Sex with Love – is an intellectual choice 🍇

Having sex is easy, it’s the most common primate feeling – now sex for sex’s sake is boring.
The highest pleasures are achieved with an elevated soul, more the soul is elevated – more the pleasure is precious.
Therefore, there are people who with 10 minutes of sex see the stars and have an orgasm, and there are others who live the same in a continuous state of days, hours, – and all that without losing energy – in fact sex – is an exchange of energy.

And if that’s all you have to give, that’s poverty 🤔

The difference – is to have the ability to choose above a primate instant.

Now – When you meet your higher self – you can have orgasms even walking down the street and without touching yourself – that’s how beautiful it is.🍒☝
You go around the world happy having orgasms and independent of everybody – it’s like a pixel in a galaxy.

The beauty of love and sex with love, is that both energies manifest within the body and the soul – but with a person who has the same chemistry and a higher spiritual system – so the orgasms last longer – hih hi.
Everything in the world is about duration, driving a Lada is not the same as driving a Ferrari.🤗

Within that configuration exploring sexuality is great – that’s why self-knowledge is essential, because the more you know yourself – the more intimacy you can have with your partner and of course the more multiple orgasms you can have.

The world would be a very beautiful and different place if everyone was having a good sexuality with an uplifted soul.🍒

And who are you more, a lada or a ferrari?
Direct, fast, constant and high –

I find the metaphor beautiful – cause as life is about energy, physics – chemistry and soul elevation – cars have a lot of that.🤔
I am fascinated by the subject, cause intellectually I am studying car and boat engines, and it is beautiful to see the difference in the components.

Direct, fast, steady and high – in my personal choice – sex for sex – definitely – no – only with Love and Voltage.



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