The flying fountain, the wise man & a surprise🌺


A wise man climbs the mountain in search of a spring, the higher he climbs the more he sees, and the world is wonderful, even if the spring does not appear, everything blooms around him and without finding the spring the wise man sits down to think on a stone.
At that moment drops of water fell on his hands.
Happy the wise man smiles, raising his hand to the sun and contemplating the drops.

On his way down happily he met a girl who was smiling and holding a kite.

  • Sage sage – look! How it soars with a simple thread ! Take it 🪁 – said the girl giving the kite to the surprised sage.
  • Ha ha! Fly, fly 🪁 – and what is that?- asked the astonished sage as drops of water fell from the kite.
  • Ah wise man, you are wise and you don’t know? Hi hi hi !
    You must be very tired… It’s a watering place – I push my kite up to water the flowers above, as I can’t go up, I do it from here.
    The wise man remained thoughtful, and in a few moments he bent down to the ninel of the girl and said :
  • It was you who watered the flowers on the mountain then… ? Why didn’t I see your kite? 🪁
  • Hi hi hi.. sage, because you were surely looking up, and my kite shoots water from below, like a fountain!
  • You say fountain…I was looking for one on the top of the mountain….
  • And you got the thread ? – asked the astonished girl.
  • No… What thread is that?
  • Well, look at my kite – without thread it can’t fly and sprinkle the flowers, without thread the drops wouldn’t reach you, wise man!
  • Ha ha ha ! Of course, the thread ! – exclaimed the wise man, laughing and looking at the mountain, while the happy little girl raised her kite and drops of trickles of water fell on the flowers.

So it was that the wise man began to appreciate how beautiful it was to sprinkle the plants of the mountain with a kite and a thread that was born from the heart of a little girl.🪁

For you, who of the two reached the fountain first – the girl or the wise man? Or maybe it was the kite – ha ha ha ha.
So – 🔔

Don’t judge wisdom by years, nor by its appearance – because at the moment you least expect it, when you think you have climbed as high as possible – a little girl with a kite flying on a simple thread can appear and surprise you! 🪁


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