected to the source of Art – they have a somewhat bohemian rhythm, and one looks more at the work than at oneself – this happens a lot when the ego disappears and the artist gives himself completely to his creation.🌺

Now, an artist – is not an actor or an actress, who lives by his image and the care of it.
I mean universal artists, like painters, sculptors, film directors – many who are behind the lights shining and who create the magic – that actors and actresses represent.

So it often happens that one neglects oneself, not because of a lack of self-esteem – but because of the intense creative load and the connection – rush life.
I myself can spend hours writing or painting and forget about the world – when the lightning strikes you – you have to express it. It’s as simple as that.

Now, in this time of pandemic I had to express my lightning in unfavourable situations, because I lived on social food tics – and yet I finished all my pictorial works, my book, my comics, and I continued to advance in my architecture.
Every day I woke up – I made my art, rising above the difficulties and achieving my creative goals.🌺
All this put a great strain on my vital energy, and when I came to see I weighed 42 kilos.

And that’s why today I decided to dedicate my article to the body – after all this space counts as my way of building a wonderful library for blind children and artists – and my body is part of it!
Without body I go nowhere, hihi – then I realised that the best way to cultivate the body – is to cultivate the mind and elevate the soul.🌺
Of course it is possible to cultivate the body in a mechanical, animal way – but I am not interested in that way.
🤔And here a philosophical question arises – what is the purpose of cultivating this beautiful divine creation we call the body?
Beauty ? Health ? Inferiority complex ?
Desire to please ? For my own pleasure ?

Everyone answers and does according to your level, and will be right at that level.🌺

In my Paradise none of these questions are valid, I am not interested in pleasing anyone, I feel actractive and I don’t even feel a lack of self esteem, I don’t need to exaggerate because I don’t have any health problems, I just had a rough patch and I lost weight, nothing serious.🤗

My question is different, and it is very simple – if every day I can improve something in myself, like a sculptor a sculpture – what we call life – why not work on my body – as a temple of my soul.
To have a healthy body glowing with energy – is like a house with a beautiful foundation and a beautiful view. – That’s how I see it.🌺

I go through the world with my soul inside my temple, and I want both to be in exquisite energetic balance.🌺
That doesn’t mean that I run to the gym, but that I first cultivate my mind and with it my body flourishes.

And this is my own method adapted to my spiritual, physical and financial state.☀
Of course it would be wonderful to take a break in the Maldives, or Hawaii to recuperate a bit – and there I will go on holiday – while today I do with what I have and that is my intelligence and inner peace.

First of all – the most important thing in any exercise – is perseverance and good organisation.🌺
It is possible to do few, but well thought out exercises and not to waste energy on useless things.

🙏 1.Meditation and getting up early 4.30 am – is a good time to clear your mind and start a beautiful day. An hour of morning meditation is great.

  1. 🌺Once the mind is in a good frequency of expansion and channelling of energies – doing the exercises you like is great.
  2. 🌺1 hour daily of physical exercises, each person chooses what he/she wants to develop and just do it.
    I don’t like yoga, I prefer dancing and there are dances which are fun and with which you can make your body blossom – in a relaxed way. 🌺
    You move to the music – so it’s super cool. You also work on your rhythm, and it’s an artistic way of keeping your body in shape.
  3. Then a good shower, and that’s it.
    It’s not complicated.
  4. It’s 6.30 – you meditated and your temple is beautiful.🌺

🤔 Now as far as nutrition is concerned, I chose a simple natual protein method that helps me to gain weight – I eat breakfast.
I also added fruits and of course drink a lot of water.


I like to keep things uncomplicated, simple, fun and not annoying.

So 🌺- just with 14 hours a week, without stress, it is possible to gain weight, and keep the mind out of stress and in high vibrations of peace, love, spiritual growth, and a lot of art.
starting with the greatest creation – the human body – temple of your soul



Lucky me 🍀

Born on March 17 – there is a special magic about being born on March 17

First, when you are a baby you are simply catapulted into the world and day – without knowing that this day will be celebrated – throughout your life.
This is how unknown children come into the world, since everyone knows that they are not followed.

There is a special day, where one gives his first cry and says – Here I am!

I was born lucky and on lucky day, it is wonderful that many people are celebrating on the day of my birth – which was monopolized in the past by Saint Patrick.

And it is about him that I am writing today.

Saints are really enlightened people out of their time who act with great kindness and rise above all.
That’s great and that’s love –
Now the story of Saint Patrick, take your beginnings in Christianity – everyone knows that he was one of the first to follow and spread Christianity in the Celtic land of Ireland – which in those distant times was going through a very turbulent time in history.

Through history and theologians you can explore multiple views of how this happened.
Saint Patrick was born into a Christian family of Grande-Bretagne (in Ecosse). At the age of 16, he was taken away by Irish pirates who smuggled him to their island. There, he becomes a farm boy and is in charge of leading the troops to the ports.

The long hours of loneliness bring out in him a sense of urgency. After 6 years of captivity, he succeeds to leave the island and to go to France, where he is ordained prisoner. He was subsequently named a savior by Pope Célestin Ier, who decided to send him back to Ireland in 432.

Through this mission in Ireland, the saint inevitably allies the local chefs and souverains, but also the druids and other dignitaries of the country. Upon his arrival, he was beaten, dismembered and put to death.

La conversion du Roi Aengus — suspense

  • And of course – I invite you to explore more about it …

What interests me in this article are the more everyday questions of cultural traditions related to the 17th of March, and that beautiful day.

