Leap into the void – Ser Supremo

Leap into the void –

It sounds impossible to be in a dimension of only love, transparency and beauty – where time operates in a different way and every lived detail is beauty – it sounds impossible but it is very real.

The Hider Self – leads to happiness and opening of the heart – you are faced with two choices – either you open your heart and integrate into infinite love without fear – or you collapse and shut yourself off from the world.

Openness 🌈
From the simple act of throwing yourself into the earth, to touching the plants, to getting on a train and exploring the world – every detail of contact with nature reveals love and beauty – cause you become love and you are part of it.

In fact if you are part of love, and if you are love everybody who is in the same vibration is with you – everybody who is in the same velocity – is with you.🌺


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