Are tables necessary with the Harmony in the Spheres? 🌺🍒

Harmony in the spheres and St. Augustine.💛

My first encounter with the Harmony of the Spheres was when I lived in my flat in Montreal, it was a time of great creativity and exploration that I enjoyed to the fullest – I lived alone in a huge flat that was my workshop, my home, I even had a kitchen with a beautiful wooden table that I found, and I used it whenever I wanted – cause I ate more on my bench on the balcony than on the table in question.🤗

I remember, that the first thing that appeared in that flat were two wooden chairs and a sunflower plant, so the first day I slept on my own clothes, until I ordered a beautiful mattress – which arrived in 2 days ! The Quebecois are slow.

I remember very well when I lay down on the wooden floor, and thought – wow here I will live and create beauty ! The truth is that I didn’t need any furniture, my art already occupied everything, and of course my sunflower and two chairs.

Every evening I would sit and meditate in front of my flower, looking forward to meet a person who would sit in front of me, to eat without a table – or maybe thinking it was imaginary – and to see the world in a different way – from art and beauty.🤔🍒

It was great time, because I lived in a very active cultural neighbourhood, and right next to a vinyl shop, and that’s where I went one rainy day, as I didn’t have a record to play – I thought starting with vinyl would be great.
And so it was, as the first one I got my hands on was – Music of the Spheres – a wonderful classic version, which I will reveal in another article.

The coolest thing is that without realizing it I was collecting vinyls that I never listened to, I even made friends with the guy in the shop, and there I bought a lot of books – and magazines.

All my collection and my books are safely stored in the Treasure Hunter’s bookshop – my friend Richard’s, in Montreal of course, I left all those treasures in his basement before I moved to NY.

Today, several years later, I understand that already in those moments without listening to the vinyl of the Spheres and their Harmony, I was in perfect harmony with myself, it is as if St. Augustine gave me an invisible hand and without attaching any terioes, I was, where I am today – in the Harmony of the Spheres.
Sitting in that same chair in front of my flower – thinking of embracing my higher self, – because not even the table separates us!

And that’s genius 🍒


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