And this is where Dionisio – makes his triumphal entry into my article.
Raising a good glass of beer to the glory of Saint Patrick !

Now – why does everything turns green on Saint Patrick ?
Did you know that at the origin of the feast it was blue ?
Indeed – blue was replaced by green in 1798 during the Irish rebellion against the domination of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Throughout the world, people wear green, and carry different symbols of Irish culture, at the time of a day.

Now, what’s a shamrock in this story?
Well, it is very beautiful, to know that the origin is in the holy trinity, the pillar of Christianity and it is beautiful to explain it through a plant – in this case a clover.

Legends tell that in the same place where the cathedral of Dublin is located today, the saint baptized the parishioners with water from a well located in that area. St. Patrick used, according to the story that has survived to the present day, a shamrock to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity. With this plant, the saint showed the central dogma of the Christian religion, which dictates that «the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three gods, but only one God».

Thus in the name of the holy trinity, the trefoil traveled through history, through centuries and centuries, crossing storms and disagreements, unions and feasts – to stay in our time as a symbol of luck – of course if God, his son and the holy spirit himself are with you – you are with them ! – what luck

it’s beautiful !

Another of the symbols of the commemoration are snakes, since according to legend, the saint was able to chase these reptiles away from the island.

This is the brief synopsis of Saint Patrick’s extensive history, which I invite you to explore, because it is very interesting.

For me of course it is a very special day, because I love the moments of communion with the soul, party, smiles and celebrations. So on March 17th I’m walking through streets full of happy people, almost all of whom are on their way to celebrate the holy trinity. It is beautiful to see how this day unites such different beings who share unforgettable moments – without a doubt Saint Patrick left a beautiful legacy of love and union.

And of course the beer that joins the party! Super cool ☘️✨


Soli – daridad ✨

En mi mundo la palabra Solidaridad viene de Sol.

Vivimos en un mundo que cambia y donde sé están, revelando los valores humanos, al igual que su ausencia.
En esas cuestiones, la empatía, toma de la mano a la solidaridad y el Amor se amplifica.

De eso va mi artículo – del amor 🌹

El otro día estaba escribiendo un debate interesante en twitter, sobre el amor y su amplificación. La persona que estaba detrás de sí twitter, no era un robot y me pareció un ser que ponía detalles bonitos sobre la elevación del alma, el arte y la belleza.
Yo posteo todo lo que me parece bello en mi twitter – el cual es todo arte y amor.
Y de paso el guion de mi film se está creando allí.
Me parece que es maravilloso, compartir y amplificar el amor 🌺

El debate era sobre las acciones en el Amor, y esta persona abogaba que las acciones no son todo – por mi parte yo revelaba – que las acciones son la manifestación del amor y su amplificación – tomando el ejemplo del nacimiento del ser humano – Uno nace con amor y por amor.

Tú ves unas flores, y las regalas a un ser querido, amplificando tu amor en un gesto.
Es bello, y tener gestos es importante.
Porque predicar el amor, en internet sentado frente a un sofá solo dentro del mundo virtual- sin tener gestos en la vida, puede ser un poco falso como actitud.🤔
Hay muchas personas que lo hacen, porque parece que están purgando o hablando con el reflejo de sí mismos en el otro.
En esos perfiles raramente vez links, con acciones concretas, como ayudar a animales, o colectar ropa para orfanatos, o simplemente salvar especies en y proteger la naturaleza.🤔

Yo pienso así, me quieres mostrar el amor – perfecto en libertad, escriban lo que quieran – pero expandan sus acciones también.
Lo digo con toda fuerza y seriedad, ya que llevo a capa y espada la construcción de un espacio – para la humanidad – y he visto tanto el inframundo, como el paraíso en ello.
He visto la empatía y la apatía – igual no abandono mi arquitectura – y todas mis creaciones y acciones reales – están en función de ello.💛
Para mi artista universal – el Arte es amor – es un facto.

Un artista que hace una pintura – está materializando su amor, el mundo en un gesto – creando algo bello, sublimando – y poniendo su tiempo de vida en ello.☝
Claro, se puede reflexionar la pintura, conceptualizar y no dejar ningún rastro material de ella – en ese caso – estaría la obra de arte como regalo para la humanidad?
Simplemente no.
Estaría el artista expandiendo algo, simplemente no.
Ahora cuando estás en la frecuencia del amor y amor eres expandes, y no te preguntas esas cuestiones sobre la inactividad.

En situaciones críticas, se puede revelar la esencia del ser humano – su empatía y su a su apatía ante el mundo. Y aquí regreso a un punto interesante – donde muchos seres exponen – lo siguiente – Si yo pude él puede – este parrafo se redirige a mí artículo sobre Kurt Cobain y afirmo esto ante todos los artistas:

Amigos, no todos tenemos la misma cantidad de vidas, ni la misma resistencia – aquí no se trata de hacerse el fuerte ni enseñarle la moral a nadie – se trata de ser Solidario, y amble siempre que se pueda – sobre todo ante el arte – y sobe todo si sabes que la vida de un artista depende de ello.
Terminar de comprender que la vida de un artista es Oro, que cada uno de sus días son Oro – es esencial para la evolución del alma y del arte.

