Hello God,

Hello God,
Are you on holiday?

Hello hello, my name is Mary, and although it is a biblical name, and already very common, I am a universal artist, – I am a christian, but I am really a bit disappointed in your mismanagement of the world.

We are in the 21st century and there are still wars going on, there are recognisable places on our planet like Africa, where children have hardly any water and are malnourished – there are other places like Europe, where if everyone decided to end that famine they could do it – but instead of doing useful things they are in tick tuck dancing and selling clothes, clothes that are made by brands that pollute the planet.
People buy these clothes to feel good, more beautiful, or I don’t know why they need so much nonsense, all this happens because there is a structure called fashion mode, and it always changes, that’s why everyone needs to buy clothes again – and meanwhile there is still hunger in places where there is no electricity.

Surely because you are God, you are everywhere and you don’t dress up you don’t know about these details – but it is the repetition of these details that has brought the world to a state of chaos and inhumanity.

If everyone in Europe would send even 1 euro to Africa, the children could eat and the famine there would end – in one day.
Many people pray, but besides praying there are concrete ideas.

In the churches the clothes of the virgins are made of gold, but mothers who live in countries with financial difficulties hardly receive any help.

Yet people are still praying and thinking about the power of prayer, I think it’s very cool – but where are the results?
Why do wars continue in the 21st century?
Why do so many innocent children die without access to water?

Something is going on here, either people are praying wrong, or you are on holiday, or more good deeds need to be done at the speed of light.

I am dissatisfied with your management of the world and that is why I am writing this letter to you, in the hope that it will reach somewhere in the universe, and if you are everywhere please send some sign of change.

I don’t agree with such a badly managed world, I myself have been trying for years to build a space for blind children and artists – and everything that has happened to me along the way – I didn’t deserve it. If you are God, I protest !
I protest ! I protest !
Where is the goodness of humanity?
Actually, I saw fragments of that goodness, but I also saw the worst of it, and if you are God, all love and mercy, why do you allow such things to happen?
There is something badly told or badly written in the history of mankind.

Still I never stopped believing and hoping, but seeing the injustice I can’t help but think – that it is time for you to come down from your throne and take care of this world a little.

I am dissatisfied, and I do not agree with a God who allows so much misery in the world, maybe no one has ever written you such a sincere letter, but I do not agree with everything that happens, and when I do not agree I express myself!

I think you are somewhere, but maybe with the tick tuck slingshots you don’t get the messages and you can’t see what’s going on down here.

As I am a christian I have many questions, first if you sent your son – Jesus as a sacrifice and today in the 21st century there are still wars and injustice, – what was the point of sacrificing your son ?
Why can no one love his neighbour as himself?
Today the image of Jesus is like an avatar, many believe in his message, like me for example, but very few apply it in real life – they do the opposite.

I myself on my way, I have been helping people, what did I receive – beatings and beatings, lies, theft, manipulations, ou la la – even if I didn’t close my heart and now I ask you what good did it do?

What good is all this?
What is this life about, God?
I know it’s all about love, but why is it a jungle even with your existence?
It should not be like this, we should live in a world of peace, solidarity and elevation of the soul, without wars, without injustice, with harmony and tolerance, with respect.

I believe in you, but I find it very difficult seeing how unfair the world is.
Even my unique tattoo says – only with God – in Icelandic.
Cause of course I was saved from a possible accident by a miracle, and that day was magical – that’s why I believe in you. Thank you for saving my life, because only a very big unexpected force could make me move from the place where I was and couldn’t see the bus moving towards me and of course I am sure that force was you.
I even managed to film it and I didn’t drop the camera.
That same day, as if by magic, a tattoo artist friend appeared who I hadn’t seen in 14 years, and he did my tattoo – Only with God.
So I won’t forget that day, and that God you exist.

But now that I am alive, healthy and strong tell me – how do I build the Library ? Everything I have done for it has failed, failed, failed, even so – every day I get up and keep trying, I still have faith.
I need answers to my questions.

Give me a sign,


PS – I am busy writing to God.


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