Cada barco tiene una Vela✨ y cada vestido una tela ⛵ ~ I’m your Freedom 💙

Every ship has a Sail and every dress has a cloth ⛵

We clothe the soul ~ not the body.

It is as wonderful the red that runs through our veins, as it is the white ~ as white is the transparency of the sun in colour.

Every colour, texture and line has its reason to be in a garment. Personally, silk is my favourite material.

I create my dresses depending on my state of soul, always using the fabrics I like the most – silk in this case 🤗

I like to keep it simple, clothes that you can wear with a guy having a beer in front of the sea, and still be elegant and sophisticated, I love the transparency and the delicacy of the fabrics, there when my lover touches my dress I want him to feel who I am🌺 ~ not who I pretend to be in an uncomfortable pompousness dress ~ I want him to feel and feel ~ who I am ~ firts !
So, I love materials that slide down the body and flow like a River – that’s Love.

That’s how simple I create my dada86 dresses, simple doesn’t mean easy ~ Sensuality is an Art born of great creative completeness.🤔
A naked body with nothing ~ nothing ~ is the most beautiful creation of the Creator, and yet – it carries nothing.

For this complex philosophical reason, my starting point of clothing is to undress the soul by covering the body with sensations – it’s as simple as that.

Besides, I like to drink beer in front of the sea well dressed ! It’s the sunset after all.

The silk embraces me, and the design of my dress allows me to move without bulgarity and at the same time capture sensual moments ~ I feel comfortable like this ~ for me a dress on a woman is like the sail of a ship – it guides a man where he wants to go ~ Freedom ! 💙💙

Now, in many cultures white is the colour of purity, that’s why wedding dresses are often white ~ in my creative vision it is wonderful to associate the white wedding dress with Freedom ~ cause in a being who elevates his- her soul ~ marriage is Freedom ~ Freedom to be yourself always ~ even sharing your life with another, Freedom to trust, Freedom in your life partner ~ as in yourself, Freedom to be Open, Freedom to sail together under a bow, making the storm disappear 🌈 Freedom can unite souls, Freedom to know that you are respected and respect the other.

The fact is ~ throughout history Freedom ~ has been seen as the opposite – as revelry, daring, or lightning.

Often marriage is perceived sometimes as a supplementary prison 🤔 ~ when it is not, all these concepts depend on the elevation of the soul.
And many women cry out loud – I am free – I am single and happy! Wonderful, but it’s even cooler to know that getting married will not make you any more or less different than you are today!

You are only free in any state if you are yourself, married or not ~ it’s as simple as that ☝

It is also true that only rebels get on the Ship of Love ~🤗

With my beautiful dresse ~ I’m your Freedom ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ you can invite your lover to see the Freedom that you are

if he~she is your Ship ~ you are the Sail !

So if you have a unique dada86 dresse ~ what are you waiting for ? A beer maybe ? hihi

If not – write to me and you will get it ⚡ – by the best Universal – ☝ couture of Cuba.

discover the blue 💙and the red❤ this Sunday surfing in my book with Freedom 👉🤍


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