Chronos and I⚡

Artistic creation timetable

An artist is always creating, imagining and expanding beauty – now the existence of fixed schedules is wonderful because it helps to increase productivity – of course if the muse gets you out of your schedule – follow her like me.

The best thing for me as an artist to adapt my schedule to my day to day life – is that I have more time to enjoy my loved ones and explore other activities.🌺

I chose the morning – to leave the afternoon for reflection and meditation – from 6am to 5pm is my time to create and realise ideas. In my particular case as I am always connected with my art, my particularity is not in the creation but in its expression. I am grateful to work with an artistic representant.
For the simple reason that my artistic work consumes a lot of my time and I am happy to do it without disconnecting from the Source – where I am at the moment.

Now – the schedules give me a new opportunity to say – wow ! I want to explore the world with my lover – this afternoon. It sounds crazy but before I didn’t have these options, because I was busy with my creation all day long – enjoying flashes of moments, it was wonderful – I produced many works of art, but there were times when I just wanted to read a book and the completion of my illustrated novel was calling me – telling me – finish it now! This is a metaphor, to say that I was so eager to see the book finished, and I was so inspired that I couldn’t stop creating it – that’s why 86 illustrations came out in a flash. It was a time of a lot of intellectual and artistic dedication, and the truth is that thanks to my perseverance I finished the book quite quickly. At the same time I also made other Series of paintings, Selfish Blues, Golden City, Thursday 17:30, Wings, Art atelier – so the intense and extensive arrival in the world of all these creations.

This week I start my new schedule, and I am happy to see the results.

I am also very happy, because I will be able to dedicate more time to my personal life, and my work will be oxygenated in an equitable way, I will be able to read more, study greek and enjoy life.

In that sense I’m thinking that it’s great to have a timetable, and even if it varies and is flexible – it’s wonderful to have time to do things other than art, to relax during the day and think about doing something else, whether it’s exploring a park, discovering other friendly mountain people and exchanging ideas.🌹
It’s something I always do with my artist brothers, – especially via whats app.

At the moment I’m thinking about how beautiful my Library space DADA86 will be for artists and blind people, and there will be moments of intellectual debate between artists and visually impaired people – that’s great. My big dream becomes true – Art and Solidarity.

I miss those moments and I’m already missing that beautiful future – which transforms in my present – Love through. 🌺

About debates and critiques of artworks is my next article 👉 – don’t miss it. Will be very cool !🌺

In the meantime I’m exploring how I’m doing with Chronos – I’m sure it’s going very well ! He is my friend

in time for open my door –


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