among millions of people in Earth 🍒- you special unknown

True love

Not being in love with anyone and knowing that in the future you will be – is a wonderful feeling.

The certainty that the person who is on your path is not like any person you have ever known, – is like a new book to be discovered – of which you don’t know the name.🍒
In my metaphorical idea we are like books, some open, some torn, – but all with multiple pages of beauty.

The beauty is how among millions of people one connects with a specific one – that is magic – and I am happy to live that moment of discovery – before seeing the other.
I call it the moment before, once Eros embraces me, this moment will no longer exist – there will be another even more beautiful moment – who am I after Love enters my life?

Hence the beauty of enjoying every moment, and being open to love –


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