my armour is in metal – I am Gold ☝

I’m in advance of my time – but nothing happens -⚡

How to live when you are out of artistic time ?

Well, the first thing to be clear about is that being out of artistic time – is to have a lot of courage – it’s like going to a super market and everything you want to eat no longer exists in that place – even if you have to live and eat of course.

How find a way for do a good gestion of art in this configuration ?
It is very difficult to pretend that everything is ok, in fact pretending makes the mind involute – and accept archaic models – and that is not ok !

Now, the beautiful thing is that the only artists who transcended until today – were the ones who were out of their time – fact ! – I dont give up !

So I think that from an intellectual point of view, for an artist everything depends on what time he is in.
I go with my ideas around the world saying – look how simple it is to do like this! But there are still structures of the step that refuse to change, and what is simple for me is complex for them – I still don’t care, I keep moving forward and contemplating the multidiversity of barriers that human beings create for themselves to reject the new in art.
In fact it’s all about money – cause it’s not easy to remove an archaic structure where everybody makes money – I still don’t mind doing it – I’m like a short circuit within the repeated reality.⚡
Sometimes it goes down well, sometimes it goes down well.

Now, how to live and create in that configuration – well very simple using my method – I don’t mind – I don’t care – I don’t care.⚡

The most important thing I think is to define what time you are in ?,🤔 and what useful structures operate in that time that can be part of your creation – if your mind is of the future – it is better not to waste time on traditional structures – cause even though pompeii burnt down in a day – it is better not to waste energy on that past and concentrate on creating your own authentic structure of expression.

For me that structure is my architecture, which is based on the expansion of art from the latitude of its Universality, solidarity and protection of the environment – those are my bases.

And with Faith I am advancing towards this goal 🎯 which is wonderful, and although it is out of time it will be one of the most important spaces in the history of art – so read everything I write today – cause in the future you will be surprised what it cost me – to reach the construction of a space of the future in archaic time.😭
In fact I will be given several acknowledgements for it, but that is not my purpose.

My main purpose is that visual impared children and all future artists fly in High creative latitude, and have a place created from freedom and love – that allows them to create Universal works of high values – treasure for humanity.🌹

For these reasons I recorded my entire journey, everything is documented – from my many emails, to my saddest moments – it is all part of the Dada86 Library and is a legacy for your hyper-connected generation – from my generation 1986 – one of the last that saw the transition between man and machine.

That’s why my generation is so beautiful and so authentic, cause it knows how to live with technology and without it – for me it’s the generation of paper kite makers, of kids who still ran with a string and a paper and sounded big with small details.
It is an authentic generation on a communicative level – and that is gold.

So, regardless of the unforeseen events – I continue to move forward in my architecture, out of time – but very important in the course of the history of art.

So if I am writing to you today from the past of my self, you know that my architecture will transcend time and space – and everything is only Glory and Victory for the future artists.
Only for you, my open mail, and all my archives – and may your art be beautiful, clean, pure, free and as Universal as the Universe itself. And although it is not easy to be an architect of the future in the past –

I will succeed – cause nothing matters more to me than that the knowledge of beauty, reaches your hands in all its forms of artistic expression, of humanity, solidarity and breadth.
Art is the most beautiful thing we can save – cause art is the highest expression of humanity.

So – If you are reading this in the future, and follow all my posts from the metadata – you already realised how important it is to express beauty and love – and be kind.

Always with your hand on your heart, letting your tock tock expand.


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