¿Regresando al debate de twitter – la persona en cuestión afirmaba – que el Amor es la respuesta, y yo preguntaba desde mi dada – Bueno, si es la respuesta, el amor porque costaría tanto dar?
Parece que en su nivel, su ojo👁‍🗨 estaba obturado y aún no llego a la Fuente – donde te das cuenta de que el otro es el reflejo de ti mismo, y dándole a tu hermano lo mejor de ti, solo aumentas a frecuencia del amor.
Así de simple.☝

¿Uno da lo que recibe y si no como se vive?


Ahora voy al inicio de mí artículo – Soli- daridad viene de la palabra en latin Soli – para mí.

Cuando eres Sol, das de forma natural, elevándote ante las etiquetas de unos y otros – por eso cuando uno levanta un girasol en la mano – ha de estar consiente que el amor está en él – y este en un abrazo se eleva ante todo – porque es SOLI – Daridad.

La riqueza de un hombre esta en su corazón – y el capacidad de expandir el amor en acciones concretas.


✨ adjunto el primer libro dada86 – que redacte a los orfanatos y con un clic tenéis la lista de todas las vida que podéis salvar con el clic de vuestro dedito.
Acciones simples cambian el mundo – lo mas importante es tener el tock tock del corazón – fuera del tick tuck egoísta – para hacerlas –
Dar es simple – Eres Amor !

Y si eres Amor – como yo crees en la magia, un arcoíris te abraza y sabes que tu quieres a todos – con la misma fuerza que eres querido – Te quiero !


In my world the word Solidarity comes from Sol.

We live in a changing world and are, revealing human values, as well as their absence.
In such matters, empathy takes solidarity by the hand and Love is amplified.

That is what my article is about – love.

The other day I was writing an interesting debate on twitter, about love and its amplification. The person behind the twitter was not a robot and seemed to me to be a being who posted beautiful details about the elevation of the soul, art and beauty.
I post everything I find beautiful on my twitter – which is all art and love.
And incidentally the script of my film is being created there.
I think it’s wonderful, sharing and amplifying love.🌹

The debate was about actions in Love, and this person advocated that actions are not everything – for my part I revealed – that actions are the manifestation of love and its amplification – taking the example of the birth of a human being – You are born with love and for love.

You see some flowers, and you give them to a loved one, amplifying your love in a gesture.🌺
It is beautiful, and having gestures is important.
Cause preaching love, on the internet sitting in front of a sofa alone in the virtual world – without having gestures in life, can be a bit false as an attitude 🤔
There are many people who do it, cause it seems that they are purging or talking to the reflection of themselves in the other.
In those profiles you rarely see links, with concrete actions, like helping animals, or collecting clothes for orphanages, or just saving species in and protecting nature.🤔
I think so, you want to show me love – perfect do it in your freedom, write whatever you want – but expand your actions as well.
I say this in all force and earnestness, as I take the building of an Art Library – for humanity – to heart, and I have seen both the underworld, and paradise in it.
Seen empathy and apathy – but I do not abandon my architecture – and all my creations and real actions – are a function of this.

For me like universal artist – Art is love – it is a fact.

An artist who makes a painting – is materialising his love, the world in a gesture – creating something beautiful, sublimating – and putting his life time into it.
Of course, one can reflect the painting, conceptualise it and leave no material trace of it – in that case – would the work of art be a gift to mankind?
Simply no.
Would the artist be expanding something, simply not.
Now when you are in the frequency of love and love you are expanding, and you don’t ask those questions about inactivity.

In critical situations, you can reveal the essence of being human – your empathy and your apathy to the world. And here I come back to an interesting point – where many beings expose – the following – If I could he can – this paragraph redirects to my article about Kurt Cobain and I affirm this to all artists:

Friends, we don’t all have the same amount of lives, nor the same stamina – here it’s not about being strong or teaching morals to anyone – it’s about being supportive, and kind whenever you can – especially in the face of art – and especially if you know that an artist’s life depends on it.
To understand that an artist’s life is Gold, that every single day is Gold – is essential for the evolution of the soul and of art.

Going back to the twitter debate – the person in question claimed – that Love is the answer, and I asked from my dada – Well, if it is the answer, love why would it cost so much to give?
It seems that at his level, his- her 👁‍🗨 eye was blocked and he still didn’t get to the Source – where you realise that the other is a reflection of yourself, and by giving your brother the best of yourself, you only increase the frequency of love.
It is as simple as that.

You give what you get, and if not, how do you live?


Now I go to the beginning of my article – Solidarity comes from the Latin word Soli – for me.

When you are the Sun, you give naturally, rising above the labels of others – that’s why when you hold a sunflower in your hand – you have to be aware that love is in it – and in an embrace it rises above all – because it is SOLI – Solidarity.

The wealth of a man is in his heart – and the capacity to expand love into concrete actions.


I am enclosing the first book dada86that I wrote for the orphanages and with one click you have a list of all the lives that you can save with the click of your little finger.

Simple actions change the world – the most important thing is to have the tock tock of the heart – out of the selfish tick tuck – to do them –
Giving is simple – You are Love !

And if you are Love – like me you believe in magic, a rainbow embraces you and you know that you love everybody – as strongly as you are loved – I love you !

A pdf in attachment Do you believe in Magic ?💫


The City of the Hundred Gates ✨

Thebes as «The City of the Hundred Gates» (Θῆβαι ἑκατόμπυλοι, Thēbai hekatómpyloi) or «Hundred Closed Gates», from the «Thebes of the Seven Gates» ✨🤗

In the Interpretatio graeca, Amun is represented as Zeus Amun. The name was therefore translated into Greek as Diospolis, «City of Zeus»⚡

To distinguish it from the numerous other cities with this name, it was known from Hellenistic times as the «Great Diospolis» (Διόσπολις Μεγάλη, Dióspolis Megálē; in Latin, Diospolis Magna). Greek names became more widely used after Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt, when the country came to be ruled by the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty.


