Caribbean and exactly Cuban 🌺

Sweet and tasty childhood treats


It’s great to remember the first sweets you ate as a child – it’s a wonderful journey that fills the heart with positive and beautiful emotions.

Where I spent my childhood in Camaguey, Cuba – there are many places where street sellers sold sweets.
I remember that after leaving school, I always walked with my grandfather through the streets of my city on my way home – and we always bought sweets somewhere.

It was great, but a lot of children would gather in front of the open windows of the street portals where you could buy sweets – to choose your little piece of goodies for that moment. 🤗
One had to hurry, because the sweets disappeared quickly at the end of the school day.

Thanks to God or the sweets – my grandfather always picked me up from school a little before all the children left – so that I could look at the huge window of the colonial house – full of sweets and candies – and choose first what I was going to get – before everybody else! Victoria !

I can remember very well, the coconut sweets – they looked like little tropical rocky islands with caramelized coconut, meringues – white – and pure sugar ! Cremita de leche, they were bars of dulce de leche – very tasty, peanut bars – or caramelised peanut kernels.
Then there were candies on coloured sticks, all very beautiful – it was hard to choose!
Amongst so many colours -🌈
And of course the rainbow chambelonas – you had to get them back quickly because they ran out.

All these sweets were homemade, and were often wrapped in transparent paper without any markings, so I remember that what most attracted my attention was the smell of caramelised coconut and the texture of the sweets, always fresh, of course the children always bought them after school.

They usually cost 1 peso, and my grandfather always gave me money so that I could pay for my candy myself.☝

It was great – raiding the colonial house after so many hours of study, and taking a sweet home or eating it on the spot.

As Cuba is part of the Caribbean, you can say that geographically these homemade sweets are from the Caribbean and exactly Cuban!

I think that’s why they differ in their aspects to the sweets from Europe where I have been for many years, that doesn’t make them better or worse, only that from their components they are more exotic and direct to the palate, and that’s great.🤗

I love the sweets and all the food proposals, which are handmade – with the energy of the cooks, bakers, ext.
Many of these people make food – with love and you can feel it when you taste it.

That’s why it has a lot of value, for some people it reminds them of their childhood, – like me,
to others family meals with a beloved grandmother, to others recipes of lovers – all homemade and delicious.
To everyone it reminds them of something beautiful, of moments of love and sharing food – not as a simple means of survival or necessity – but as an act of sharing energy through flavours.

And whenever it is shared, it is great! 🤗

So long live sweets of all flavours and handmade with love – it is those little details that make us travel and remember beautiful moments.

With this article I invite you to my childhood and you can make your own coquitos !
Following this happy mexican chef – who explains how to do it well 🤗

By preparing your own sweets you open the door of your childhood to your friends and loved ones, you can enjoy tasty things and share precious memories – with a simple gesture – and a coconut of course !


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