Music, the tree and the bicycle 💛💛

My first love

We were on a blue train, travelling to the event about Jose Marti 🌹- me with my painting and concentrating on what I was going to say in the contest.
Suddenly on the train, I found out about everyone in the contest, one guy caught my attention cause he wasn’t talking to anyone, he was playing his guitar and smiling looking at the road.
I don’t know how I could be so happy, – it was hot in the train, I remember the sticky seats and my infinite desire to get to the contest, to give my painting to the jury and to go back.
8 hours of journey, and more than because of boredom and heat, I decided to talk to the musician, more than anything else to avoid thinking about the heat.

Hey – why are you so happy – I asked excitedly, and eager to find out where his state of absolute peace in the hot blue train came from.

  • Ha ! I have my music, I don’t care about the world, I saw your painting, it’s beautiful, I’m sure you’ll win the contest…
    I know you.
  • Ah, yes ? I didn’t know that you know me, I don’t know you…
  • Ha ha, but if you’re the one without a uniform, everybody talks about you and your art…
  • Really ? I didn’t know that, – the truth is that this uniform is really ugly…

In a few moments the time is compacted, and at the speed of light we arrive at our destination.
I won the contest, and listened to the most wonderful songs of my new friend.

A week later, it occurred to me to make an ice sculpture, with a tree – I had to find the exact place to put it and above all the tree. I called my friend, and we met in a beautiful colonial garden to talk about art, at that time I had a boyfriend, but I felt an inexplicable attraction to this musician guy, it was like I could share everything with him, and more than a romantic story, it was as if I was myself in another dimension, I was always myself – but with him three times myself.
Without hesitation, I told him my wonderful idea, I was about 18 years old, and I remember we met in that beautiful colonial garden in our hometown.
The day was beautiful, he brought his guitar, and showed me his new songs – one of them I liked very much, it was a song dedicated to his best friend.
Just after listening to him I told him my idea – I had to find a tree for my sculpture.

  • A tree, but with the horison and the rising sun.
  • Ha ha ha, it’s almost a ideal photograph you are looking for, let’s find it! – he answered smiling.
  • Would you really go with me to look for the tree?
  • With you I would go to the end of the world, and if there are trees, all the better, let’s take my guitar – so we can celebrate when we find it.
  • Great, and how are we doing?
  • Well I have my bike, if you ride in the back you carry the guitar, if you ride in the front I’ll carry it.
  • Done, and when do we leave?
  • Whenever you want, so that we get a lot of sun, we can leave early in the morning.
    I’ll pick you up before dawn.
  • Perfect, I’ll wait for you at the door of my house.

And that’s how we ventured out to find a tree, travelling by bike, and seeing the most beautiful landscapes outside our city.
When we were tired, we would stop and he would sit and compose his songs, while I explored nature.

No one knew about our tree-hunting escapade, not my family, not my boyfriend, not his girlfriend, it was just incredibly pure and beautiful.
We didn’t even kiss, it was as if time stopped before us and everything lit up with art, and a very high feeling.

Far away from the horisonte appeared just the tree I was looking for, we found it by the sunset.

  • Look! Our tree!

Exciting, we sat under the tree, and as expected he played the songs he had composed on the way – watching the beautiful sunset.
We regained our strength to return in total silence and bliss.

Every time I rode away from the tree on his bike, and saw new landscapes parading away from that wonderful place, I had so much to say, I was so happy – that I could only keep silent.

In all safety we arrived at the entrance of my house, where a lot of restless people were already waiting for me, from my grandmother and my aunt to my cousins and my boyfriend.
It seems that they all agreed to fight against my escape in silence.
I didn’t care about anyone because I was so happy, and giving my friend a hug in front of everyone, I smiled and went into my house.

  • This same year – I brought my sculpture – in the wonderful place we found – Love.

I think that the most beautiful thing is to live the romantic moments, without asking so many questions and without making preparations. I am definitely a romantic person.

What made that fragment remain well preserved in my heart was the intentionality with which we lived a very simple action – to go on a bicycle trip in search of a tree.
It was the beautiful connection we both had to do it, regardless of our collateral activities, regardless of time, regardless of family, – we just went and found the tree.

Of course in my time we didn’t have a portable phone, if we wanted to see someone we had to call from the big phone in the house, make an appointment and that was it.
I remember that giving the house phone to a guy was a gesture of trust, because you knew that the whole family would know who was calling!
Those were nice times

Today everything is much simpler, and communication is expanding at the speed of the internet – and love is everywhere – you just have to be brave enough to do it! – Like me !

So If the Universe gives you Unexpected proposals with persons you know and trust in their kindness – accept – cause there is no such thing as hasar and love has no limits or boundaries.🌺

Remember, it is only or unexpected that remains in our memory, and perhaps that is what it is all about

Music, the tree and the bicycle 💛💛


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