Being myself – not my question 🍒

Being myself – not the question in my case.

On my path, I have always been myself – and that is what has led me to beautiful moments, sad moments, joyful moments, and all kinds of evulsions of my own self.🌺

The philosophical question would rather be, when you break out of the mould and label being yourself – what happens?🤔

And well, what happens is that life is very different, that feelings are explored from another latitude and seen from knowledge and Virtue – in that case the priority is to come to a kind of understanding of the Truth, and that is exciting.

Now – there are perhaps many videos, youtubers, and books that keep repeating – be yourself – be yourself!🤔

Ok, I am myself and now what happens ? It’s so silly that it even seems illusory to have that question in mind – and to think that it’s something that keeps repeating itself.
Also – nobody explains how to coexist with the world by being yourself, – in my case, I am a very social and empathetic person, I like to help, and whenever I can, I do it – even if sometimes my excess of empathy is seen as strange – wherever – I don’t mind, I am gentle and I help, because I would like everybody to be as transparent and open with me – as I am – direct !

For me the most important thing is not to be oneself, the question should be – Who am I? – That would be more productive, and it is the first step to an inner journey, because that is where the most precious treasures, answers, and everything that can be useful to uplift the soul, always lies within ❤🤗- and even if external situations, or people push us into that mirror – in the end it is oneself who holds the key.


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