My ☀ Flower 🌺 to you ✨

An artist loves beauty and elevates the most precious codidian details – turning them into works of art.

And of course you can’t forget the essential – inspiration !
That little sparkle that will become a painting, a film, a sculpture, a song, a book !

This is how a detail – of inspiration – can lead artists on wonderful paths to sublimate beauty.
Since all artists have ups and downs, there are details that are useful to regain that creative vibe and get good energy.

One of them is flowers – nature’s perfect creation that is within our reach every day.

There are so many different flowers in the world, which are sold in every season all year round, from luxury flower shops to super markets, even on the street you can find a beautiful flower! 🤗

And of course we all have a table, small, big, made of wood, stone, whatever – so if you have a plant on that base – that’s where the inspiration can be found.
Observing how a plant grows – on your artist’s table, is an elevated philosophical activity – and therefore very sensible.

Like plants – an artist’s ideas grow, blossom, expand and bear wonderful fruit for generations to come.
So what more inspiration to see how a flower grows ?

That flower – is you – the artist that whatever happens grows – whatever the weather outside – inside there is always a beautiful flower sprouting and shining.

So you don’t have to rack your brains for inspiration – just admire a flower on your table.🤗
Flowers are alive, and just because they can’t talk and don’t have cute little eyes – doesn’t mean they don’t feel the beauty that spreads from an artist’s studio.

I invite you, to have flowers in your studio, plants and even 30 minutes a day to sit off and look at your flower and meditate – you will see that the life of an artist is like that of a comet – fleeting and wide – so there is only time to bloom, the rest is not important, no little storm outside is more important than your flower – it’s as simple as that.
Only 30 minutes a day in silence with a plant
🌺- will open the doors to a wonderful Universe.✨
You put your hand on a flower, and you see that you are not so different from a plant, you have veins where the blood runs – Wow you are alive ! – How wonderful !- reason enough to be inspired !

Picasso, he said that he didn’t wait for the muse for inspiration, that she just appeared by painting – really as famous as Pablo is – I don’t agree with him.
He sure didn’t have flowers in his studio!🤔

An artist is a sensitive being, who loves beauty, and in every detail he sees life, he sees colours, notes, letters, dresses !
So – all you need is a flower, love comes with ! 🌺🤗

And I bet that after that, you will create beauty non-stop, and who knows maybe your artist’s studio will become a garden, where your friends can come and admire beauty and talk about art.

Simple gestures change the day of an artist – who like a flower was born – to blossom –🌺☝


I dedicate this post to the artists who suffer from drug problems, and depression -🙏

I have never had this problems – cause I have always been very selfish with my art, but I have seen how many of my friends who are sensitive beings have been affected.

Sun Sun and Sun – for all !

In my side – I never went through that underworld first because in my world – drugs were expensive, and I would rather buy 35 film for my Pentax camera than drugs – it’s as simple as that.

Is a fact that – many artists are in drugs and they drink to escape from the reality or the pressure they are underyet that is not the solution.

Also as a universal artist I have gone through dark moments, and falls – but then I realizad that the beauty of my art was bigger and more important than all those moments.
My family is not materially rich, and my film studies in Paris – I paid for them mySelf , working in bars and taking care of children. Then, I don’t care what anyone says ⚡, cause I am not in the business of pretending to be someone, I already am since I was born, and my art is the extension of God in me, it is My Home, it is My Voice, and the highest expression of my being – it is my Flower.🌺
And it is not withered by anything or anyone, the one who sees it well and the one who doesn’t see it well.

My article is also a tribute to Kurt Cobain, a wonderful and ultra-sensitive artist – who failed to control his drug addiction in time.

It is important to take yourself in hand in time ⚡ – life is Gold and everything is wonderful, everything is beauty.
And for sad moments there are always flowers, and beautiful people who are open to share love.🌈

Whatever difficult moment you are going through – remember it’s just a moment and it will pass, one day you will laugh about it and even tell it as an insignificant anecdote.

It is true, that is why I give you my Flower and all the strength of the Sun in it.



So – You must not lose control and Remember ⚡ that if you can believe beauty, beauty you are, and beauty doesn’t die⚡ – it blooms !

Now – my article is not a self-help blah blah blah, or one of those contemporary mentor positions, that charge money to help others.

I write directly, as a universal artist and I address artists – cause I love my day, I love my creations, I love the world, and love is the only thing I feel 🌈
As I wrote in my Zero Point Art manifesto –
Every lost day of an artist – is a lost treasure for humanity, it’s like if Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his foot – and loses the whole team.

That’s how I see it.

Treat all artists with kindness cause you don’t know what they are living, or if they are in their life line.
You don’t know if the words and acctions of evil you utter will be the last they hear, and recive- think and think and think.
that not everyone has the same strength, not everyone has the same amount of lives.

In a world full of flowers – there is only place for beauty, creation, and kindness.


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