Inner latitude ✨

The universe is within,
But it is wonderful to look up 👆.

Rescuing my beautiful memories.
From when I used to look at the stars at my art college ~ ISA Havana.🌺
It was great, because you could see the stars above the domes, which looked like mountains of stone.
So you could spend a good time, talking about art with friends, contemplating beauty or making love.
The sky was a witness to everything.✨

And I think it is a beautiful metaphor to express my idea for today ~
How would you be if you knew that someone was watching you from a very high latitude?✨
The truth is that seen from above everything is very beautiful, and you can see much more.

Everything is beautiful, from the forests to the meadows and cities full of lights.

I remember very well my climbs up to the dome of the art institute, although it wasn’t very high, it was high enough to feel the breeze in the air.
Great, you could even sleep there ~ of course without being seen by the teachers 🤗.
In that state you could study the constellations, and see where and why the Big Dipper joined the Little Dipper.

✨Looking at the sky, since I was a child, is an activity that I liked very much, and of course if in high school there were domes ~ even better.
Then there are also beautiful places where you can see the sky, and films from space ~ planetariums. Domes like mine but with the sky inside.
A very nice concept, which brings me back to the first sentence of the article ~ the universe is inside you.
It seems to be fashionable to say that too, but on second thoughts it is true.✨

That universe can be the Imagination ~ a door where all the ideas of an artist fit.
And it is better to have it open, to make works of art rich in philosophical and visual sense.
In the end it is like sitting on a dome ~ and contemplating✨ beauty by looking up ~ you in it.🤗

To know how to contemplate is a high art ~ 👆 indeed many works of art exist because at some point someone even higher than the artist saw it and said :
~ Wonderful!
Perhaps that voice is God ? 🤔

There are many legends that say, that God speaks from silence ~ but in my point of view, God is love, and love manifests itself in many latitudes, through human beings, art, nature, animals ~

So maybe God is always speaking !✨

What happens is that men, who don’t know how to listen, don’t know how to see the invisible ~ maybe they are waiting for a special presentation.
Like ~ Hello I am God, what’s wrong with you today ? 🤗

A note of humour is great.

For if God is everywhere, all that’s left is to sit on a dome ~ make love and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us ~ outward and inward.
With the sertitude that God does speak !
And contemplating is the best way to see, feel and listen.



True love ~ my last door ~ Great ⚡ simple

True love is the last door – of these levels.

Open to meet a wonderful being 🌹, who is out of the comedy and already in the divine in inner travel.

Ax how wonderful it is to be in the Olympus of inner knowledge and not to repeat the same, not to repeat those archaic structures of jealousy, fears and all those useless things.

True love – my last door – Great ⚡

~ Open and free ✨


I’m in my Future ✨

When the past comes, you have to say ~ I’m sorry I’m in my future.
A few days ago the past came to my days, reminding me of situations and stones that I didn’t deserve and which other beings left in my path.

I felt very bad, because I didn’t deserve to receive what I received.😭

There ~ LOVE LOVE and LOVE rise Up my soul👆

~ Especially my wonderful future.
So I took my future by the hand and said goodbye completely to my past ~ doing the only action I could do.

With this ~ I only care about what matters ~ Love and Art, the past and the rest Ciao ~ with love ⚡

Enter through the door of my future.
And here I am ~ True Love ✨🤗


The double rainbow and I☀

Camagüey 🤗

I was born in a marvellous city, composed of a labyrinthine architecture and treasure of Unesco.
I am very proud to have been born in such a beautiful place.

A little history dice roll,

The reason for this singular labyrinthine orientation of the streets of Camagüey was a precaution taken by the founders of the city in the distant 16th century, against the attack of pirates and corsairs, creating labyrinths of streets to deceive and ambush the filibusters, preventing them from passing through.

Now, living in such a city is wonderful – cause every street has a different system of logic, and every time you go in a different direction you always discover something new and beautiful. 🌺
In the end you end up learning all the little corners by memory, so that you don’t get lost in the colonial beauty.

The street where I was born is called Padre Olayo – which belongs to the historical centre of the city, but everybody calls it poor street – that’s where I come from.✨
My family bought a space in a colonial house some time ago, which was used to keep horses, and transformed it into a house.
My childhood home is beautiful, it has high ceilings and Greek columns that support the living room.

When I was a little girl I remember feeling a great sense of spaciousness looking at those high ceilings.

I remember perfectly the tiles in my house, and little bare feet running on them – and my grandmother shouting – Put on your sandals!
Don’t go barefoot!

I was always running barefoot! Then I grew up a bit and I kept running barefoot, not because I didn’t have shoes, but because all the children in the neighbourhood used to go up to Ignacio Agramonte square in the rain, and we used to slip on the marble slabs in the rain. It was incredible.

The truth is that I always escaped from the house to do that great activity. 🤗
One day it was thundering and there was tremendous flooding in the city, I fell asleep in my grandmother’s room, because I was tired and had just come from the art academy – I just wanted to sleep, and I woke up to a thunderclap and the smell of the rain.
And I said to my grandmother: Why didn’t you wake me up! Look how beautiful, we have to film, I’m going to get my camera and go out.

