To fall in love – one must be free ? – Yes !🍒

To fall in love – one must be free ? – Yes !

Free from the past 🌈
Free from ex lovers 🌈
Free from archaic and limiting thoughts 🌈
Free to decide 🌈

Above all free from the past.🤗

It seems unbelievable, but many seek a pattern of person or love, when the most important thing is to find yourself – once you are with yourself, with your Higher Self – the meeting with your double, is as easy as drinking water – you just have to expand that vibration into the Universe.

It is also useful to explore the Holographic Library of records, – although I prefer to let myself be surprised.

The key is to be free and open to a new experience, the highest part of yourself, because the person on the other side is the highest part of you, and just wants to know you exist to give you a hug.
That feeling is compared to –
It’s like a phone call, if you are talking to other people, the call doesn’t reach you – just pick up the phone whoever is free and ready in the same vibes.
It’s simple.



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