The city where everything is possible 🍒🌈

The city where everything is possible.🌈

After living in Europe for a long time, I loved America – because it is a young country, and the mind of the people is direct and open.
Europe has a lot of weight and a lot of history, which sometimes prevents different ideas to emerge – it’s a weight of traditions – and mental barriers – which I didn’t see in NY, every day in that city I met different people, and discovered beautiful things.

One day I explored a wonderful cafe bar, and I ordered two different drinks and was talking to the bartender about mixes, and cocktails – and I thought it was cool to have two drinks at the same time.
So I did, and it was great – I really enjoyed that moment.🌈
The bartender asked me – two drinks for yourself at the same time?🍒
Yes of course, it was a soda with ginger and another with orange, it had very little alcohol in it, because it wasn’t about being drunk – it was about experiencing another way of drinking – mixing flavours at the same time.

So when my friend Dusty, film director arrived – he who took the picture, – I was in a state of philosophical understanding of two flavours in my tasting.🤔
It was super cool, cause he asked for the same thing, and so we mixed various flavours, mint, lemon, pear, strawberry.
That was the day of the simultaneous drinks and it was in NY. 🍒🌈


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