Horrified,😲 my grandmother started to read my morals and worried, she said that it was a flood and that the electricity cables could electrocute me, with my camera and all, and that I shouldn’t leave the house.

Luckily my camera had a battery, and a cassette tape – it was a Sonny that I had bought for a fortune at the time, and of course I went out to film beauty. – My grandmother went to the kitchen to take pills for high blood pressure, and I went to look out home for meet my friend Luis Arturo, and do a film !

Beautiful day, if in my childhood we slipped in puddles of water, here the kids swam in the streets full of water. 🌊
I filmed it all, and I lived it too – incredible !

I’m sure Aristotle is envious of me for that day.
Fortunately, the flooding did not cause much damage – as the weather forecast was timely, the alert inhabitants of the city had time to put the electrical equipment, such as TV, radio and all those things on the windows, or to store them in the neighbours’ houses.
In the following days, with the strong sunshine, all the humidity began to disappear, and in a couple of days the city was back to normally.
Several cracks remained in some of the houses, – they still tell the story – The day of the Big flood !

Today every time I see my friend, and we remember that day by watching our film, it is as if that fragment of the day is preserved in our memory ✨- and then of course it can be shared with the rest of the world.

So, wonderful works of art I create in my city, and I love every street, every tree in that labyrinth – for me it holds stories of my childhood, of my friends, my family and all that is part of my home – all that I keep in my heart – while my grandmother takes pills for high blood pressure – hi hi.
Just joking, I love my granny, like all grandmothers she always takes care of her grandchildren, and that’s beautiful.✨🤗

Breaking Sky News !

A few days ago in my city a double rainbow was born and I am inspired and very happy about it, it is beautiful to see how flashes of colour and love spread in places that gave so much beauty.

Finally after the great flood with Chronos in the middle a double rainbow is born in my city and over the world !

Love with !


My Blue dress and no ~ stress ☝

My blue dress – it has a very beautiful and short story 🤗

For my birthday 17. 03 in my flat in Havana I had the idea to make a mojito with my feet – like wine – but cocktail.

So I gathered all the necessary ingredients, washed my feet well – and in the absence of a big pond to dance and make wine like in Greek and Roman times – I bought a bucket.

Ha ha – My drink was called – Hey !

So it was, all filmed by the apprentice Alexander, the one who kept the secret of that day. 🌹
My invited friends came, they spent a wonderful evening drinking from the beautiful bucket full of wine, and they were all asking me – !

-Wow how tasty and different this mojito is.
I was laughing my head off, not saying anything – and Alejandro didn’t even talk, we were both drinking mojitos and laughing all the time.

Nobody ever knew the truth, until one day I posted it on my facebook page. 🤗

It’s a good idea and I made my mojito with my clean feet and my beautiful blue dress!

With the same dress, I caught kittens from roofs, made love with my lover, and lived wonderful moments.
This is my dress story – My Blue dress and not stress ☝



My ☀ Flower 🌺 to you ✨

An artist loves beauty and elevates the most precious codidian details – turning them into works of art.

And of course you can’t forget the essential – inspiration !
That little sparkle that will become a painting, a film, a sculpture, a song, a book !

This is how a detail – of inspiration – can lead artists on wonderful paths to sublimate beauty.
Since all artists have ups and downs, there are details that are useful to regain that creative vibe and get good energy.

One of them is flowers – nature’s perfect creation that is within our reach every day.

There are so many different flowers in the world, which are sold in every season all year round, from luxury flower shops to super markets, even on the street you can find a beautiful flower! 🤗

And of course we all have a table, small, big, made of wood, stone, whatever – so if you have a plant on that base – that’s where the inspiration can be found.
Observing how a plant grows – on your artist’s table, is an elevated philosophical activity – and therefore very sensible.

Like plants – an artist’s ideas grow, blossom, expand and bear wonderful fruit for generations to come.
So what more inspiration to see how a flower grows ?

That flower – is you – the artist that whatever happens grows – whatever the weather outside – inside there is always a beautiful flower sprouting and shining.

So you don’t have to rack your brains for inspiration – just admire a flower on your table.🤗
Flowers are alive, and just because they can’t talk and don’t have cute little eyes – doesn’t mean they don’t feel the beauty that spreads from an artist’s studio.

I invite you, to have flowers in your studio, plants and even 30 minutes a day to sit off and look at your flower and meditate – you will see that the life of an artist is like that of a comet – fleeting and wide – so there is only time to bloom, the rest is not important, no little storm outside is more important than your flower – it’s as simple as that.
Only 30 minutes a day in silence with a plant
🌺- will open the doors to a wonderful Universe.✨
You put your hand on a flower, and you see that you are not so different from a plant, you have veins where the blood runs – Wow you are alive ! – How wonderful !- reason enough to be inspired !

Picasso, he said that he didn’t wait for the muse for inspiration, that she just appeared by painting – really as famous as Pablo is – I don’t agree with him.
He sure didn’t have flowers in his studio!🤔

An artist is a sensitive being, who loves beauty, and in every detail he sees life, he sees colours, notes, letters, dresses !
So – all you need is a flower, love comes with ! 🌺🤗

And I bet that after that, you will create beauty non-stop, and who knows maybe your artist’s studio will become a garden, where your friends can come and admire beauty and talk about art.

