anti-fashion me~⚡☝ in fashion district NY 🌈

The most exciting part of my artistic and polymathic development – I love to design clothes.
It’s something that makes me disconnect from philosophy and immerse myself in the world of practical, useful and beautiful matter – it’s like a necessary oxygen for my higher self.⚡🌈

First of all I never like the clothes that everybody wears and that are not unique, from the most expensive to the cheapest – for me every being is unique, and it is necessary to do everything possible and impossible to defend the fact of being unique.
That doesn’t mean being a snob, a hipster, or any of those fashion trends that are absurd – and Equal.

In fact, fashion is communist ! 🤔- cause it is about equality and repetition – the whole infrastructure of fashion is based on an archaic approach – of repetition – even though everyone has seen the wear and tear of the planet they are still doing it – not because they are bad, or stupid – but because they still have their minds in the past – and haven’t made the leap into the future – which is wonderful.🌈

Nor is it about recycling and wearing old clothes. It’s about connecting the brain and generating ideas that are environmentally friendly, authentic and unique – that’s the purpose of my anti-fashion brand dada86 – which is born out of a Protest to this archaic system of production.
dada86 – is born in freedom, and in freedom it expands – freedom is the basis for the elevation of the individual and his spiritual growth.🌈☝
And that freedom in my proposal is – Love.

So it was with love and in total freedom from archaic concepts that I appeared in the fashion district with my anti-fashion idea.

As a universal artist and creator – with my designs – I think it is absolutely necessary that my anti-fashion infrastucture structure exists.

So it is, and so it will be – the future is wonderful it is thanks to people who think like mecause in all branches of art the priority is to ensure a quality of life impact – without destroying the planet.🌈

It’s as simple as that ⚡🤗

🌹👁‍🗨 for those who want to collaborate with my brand dada86write to shia labeouf – so that he with his good laser printer – will send you with joy – one of the catalogues of my creations.
don’t pay attention to his past – he’s a good guy ! 🌈

you can also write to me ☝🌹


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