No matter what people say – be selFish its ok👁‍🗨

No matter what people say –

Being selfish – maybe the best way to love the world – which starts with you.

I am very selfish and therefore I love many persons in my life – a paradox ?🤔

Listening to the inner self and being selfish is ok ?🤔

I think – Yes ! Sometimes it is important to only listen to your inner self, – cause every being is a world and many people, even friends speak from their mirror, they are not even seeing the reality you live or feel.

It is very rare to be in conversation with someone who sees you and does not see themselves in you, or themselves – everyone always speaks and recommends from their own experience.
And what is best for you? Who know that better then you ?

Now, I think that a very great soul elevation occurs, when you remove from your head the word people, system, and all that is a contextual adjective of the human being.

I don’t really care what anyone thinks, because I don’t seek to be validated, adored, or important in front of anyone or any situation – I am as I am – in constant elevation and exploration of my own being, the rest doesn’t matter to me.
It may sound selfish, but it is what it is – besides, I have seen few people as selfish as me who invest their life time in building a space for others – that’s why I don’t care about anyone’s opinion.

Everyone is free to say and think what they want, but why should I care?🤗

Of course, when you don’t seek anyone’s validation, you acquire a wonderful degree of freedom, that’s why in my world there are neither famous, nor rich, nor poor, nor better nor worse, – I start from the principle that everyone goes to the bathroom in the same way – it’s true !

So to be selfish in that configuration and to help others, putting time of life to build beautiful spaces – is a good way after all.☝

in NY


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