Simple gestures change the day of an artist – who like a flower was born – to blossom –🌺☝


I dedicate this post to the artists who suffer from drug problems, and depression -🙏

I have never had this problems – cause I have always been very selfish with my art, but I have seen how many of my friends who are sensitive beings have been affected.

Sun Sun and Sun – for all !

In my side – I never went through that underworld first because in my world – drugs were expensive, and I would rather buy 35 film for my Pentax camera than drugs – it’s as simple as that.

Is a fact that – many artists are in drugs and they drink to escape from the reality or the pressure they are underyet that is not the solution.

Also as a universal artist I have gone through dark moments, and falls – but then I realizad that the beauty of my art was bigger and more important than all those moments.
My family is not materially rich, and my film studies in Paris – I paid for them mySelf , working in bars and taking care of children. Then, I don’t care what anyone says ⚡, cause I am not in the business of pretending to be someone, I already am since I was born, and my art is the extension of God in me, it is My Home, it is My Voice, and the highest expression of my being – it is my Flower.🌺
And it is not withered by anything or anyone, the one who sees it well and the one who doesn’t see it well.

My article is also a tribute to Kurt Cobain, a wonderful and ultra-sensitive artist – who failed to control his drug addiction in time.

It is important to take yourself in hand in time ⚡ – life is Gold and everything is wonderful, everything is beauty.
And for sad moments there are always flowers, and beautiful people who are open to share love.🌈

Whatever difficult moment you are going through – remember it’s just a moment and it will pass, one day you will laugh about it and even tell it as an insignificant anecdote.

It is true, that is why I give you my Flower and all the strength of the Sun in it.



So – You must not lose control and Remember ⚡ that if you can believe beauty, beauty you are, and beauty doesn’t die⚡ – it blooms !

Now – my article is not a self-help blah blah blah, or one of those contemporary mentor positions, that charge money to help others.

I write directly, as a universal artist and I address artists – cause I love my day, I love my creations, I love the world, and love is the only thing I feel 🌈
As I wrote in my Zero Point Art manifesto –
Every lost day of an artist – is a lost treasure for humanity, it’s like if Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his foot – and loses the whole team.

That’s how I see it.

Treat all artists with kindness cause you don’t know what they are living, or if they are in their life line.
You don’t know if the words and acctions of evil you utter will be the last they hear, and recive- think and think and think.
that not everyone has the same strength, not everyone has the same amount of lives.

In a world full of flowers – there is only place for beauty, creation, and kindness.


The Thinker and I ☀ ~ no more, no less ~

My beautiful unique dress dada86 ~ proof ~ that it is possible to be smart and sexy at the same time.
I don’t like labels, neither smart girls have to be in geek mode all the time, nor attractive girls have to be all dumb.🤔

I dress my soul, and it’s wonderful to wear beautiful long dresses ~ just as it’s wonderful to be Rodin’s thinker.🤔

Now, the creation of this dress was a bit rock and roll. 🤗

I was in my flat in Montreal when a musician friend invited me to a magnificent gala concert, at which point I started to think about what dress I would wear for the occasion, and the truth is that I didn’t have a suitable one.
I went to the shops, and nothing I saw pleased me, nothing ~ nothing at all, either everything was too big or too small, or I didn’t like the colours.🤔
Anyway, I wanted a special dress and they were all the same, I wanted a carmine red velvet dress.

So I went all over the fabric shops in search of the exact colour fabric ~ the one I wanted.

I had to do a lot of walking, but finally I found just the right thing.

Happy with my velvet I went back to my flat, and spread the fabric out on the wooden parquet trying to figure out what to do with it ☀️
I thought and decided that the piece would consist of ~ a single cut and two seams ~ no more, no less.
It was as simple as that ~ the rest to be done by my body.

In my head the dress already existed, but there was no sewing machine in my house, so I called a friend who had one, and ventured to sew it in her flat with her machine, of course.
Once in front of her sewing machine, my friend explained to me how to pass 2 lines, it didn’t seem complicated!
The most important thing was the cutting, so I fearlessly cut the fabric.
My friend got scared and asked me:
Hey, aren’t you afraid, what if the fabric spoils?

  • But now I only have this only fabric – how can I spoil it!
  • It will be perfect! How else will I go to the gala?
    • That’s how this wonderful dress was born ~ one of my favourite dada86 garments.
    • The most interesting thing is that the gala concert was cancelled, due to technical issues – maybe it was a pretext for me to create this beauty☀️

As a universal artist and film director ~ I see the world and express it through my camera, as well as through multiple media, such as painting, writing, architecture ~ in fact ~ I like to dress well.

I love beauty ! So ~

Everything that comes out of my hands and has a visual harmony ~ is part of my creation.☀️

Everything is passion

So, with my beautiful creation ☀ I sat down next to Rodin and said to him ~ think, think, and in your next life may it be will be the beautiful body of Athena that you carve with your chisel ~

He is still thinking that it is a good idea !

While I go with my sculpted soul into the world ~ in life and with passion revealing how beautiful the human body is without artifice.

That’s how behind every dress ~ there is a book and sometimes a whole library.



Cada barco tiene una Vela✨ y cada vestido una tela ⛵ ~ I’m your Freedom 💙

Every ship has a Sail and every dress has a cloth ⛵

We clothe the soul ~ not the body.

It is as wonderful the red that runs through our veins, as it is the white ~ as white is the transparency of the sun in colour.

Every colour, texture and line has its reason to be in a garment. Personally, silk is my favourite material.

