My door ✨🤗

Staying true to the essence of oneself is the most beautiful thing that can happen, but sometimes one is thrown off balance by external circumstances – which one has to learn to put aside quickly.⚡

They are like little turbulences, and of course artists always express what they experience through art – there are ups and downs in this constant flight, beautiful and not so beautiful moments.

That’s why the most wonderful thing is to be in resonance with one’s own frequency, – of course, within this harmony there can be philosophical questions, disagreements, and artistic inner questions.
To be at peace does not mean to be dead and indifferent to the reality around us. It does not mean to be selfish. It means to continue to create art with the same commitment and love – without the creation being affected.
It means to expand art in total communion with oneself and the values acquired through the path that is called life.

That is why today I decided to write a chapter in my book about the most important gate of that path – which I called – The Gate of Honour.✨

Considering that the Higher Self is like a house, there are situations, people, or attitudes that in no way can enter that dimension – divine and elevated.
That is why having a door of Honour always open – is a wonderful thing – it is a code of comportment that is identified with people, or situations that are in alignment with it.

Today I present this door.🤗 My door !
The most beautiful thing is that even though it is open – not everyone can enter, not because it is selective, or vip – but because there are bases that allow us to elevate the soul – and honour is one of them.✨

So open door ! – but with solid and well-built foundations- love and respect always.

That door is within oneself of course, and the guidelines one wants to have in one’s life, be it love or professional relationships. 🤗

This wonderful door prevents many artists from falling into the small traps of destiny, and keeps their frequency connected to their Higher Self – which is love.

So, if you have a door of Honor – open it – cause only those who have the same value will enter – and that’s great! ✨

And of course – since honour is what it is all about – never do to any artist – what you would not like to be done to you.
Being kind to each other is not complicated.


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