Art NewZ 🐬

As a filmmaker and universal artist ~ seeing through my camera is a wonderful experience ~ as is writing and drawing.
All filmmakers know that filmmaking is a big team effort, which is great and takes time and production guidelines.
Now as I come to terms with Chronos and its respective dimensions, I have found a medium that allows me to express myself at the speed of light in all peace and independence of time ~ that medium is card drawing and precisely the writing of illustrated stories.
For me it is as if I were working with all the Karucel film equipment ~ but where I do it all with my coloured pencils.
The most important thing is inside me, and it’s a wonderful form of expression ~ the card. I also like it, because it allows me mobility in my explorations, I can work on my work, moving it around and printing new experiences, that gives it a lot of life and I prefer it to being locked up in a studio.
Besides, it’s so nice to draw in the daylight, that I monopolize them all !
At the same time ~ I still have my camera in hand, in fact a draw carnet in hand ~ it’s like a paper camera and with special effects included ! Hihi

I am very happy with my discovery of carnet expression, a new format that embraces my creative life giving more wings to all my wonderful ideas ~ of which the beginning is this door.
To which I invite you all 🐬.


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