Make the decision to create my family 🍒🌈💎☝

Make the decision to create a family.

Wow ! That is wonderful.

In general – a family is a married or cohabiting couple with children.🤔
To think so, may be wonderful – but in my point of view it does not go to the root of this wonderful creation, and maybe that’s why there are so many divorces, infidelities, and very quickly couples get bored of each other.
Can you imagine a whole life to sustain that creation?🤔
That is a masterpiece.🌺
My Cuban grandparents, they did it – and they have always been an example of what is possible, I remember how lovingly they looked at each other when I was little. As if that spark never went out between them.
I remember, when sometimes I was playing in the living room and unexpectedly my grandfather would put the music on the radio and ask my grandmother to dance, they would both smile, and look at each other in an incredible way – that image remained fixed in my memory and childhood.
Then I grew up and thought about it a lot, maybe real love is the one that transcends time and that’s what makes a family – a kind of pact between Eros and Chronos.🍒
On the other hand, my parents’ divorce was traumatizing for me, because I was 10 years old – and I didn’t understand why they couldn’t be like my grandparents?
That kind of trauma, made me very careful in my relationships, because I was terrified that my children would experience the same thing, that fear dominated my family expectations, for a while – until I removed it from my inner blocks, and that’s how I see the situation from another angle.💎🌈

  • from love, and not from fear.🌈

In my point of view, I think that the most beautiful thing about a family is its foundations, and you should not be afraid to set those foundations clear and direct – and if you are ready to do it – just do it !

Also the life of an artist is a lot of dedication, and I used to think, there – first I do this, and then this – but from my Higher self, I realized that I was wrong – I was wrong – I was wrong!
Life flows and embraces all changes, and the most beautiful thing for an artistic career, is a solid family – like vise versa.🌺

So I am happy to be enjoying this transition point between my life, me alone, and me in a family – such a family begins with the union of two people and that is a wonderful point in life.

I am very happy to stop waiting to do it, cause before I was living a kind of romanticism, which was out of my real context, with people who were not part of my reality. One day, exactly on my birthday 17mars, I cut all those stories, and I felt a deep sense of freedom, peace, and expansion of my soul.🌈

That day I thought, I don’t want to be in love with anyone who isn’t even in front of my house with flowers.☝⚡
It was a super electric cut, ⚡ cause I was very much in love with a guy – but I stopped loving him in one day, in one single day. That was like my inner lightning bolt that manifested itself and thank God!

I am still romantic, but with whom I have in front of me, who is anchored to my reality and intervenes in it with love, and real gestures.

In the end everything is very simple, one is where one is and connects with whom one wants to connect, life goes on and there is no need to wait for anyone – who does not know how to see what it is all about.

Now, the most wonderful thing is that from the higher self – this kind of connection with the other is magnificent.🌺


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