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You are at the Source,

And the people you love, who have not yet reached that level – what to do?🤔

In my experience there are two options, either you help them – or you let them develop on their own.

It all depends on the evolution of your soul, in my case I wrote a book based on a science fiction story, which helps to liberate the soul, and is also the basis of the architecture that will be built for blind children and artists.

I enjoyed writing my book very much, cause it tells my spiritual journey and it is wonderful, as well as having a literary structure according to the future time. I am very happy about it, I am very proud – cause in the middle of the pandemic chaos – I cut myself off from the whole world and achieved this creation.
I got to the centre of myself and my origins – beautiful.🍒

So, we are free to enjoy the higher self and be connected to the source, or to share a glimpse of love and beauty – with the people we love, and with the rest of the world in a generous and intense way.

Of course, each soul has its own path of evolution, its own time and cycle of repetition, which is unique to each being.

Anyway, even if you are on a bridge and you can help someone with your art and good energies, it’s great – such a world is beautiful and magical.🌺

Is true that – small gestures can change a person’s life, from a song, to a message with a key word – that makes you think that maybe it is time to move on from the past, or from a counterproductive situation.

I call them moments – flashes of light⚡🤗 , and of course like all energies that move the world – they arise from the heart – a tock tock sound bomb ❤🧡💛💚💙💜- that if you put your hand on it, and think of different people – your heart will give you the exact answer of what to do – Love.


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