I create my dresses depending on my state of soul, always using the fabrics I like the most – silk in this case 🤗

I like to keep it simple, clothes that you can wear with a guy having a beer in front of the sea, and still be elegant and sophisticated, I love the transparency and the delicacy of the fabrics, there when my lover touches my dress I want him to feel who I am🌺 ~ not who I pretend to be in an uncomfortable pompousness dress ~ I want him to feel and feel ~ who I am ~ firts !
So, I love materials that slide down the body and flow like a River – that’s Love.

That’s how simple I create my dada86 dresses, simple doesn’t mean easy ~ Sensuality is an Art born of great creative completeness.🤔
A naked body with nothing ~ nothing ~ is the most beautiful creation of the Creator, and yet – it carries nothing.

For this complex philosophical reason, my starting point of clothing is to undress the soul by covering the body with sensations – it’s as simple as that.

Besides, I like to drink beer in front of the sea well dressed ! It’s the sunset after all.

The silk embraces me, and the design of my dress allows me to move without bulgarity and at the same time capture sensual moments ~ I feel comfortable like this ~ for me a dress on a woman is like the sail of a ship – it guides a man where he wants to go ~ Freedom ! 💙💙

Now, in many cultures white is the colour of purity, that’s why wedding dresses are often white ~ in my creative vision it is wonderful to associate the white wedding dress with Freedom ~ cause in a being who elevates his- her soul ~ marriage is Freedom ~ Freedom to be yourself always ~ even sharing your life with another, Freedom to trust, Freedom in your life partner ~ as in yourself, Freedom to be Open, Freedom to sail together under a bow, making the storm disappear 🌈 Freedom can unite souls, Freedom to know that you are respected and respect the other.

The fact is ~ throughout history Freedom ~ has been seen as the opposite – as revelry, daring, or lightning.

Often marriage is perceived sometimes as a supplementary prison 🤔 ~ when it is not, all these concepts depend on the elevation of the soul.
And many women cry out loud – I am free – I am single and happy! Wonderful, but it’s even cooler to know that getting married will not make you any more or less different than you are today!

You are only free in any state if you are yourself, married or not ~ it’s as simple as that ☝

It is also true that only rebels get on the Ship of Love ~🤗

With my beautiful dresse ~ I’m your Freedom ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you can invite your lover to see the Freedom that you are

if he~she is your Ship ~ you are the Sail !

So if you have a unique dada86 dresse ~ what are you waiting for ? A beer maybe ? hihi

If not – write to me and you will get it ⚡ – by the best Universal – ☝ couture of Cuba.

discover the blue 💙and the red❤ this Sunday surfing in my book with Freedom 👉🤍


✨🍋 Gives ~~ is the gesture what remains 🌺You in it ~


I still haven’t figured out why – but lately I love lemons, I love their colour and the energy they give off.
Also the contrast of yellow and green
bello !
I love all citrus perfumes, shower gels and anything that smells like lemons.

Also when I was alive in Paris my favourite cake is lemon – crunchy white meringue and sour top.🤗
A paradise with lemons – for that reason alone I include lemons in my garden.

And beautiful lemon tarts on my table !

I accompany my article with this beautiful clip – it is the small details of big hearts that make us remember and feel the love that we are.

Gives cakes, flowers, perfumes, songs love letters ! – because what remains is the gesture, 🌺 You in it ~

Gives !🌺

Gives yourself in an Open Free way and you will receive the other as yourself – and maybe a cake too !

Close your eyes and Gives – don’t be afraid,

Gives and don’t wait,

Gives everything you have – believe me, the heart is unlimited – is there the key 💛



Film Alert ⚡ – One plane

Direct – ⚡

For my long metrage film – I am going to film a single sequence shot of 2 hours without interruption – the sequence shot in the Sea.

This post is for – open artists interested in being part of the beautiful prism – I invite you to appear before my eyes – as this message appeared before yours.

I warn – the profits of my film – will go entirely to saving dolphins in distressed areas.

Characteristics of the main character – a man – between 26 and 39 years old with a minimum knowledge of the sea and boats.

To know how to swim and to open and be open experience of a single plan – in a film realised by me – treasure for the humanity.

The shooting of the film will take place in Naxos – Greece.

I leave in link my works – and my cinematographic movement River. ☝🌹

As simple as that – I will not put the script of my plan online and will only share it with professionals 🌹artists interested in creating beauty with me. 👁‍🗨


«Noli foras ire, in te ipsum redi. In interiore homine habitat veritas » off line categories or labels here ☝🌈

Without categories or labels – my magazine expands with a dice roll of my generation 86 so wonderful and beautiful.🤗

As a universal artist, my vision is composed of various intellectual branches – which are simply out of cataloguing – they are love.
And love rises above all ☝ – giving a space to artistic and intellectual reflections that bring together diverse discourses and ideas – that’s great.

We live in a world of labels and in my view universal artists are outside of these labelsbecause they create in function of their higher self – that is why with my articles I illuminate various reflections on art and the evolution of art.

And not only art – there are also caramelised coquitos and other interesting intellectual branches.

Of course I adore coquitos,🌺 which are a precious memory of my childhood – just as I like Seneca and St. Augustine as an intellectual, I wonder what they would have written if they had tasted those delicious coquitos? Hi hi.🤗

That’s the point, an intellectual can be passionate about desserts, creating clothes, and still be an elevated being who reads philosophical works of art.

That is why it is absurd to create catalogues and categories – which limit the higher vision of a being.
To be open to a full exploration of diverse cultures, artistic views and tastes – is beautiful and nourishes the work of art with angles that over time take on their own brilliance – just like a diamond.

