How to maintain the state of bliss ? 🤗🍒

How to maintain the state of bliss ?

It is normal to have ups and downs, life can surprise you with unexpected situations, so it is normal to react to them, without accumulating sadness.

Now – how to always return to the state of peace ?

I use a structure of senses and smells, I have chosen a smell that represents this state – in my case it is the natural perfume of coconut.🥥🌺
I don’t care if other perfumes are more expensive, more luxurious – my perfume was given to me as a gift by a shop assistant in the supermarket, cause she saw that I liked it and as there were no more left, she gave me a sample – which had a lot of perfume, a lot of perfume, very nice person.

That day was quite magical, because it’s always beautiful to get presents from strangers.

I remember that when I smelled that perfume, I was immediately ⚡ transported back to my childhood, to the distant Caribbean, to Cuba – it was like a direct driver. I recalled wonderful memories, and it became my bridge between my sadness and the passing world – and my inner peace.

As I have learned to manage these states, today I don’t need the perfume, but I still use it when I want to, I just like the smell.

I think this is a wonderful idea, for those who want to be in a state of uninterrupted peace and are still learning how to manage it.

It can be an orange scent, for example, that reminds you of beautiful moments, or a cinnamon scent, with your grandmothers’ cakes, – any choice is valid – as long as it is linked to a moment of happiness.

It can be a song, a lucky t-shirt, any object or sense that brings you to that state. After so much use it will become natural to return to that space of absolute happiness.

I am currently connected to my beautiful time at the art academy, – and to that time I am taken back by the first guitar chords of the song matilda by harry styles.
that’s why I have it on loop – and thanks – for its existence.

In my particular case those chords are exactly the same as the ones I heard from my musician friend, just when he started to tune his guitar, and they only bring me good vibrations of spaciousness, inner peace, freedom, innocence, joy and a lot of gentleness.🍒🤗🌺

I think that the most beautiful moment is when an artist in search of an idea, and those chords take me exactly there – to the moment of peace where through music and painting, beautiful ideas appeared.
It is unbelievable how much I remembered listening to those first chords.

Now – why remembering is important ?🤔

It is very simple, in the course of life one can live through very difficult, sad and complex moments – as well as very joyful ones – now there are people and key moments that remind us of the essence of our higher self, those moments are worth Gold, cause they allow us to return to what we are and not to lose ourselves.

And for that, and that is why art is wonderful – an artist draws, a door, the door can be a painting, a song, a sculpture, an art bracelet, – a detail that maybe was spent creating years or made in a day – it can transport you to a beautiful and unique moment – it is not a simple object, or a simple work of art – it has a soul and a lot of power.

So it happens that all the doors to our higher self and peace are right there in front of our eyes 👀 – we just have to learn to use them, – smell can be a good door – like the notes – it is free in the air – and it can be on your skin – wherever you go – you bring your paradise.🌺🤗🍒


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