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Believe in yourself -🤔

This phrase is very fashionable in our contemporary world, – but few know its meaning.

It seems dumb to me to say to another person – believe in yourself.
When I am told that – I usually think or answer – off – better invest in my art and off.
It’s as simple as that.

I believe in myself and I have always believed in myself, that’s why that phrase doesn’t suit me – it’s usually people who don’t believe in themselves who say motivational phrases – now it’s important to know the meaning of that phrase.
Believe in yourself – is to believe in your higher self, to know at least your origins and to realise your life’s purpose.

Really if I didn’t believe in myself – with the few likes from the reiting system that my artwork has – I would have long ago become depressed and stopped creating beauty. – Which has never happened, because first of all I fully understand the standards of society – so wonderful. 🤗

An artist has to know what kind of art he makes, and in that case everything is fine.

I gladly modify that phrase – believe in yourself for an artist – to – remember who You are

If you remember your origins and find yourself, you believe in yourself automatically, in fact that question doesn’t even exist, or is not important.
What is important in this case is the amplitude that comes from being yourself – hence the expansion.

That’s why I think this phrase is great – but not very functional in the world of art, because it’s not so much about believing in yourself – it’s about being yourself.

Of course, first one has to find the goldens – and once again all these philosophical questions lead the high universal artists – to the temple of Naxos ☀ Where I am


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