If there are extraordinary beings – one of them is my Father ⚡☝

I remember very well the look on my father’s face when I told him with great enthusiasm how much I loved NY.

Within the family context, my father is a wonderful person, he is a Cuban communist and believes in his ideas. I love my father, – he is an authentic person who has always helped many people, he has planted many trees and he has a PhD in agronomy, plant science, food development and natural nutrition.
My father is a genius, and I respect that he believes in whatever he wants, cause he is the first person who has always been on my side in all my creative ideas.
If there are extraordinary beings – one of them is my father.

So maybe we can talk about everything, even the beauty of NY.🌺

I think that humanity go beyond the limits imposed by political beliefs, there are Americans who are beautiful people, as there are horrible Cubans, and vice versa – because in my vision of the world it is not about being for or against, but about humanity and universality of being.

So I love NY, and I thought it was beautiful the time I spent exploring the art in that beautiful city.

My creative speed is very constant and intense, and the time I spent there seemed to me to be a city at the rhythm of my ideas.🌺
It’s great to be at the rhythm of one’s ideas, cause rhythm and time is what the life of an artist is all about.


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