breakfasts in front of the sun – love 🍒

On my balcony –

Balconies are man’s most beautiful architectural creation, it is a space from where you can look outside – it seems so simple but the simple fact of having a balcony – it is like being on the top of a boat and sailing away from the house.

What I liked most about my house in Montreal was that it had a balcony, my house in Havana also had a balcony with a sea view – it was wonderful, because I never had a TV – the most beautiful moments of my life were spent on balconies.
So many books read, breakfasts in front of the sun, love stories, everything ended on the balcony – as if the house was a pretext to end up in a place without walls and with a view.🤗

I love to walk in the evening and see the balconies and windows of the houses, each one has its own personality, some have toys and swirling winds, others have well-kept plants and flowers, in others the flowers are dry or there are no plants, in others clothes, or colourful chairs – like in mine !
You can tell about people’s lives by looking at the balconies of buildings.
It is also paradoxical because you can’t say anything – because nobody knows what really happens on the other side of the door.

That’s why I think, that the house is not the walls, not even a balcony – it’s the people who live in it and the energy they spread inside.

Wherever – I love balconies, and in my house my children will be able to draw on the walls with colours – all art is allowed – after all, that’s what walls are for – to fill them with beauty. 🌈💎


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