Walking in an invisible cloak ✨

True Love Road –
is like walking in an invisible cloak where no one can see what you feel.
It is wonderful.

There are many steps you have to take to get to that point;

First to let go of all the baggage of the past,
and once you’re light on your feet you can start a – New chapter in life.🤗

It is very important to empty the past, and to stop running – because if you are running how are you going to get to the other?
You have to stop, and say here I amopen and free ✨ it is the only way to let the other know that you are ready to take the step.
To say it, is not to write an email, or make a phone call, it is to think it and as souls are connected at a higher levelthe person who is in your vibration picks up on it and the meeting happens – it is as simple as that.
It is like being connected to a higher high speed wiffi – everything becomes clear by tuning in to the inner self.
And because the other is part of you, feel the message.🥁

Nor should we stand idly by, or fall into silly stories of waiting – by no means can we lull ourselves into the entertainments of the Wheel of Chronos – we must make concrete gestures and move forward to the encounter.
It is as simple as that – within the inner peace and harmony one must act.
Realise that at this level of pure Love, none of the archaic algorithms of past relationships are used everything flows and is direct – because time is understood from another dimension and the souls know that this experience is their soul – the union.
I also advise not to fill your head with yotube videos on the subject – but to look for information in philosophy, old paintings, and thinkers who have spoken about this wonderful journey.
Think, think, think – meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate,
Try to write – or to capture in art what you feel, to explore yourself – and not to fall asleep in the arms of Orpheus or delusions.🤔

Take from one hand – the Wisdom of Athena – from the other the Passion of little Eros – and the result will be wonderful.
For it is a perfect balance of temperance and passion 📕📘

Go forward with sertitude, with reason and heart in hand, with intelligence and temperance.

And because the other is part of you, feel the message. – I repeat !🥁

Of course – if you know who is the person – you can write an email, or call them on the phone, or show up at their house.
But if you don’t know – and you feel a vibration close to you – just saying it out loud is enough – you can also write in a diary, or leave a visual hint of your soul elevation – it’s perfect.

The most important thing I think is to be prepared inside, prepared to receive the other and to give, that is essential.🙏

How do you know if you are ready for the encounter?🤔

It is something you feel ⚡- it is as simple as that.

You don’t have to run to a shop and buy a 3000 eur dress to try to impress – considering it’s the date of the year.
God has already undressed your soul, so it doesn’t matter what you wear – the other person will see your beauty.
I wear my dada86 dresses every day – because for me every day is – Glory, and celebration – I like beauty and for me that is transmitted in the way I dress.

Be – yourself – if you have already found yourself, no matter how you dress – you are beautiful.
Nor does it matter what you have achieved in your professional life, or where you are – these are all adjectives of the ego – they are beautiful – but they take us away from the truth.
Whoever loves you – will love you with the oscar in your hands or without, – does not judge your status in society – but explores your soul – which rises above it all.
If you are joyful and in harmony with yourself – you are dressed for your meeting.

As a universal artist, I see this spiritual experience that I am exploring as very beautiful, – it is very real and intense, so I think that maybe there is a part of reason in theories that try to prove a pact between souls above and outside spacetime – as if God does not play dice.
It is very likely to be true, because what I am experiencing is magical.✨

The sense of certainty and accuracy of events is wonderful.🙏
Of course you have to purify your mind to get to that pointto stand in front of a blank wall and let only high vibrations flow, no labels, no names, no concepts.

Just thinking who I am – it’s as simple as that – and if you know who you are – that other who is part of your soul knows it too – only the union remains – which is covenanted on higher planes.

Now – it is important to let go of the past, and even to say goodbye to all sisters souls if necessary.
I advise to write farewell letters to all people who need to be let go.
Letters of farewell are wonderful because they release the other, and enlarge the space in your heart for the person to come.
You have to let go, as much as you can let go.

Imagine that the heart is like a home so if there are all ex-partners, inserts, – how will the other person get in?

It is a house to stay and create something new and beautiful, so everybody out! Mother, father, everybody !
So the house remains clean and with the essence of oneself – then you put in things you like, but which are part of the present or future desires.

Then if you want to introduce your partner to him§ her – the past, even to your neighbor’s dog, – great.
But first focus on love and meeting,

I don’t remember any love meeting where I took my parents by the arm…🤔
One goes alone – with the essentials that are inside the heart.

Something very interesting at this level – is that you remember the most beautiful moments of your childhood, you also heal all the scars – all the past fades away – and you understand that the most precious thing is love.
It is wonderful – like a Renaissance of the soul ✨- in another, higher dimension – everything changes.

Now what is it that leads to that encounter – Love – Im sure – olny love leads
Here is this beautiful metaphor,

In the first instance, after my experience, these are the conditions that allow us to see the golden thread to follow. – I call it a higher covenant which is covenanted in another dimension.

Now what to take for the journey?
The same, no heavy things, as little as possible and – that which makes you happy every day, it can be tools for work, or nice things for leisure, simple things.

As I am a universal artist and film director – I reduce my equipment to my camera, my pen, a diary, my cat and 3 dresses – a pocket book of philosophy and nothing else – that makes a small handbag.
I also took a gift that as fate would have it appeared in my hands a few years ago, and I thought – this is my gift of meeting with a high being like me. It turns out that along the way I got my feelings mixed up and tried to give it to other guys, none of whom would accept it because they were obviously not the intended recipients.

Also in my True Love travel bag is another gift for my grandmother.🤗

Now – the question and the philosophical questioning which is worth millions

Where is the True Love travel to?🏁
Well, every soul has a route to follow with certainty, and knows exactly what to do – some go to New York, others to a cafe, others to a bookstore, – there are millions of destinations – millions of souls and that’s the beauty of it.🤗

It really is a unique experience, and that’s what makes it so valuable because you know without seeing, hear without hearing, and walk without moving – the soul is lifted and the path becomes crystal clear.

Nothing and no one prevents this meeting, because all the cards were laid out for it to happen on an exact day and at an exact time – all roads lead there. On both sides.

Both you and the other – you are the house, you are the union of two worlds, so that place can only be found inside each other – and he returns to the words of the temple of the Delfes.🙏

Back to the Origins – where everything was pact behind the mirror.

So if you are on the Path of True Love, you can smile in peace, for it is a blessing to have explored so much to arrive at this day.
You can smile in every way, of course.

But every time you stand in front of a mirror, think that somewhere in the Universe, there is your double – and that person if he or she loves you as you love yourself just wants to see you happy, radiant and open to a new experience – that same one – the one of Origin – Love.


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