Now, as a universal artist in my articles I write as I see the world, to those who like it well and to those who don’t, too. I am not in search of a literary genre, nor of a blogging position.
I simply write in a direct way what my eye captures of the beauty that surrounds me.🤗

I only see beauty💎
It’s as simple as that, that’s why in my space you can find art and beauty – from reflections of St. Augustine to recipes for caramel coquitos.🌺

What would a universal artist be without his famous sentence –

«Noli foras ire, in te ipsum redi. In interiore homine habitat veritas»

Which is accompanied with a delicious Irish coffee -🤗
my next exploration to come – Ireland, and I will be travelling on the 17th of March.

My birthday – Yea, I travel in the train into myself – all the other trains are already full!
To which I invite you all in the next article.
Take some green clothes, to celebrate 🍀


Caribbean and exactly Cuban 🌺

Sweet and tasty childhood treats


It’s great to remember the first sweets you ate as a child – it’s a wonderful journey that fills the heart with positive and beautiful emotions.

Where I spent my childhood in Camaguey, Cuba – there are many places where street sellers sold sweets.
I remember that after leaving school, I always walked with my grandfather through the streets of my city on my way home – and we always bought sweets somewhere.

It was great, but a lot of children would gather in front of the open windows of the street portals where you could buy sweets – to choose your little piece of goodies for that moment. 🤗
One had to hurry, because the sweets disappeared quickly at the end of the school day.

Thanks to God or the sweets – my grandfather always picked me up from school a little before all the children left – so that I could look at the huge window of the colonial house – full of sweets and candies – and choose first what I was going to get – before everybody else! Victoria !

I can remember very well, the coconut sweets – they looked like little tropical rocky islands with caramelized coconut, meringues – white – and pure sugar ! Cremita de leche, they were bars of dulce de leche – very tasty, peanut bars – or caramelised peanut kernels.
Then there were candies on coloured sticks, all very beautiful – it was hard to choose!
Amongst so many colours -🌈
And of course the rainbow chambelonas – you had to get them back quickly because they ran out.

All these sweets were homemade, and were often wrapped in transparent paper without any markings, so I remember that what most attracted my attention was the smell of caramelised coconut and the texture of the sweets, always fresh, of course the children always bought them after school.

They usually cost 1 peso, and my grandfather always gave me money so that I could pay for my candy myself.☝

It was great – raiding the colonial house after so many hours of study, and taking a sweet home or eating it on the spot.

As Cuba is part of the Caribbean, you can say that geographically these homemade sweets are from the Caribbean and exactly Cuban!

I think that’s why they differ in their aspects to the sweets from Europe where I have been for many years, that doesn’t make them better or worse, only that from their components they are more exotic and direct to the palate, and that’s great.🤗

I love the sweets and all the food proposals, which are handmade – with the energy of the cooks, bakers, ext.
Many of these people make food – with love and you can feel it when you taste it.

That’s why it has a lot of value, for some people it reminds them of their childhood, – like me,
to others family meals with a beloved grandmother, to others recipes of lovers – all homemade and delicious.
To everyone it reminds them of something beautiful, of moments of love and sharing food – not as a simple means of survival or necessity – but as an act of sharing energy through flavours.

And whenever it is shared, it is great! 🤗

So long live sweets of all flavours and handmade with love – it is those little details that make us travel and remember beautiful moments.

With this article I invite you to my childhood and you can make your own coquitos !
Following this happy mexican chef – who explains how to do it well 🤗

By preparing your own sweets you open the door of your childhood to your friends and loved ones, you can enjoy tasty things and share precious memories – with a simple gesture – and a coconut of course !


My door ✨🤗

Staying true to the essence of oneself is the most beautiful thing that can happen, but sometimes one is thrown off balance by external circumstances – which one has to learn to put aside quickly.⚡

They are like little turbulences, and of course artists always express what they experience through art – there are ups and downs in this constant flight, beautiful and not so beautiful moments.

That’s why the most wonderful thing is to be in resonance with one’s own frequency, – of course, within this harmony there can be philosophical questions, disagreements, and artistic inner questions.
To be at peace does not mean to be dead and indifferent to the reality around us. It does not mean to be selfish. It means to continue to create art with the same commitment and love – without the creation being affected.
It means to expand art in total communion with oneself and the values acquired through the path that is called life.

That is why today I decided to write a chapter in my book about the most important gate of that path – which I called – The Gate of Honour.✨

Considering that the Higher Self is like a house, there are situations, people, or attitudes that in no way can enter that dimension – divine and elevated.
That is why having a door of Honour always open – is a wonderful thing – it is a code of comportment that is identified with people, or situations that are in alignment with it.

Today I present this door.🤗 My door !
The most beautiful thing is that even though it is open – not everyone can enter, not because it is selective, or vip – but because there are bases that allow us to elevate the soul – and honour is one of them.

So open door ! – but with solid and well-built foundations- love and respect always.

That door is within oneself of course, and the guidelines one wants to have in one’s life, be it love or professional relationships. 🤗

This wonderful door prevents many artists from falling into the small traps of destiny, and keeps their frequency connected to their Higher Self – which is love.

So, if you have a door of Honor – open it – cause only those who have the same value will enter – and that’s great!

And of course – since honour is what it is all about – never do to any artist – what you would not like to be done to you.
Being kind to each other is not complicated.