Cut off – is positive 💎🌈 I have more time to water my garden

Today I had the choice to get rid of a work of art, I did it cause I needed to cut, and it was a gesture of liberation from the past that is useless in this present time.

There are situations and silences that cannot be accepted when it comes to humanitarian works – it is simple to communicate, and if there comes a limit point of years of silence – you have to cut, you cut in thought and if it is reflected in art, you cut in art.
Nothing is ever lost, everything changes, re-generates, and blossoms – and one must not be afraid to cut.

Cutting does not mean to have resentment, hatred, regret – all these concepts are accelerated by recreating ideas of amalgamation – cutting is simply moving on to something else.

We should not wish ill to persons, who are no longer part of our professional or personal future – just tell them – look ciao !
It is good to have the strength to say it, and it is not negative, it is hidher -love and understanding that you have tried everything to come to an agreement and if it didn’t work, you cut.

Cutting is a major art, it is to separate the emotions of a situation that is not par of the Higher Self , in my case it is a humanitarian art work context, I really passed over a number of factors, forgive – but I can not accept – a situation that is far from my convictions of construction of my architecture. 🌹

In my understanding everything is simple try to dialogue, and if there is no dialogue, then it is cut off.

So, today is an important day for me, cause I got the emotional freedom I need in what concerned this situation, and I breathed.

It is my last life 🌈🌺 , and I am living it in racod to my soul and my Higher Self, those who are with me are well present, and those who are not – are already in their own silence.

I think it is important to realise, the kind of relations, persons, and answers that we deserve to receive in life, it is important to know that every day is gold, and every moment, every dream, every desire, in that are the people who really want your success, abundance and happiness.

Persons who respect your work and love you, don’t play with silences, or other archaic communication algorithms – they simply dialogue, understand the value of days, and respect for the Creation of an artist.

Everything is simple – is comunicated who we are – and what we want – direct to the point 🏁


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