Time to cut and generate new attitudes – Supreme

Time to cut and generate new attitudes. 🌺

For an artist it is essential, to keep the same creative energy – the balance –
in this it is important to realise quickly what tools one has.

The first thing to do is to value one’s own time and to see which people are in that time.🤔
The people who want your success and artistic expansion and value your art – those are the only ones to leave – the rest Open door and ciao.

It is important to state in what time and priorities you have, anything that delays those priorities, needs to be taken out of your life.🌺

In my case as a film director, I was very lucky and worked very hard in my artistic life, because the configuration of the country where I was born, and my objectives were different from those of my contemporaries.
I wanted to study cinema in Paris, and I did it, without legal documents, with two jobs and a lot of effort I paid for my artistic career, by myself.
But acquiring the technique seemed too little, I realised that I wanted something more, I cultivated my soul and all my creative intellectuality – and I decided that the cinema I want to make is based in another time.
That’s why I had to see the most intelligent artist in cinema – for me it’s Jean Luc Godard.

And I also succeeded, my encounter was better than I thought, and it gave wings to my own cinematographic movement – which I have been exploring since I got my camera in hand – River☝

I am very happy to have so many achievements of intellectual evolution – now I am only going to win an Oscar with my cinematographic concept, a Palme d’Or and all the prizes that are attached to beauty and artistic evolution.

So it is and so it will be – my vision is powerful, transparent, fresh and direct, I am happy to move forward in it and never abandon my creation – to which my private life is added, with other very important objectives as well.

I think this, the time of an artist’s existence and the expansion of his vision in the world – only of two factors.☝
I compare it to that of archers, as a metaphor.

The first is the longer and more precise the shot of your bow, the more time, research, and preparation it takes – but once you hit the target – it is pure glory and transcends time and space – that’s what it’s all about.🌈
There are magnificent works, like Michelangelo’s David, – which was sculpted from a single stroke, from a single stone and that stroke, that arrow of beauty, strength and elevation transcended time, for that is what virtuosity does – transcend.

And that is what you have to cultivate, without comparing yourself to the success, or the glories of other artists – you don’t have to compare – but to grow in the shooting of your own bow, to work on your arrow, in your time – the rest has nothing to do with the higher creation – they are just circumstantial expansions – which nobody knows where they will go.
Only Chronos makes the courage and strength of the artist, and he is the one to make a pact with – no one else.

For these reasons, the most powerful tool of an artist – is his ability to understand time, and where exactly in that time his art will live.

So – With this configuration in mind, it is great to work with people and other artists – who are in the same temporal space – because everything is a question of time and art – is Time, the time of an artist’s Life.

Second factor ☀- never forget where you come from, that is essential the Origins of your choice N1 – in my case it is the cinema, the day I was sitting in the library of one of my Maestros at that time, in the city of Camaguey – with 17 years old and watching the film by Godard – El Amor

I said – I will studied cinema in France, in Paris ! And then I go on holiday on a beach in Marseille.
My teacher laughed and said –

  • Ha ha ! Sure, but how ?
  • I just know, it’s the only thing I want to do, and that’s the way it will be. Don’t you see what Godard does with his camera? I want to know everything about cinema – it’s painting in movement, it’s reality, it’s beauty, it’s sound! It has everything.

That day changed my life, and all roads led me to Paris, to Godard, all roads did not divert me from my goal – exactly like today – everything leads me to the Expansion, and the Glory of my cinematographic vision – treasure for humanity.☝

It’s as simple as that – what guides an artist is Passion – Passion in Time.🌈


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