Creating art in nature – Vicent – SunFlower ☝

Creating art in nature 🍃

The beauty of creating in natural environments is that one can learn from nature – simply by observing.

Nature is not static and has a lot to offer to those who want to discover more than what is visible.🌈

A wonderful meditation before painting in the open air like Vincent – a wonderful way to learn about nature.

  • Is to become a tree 🍃

Trees are not static even if they seem to be, they are in constant movement – but always with a solid root. In solid positions great movements can be made.

So, if you leave your house every day for at least 30 minutes and go to a park 🍃, stand in front of a tree and observe first – then close your eyes and imagine that you are a tree.
Peace and stillness will take over your body, and you will feel the wind blowing through your hair, the sun, the rain – whatever happens, stay still. 🌺☝
Then try to spend more hours in the same state – of peace and stillness.

The second exercise is very simple and even easier, and it is about hugging a tree and sticking your body to it – that makes you recover your energy, and it is wonderful.🌺

Once you have that connection with nature, you can take out your card and draw, paint, write, – I assure you that your head will be cleared of all disturbances and your paintings will be a reflection of your higher state of being.☝🌈


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