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As a film director, I have learned throughout my creations – that from a technical point of view, actors and actresses – need make-up.🤔
It’s all a question of lights and reflections, of cameras and projectors and a series of technical factors – which have not yet evolved, but are just as valid as – filming with a washed and natural face.

Now, make-up itself, not so much in film, but in life, has a long history, most of which dates back to Egypt, where both women and men used to put dark pigments over their eyes – to protect them from the sun – which is why in all the beautiful paintings of Egyptian frescoes that we see today – there is an emphasis on shadow.

Now through history and time of course – all this has transmuted and changed.🌺

For me, as a woman, who wants to wear make-up and who doesn’t – these are individual actions of every human being, who chooses what he or she feels comfortable with.🌺

In my case, I remember very well how I got into make-up land, in my adolescence in Cuba, there were not many choices of make-up, and they were all very expensive. Sometimes you could buy some of the ones brought from abroad, or you could get them in hotel boutiques – but it was quite an adventure to have make-up.
And with the strong sun, the best one could hope for was a good sunscreen – that was a luxury.
And the only one I could afford, so I spent years happily going without make-up and just moisturising my skin.🥥
As a result, today my skin vibrates out of my age.
I also have to admit that I’m a bit lazy, and I don’t like to spend time in front of the mirror sticking colours on my face.🤔
🤔As I studied painting, I see it as a portrait in which I invest my life time and which disappears the next day.
🤔As a film director, it makes me think that I’m in repeated scenes of a film that never ends.
So in my own dimension, I decided to explore more about myself and discover something beautiful within make-up.

That’s how I got stuck with a simple cerise lipstick 🍒 that just protects my natural lip shade, and that’s it.

Now, I take Athena by the hand and measured in my case the usefulness of make-up in my life and came to the philosophical conclusion that I don’t want to wear make-up.🤔
The beauty is that when you don’t wear make-up, you see your skin as it is, and if you have imperfections you treat them – it’s like seeing your real face in the light.
I think that the most beautiful thing is to have a beautiful face without make-up – which you take care of from the beginning.

My laziness, and my lack of patience in exploring the multitude of creams and their virtues, leads me to make a minimum of moves in this vast world of beauty – with a maximum of results.

Porcelain Skin – it turns out that in Japan, girls used to use rice water as a traditional method to make their skin glow. So simple and effective.

As art and my personal life, between friends and family take up so much of my time – I am a person who likes it straightforward, simple and effective.
I have rice, I have water and I have a mirror – I don’t even go to a shop, I don’t even look on the internet, because with so much information, then you get salty – simple and straightforward.🌺

It’s also great to go to salons and get gold treatments, algae – and all the beautiful things that create new beauty creators.

Now when it comes to the day to day – everyday, I made the decision not to wear make-up, and to amplify the beauty of my skin from inside my body.

🌺 2 litres of water a day – or more

🌺 You can add cucumber, which is super cool and tasty, or coconut water – for those who live on islands and can go to the beach and retrieve a nice coconut water.
Cold it is delicious, and has lots of vitamins.

likewise natural fruit pieces, without making a mixer. Just little pieces of fruit floating in your water bottle will be a wonderful show for the body and soul. Pineapple, lemon, orange, cherry, strawberry !
Whatever you like. This will give the water a natural taste, without colouring and will motivate you to drink the liquid.
It’s tasty, healthy and fun !

👁‍🗨 You don’t need to spend hours looking for a super bottle of water – you go to the supermarket, buy a glass bottle of water, cut up some fruit and pour it in!
If you want you can put your name on it with creative stickers.
Hi hi hi ,

Inner Cream Vitamine

You can also enjoy it with loved ones, friends, family – besides having a glowing skin you create wonderful moments of tenderness and love. All in one simple action !

👁‍🗨Then, it’s great before repeating many skin solutions youtuve videos on your skin – with homemade treatments – to do some research and explore your skin type, possible allergies and all that.

The most simple, beautiful and something that will clean all the toxins from your body – is to drink water.
So with such a simple and constant action, it is not only possible to have a glowing skin, but also to regenerate the whole organism. And that’s what taking care of your inner self is all about.

If you want to put on blusher afterwards – cool !
But I assure you that with a glowing skin, you will spend more time doing beautiful things with your partner and friends, than looking at yourself in the mirror !

I do a lot of things, plus it gives me more time to read, create art – and enjoy myself.

My personal goal that I achieved – is that my skin is radiant because my body is healthy, not to please anyone, not to think that I will be more beautiful.
I am beautiful, as I wake up with my face washed – I don’t see what else I can add to my natural beauty – other than water and a cherry lispstic!
Which I always end up eating, and I realise I only use it because it reminds me of my childhood, it’s moisturising and smells nice.

And it’s cool for kissing –

Whoever looks up to me – no make up, fine, and whoever doesn’t – In what beauty concerne – I really only care about my own spiritual comfort and my goals for myself.

So, lots of water, fruits and in simple gestures, without artifice, great truths shine through.


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