Mais Qui Censure L⚡Amour ?

сейчас все просто ☝️

I was on a journey to build my architecture ~ for visually impaired people and artists.
On my way I had wonderful and unbelievable situations ~ which of course if I would tell everything as it was ~ for sure nobody would believe me.
So I took some time to think ~ how I want to tell my story, and thinking a bit more ~ I thought that the wonderful gift I can give to humanity ~ is write a novel on science fiction, ~ Reveling a path to Love ~ where I am from.

Written at the crossroads of paths ~ where at some point we are all forced or free to choose a direction ~ I choose love ☝️ ~ above the eternal battle of good versus evil.
In this eleccion my novel expounds deep ethical reflections on peace, goodness and Fraternity among human beings free from petty selfishness.

All compacted into a wonderful and exciting adventure and a illustrated fiction novel ~ containing all the pilates of my journey, to my friends and loved ones.

I am very proud of it, because it was not easy to compile all the situations I lived through and put them into art on 212 pages.

While everyone was running around stressed because of the world plague ~ I was immobile in that situation and thought to myself:

~ Wherever we are in the world ~ all friends 🤝, all the people who were part of my path, all of them ~ I want them to be in a wonderful place full of love, joy and high values.

I didn’t have the cement at that moment to make that place, to put pretty things and invite everyone to celebrate ~ I had a drawing pencil, a typewriter – and if that wasn’t enough ~ my heart ~ all Virtue in my hands to make the arrival of this book into the world possible.
That is how my book was born 💎 ~ and I am very proud of it, because today on every page that I pause to read my own story ~ I see only love.
From the water to the fire ~ from the earth to the sky ~ everything is love ~ by a gesture in Saint Michael station and a paper coat ~ I know it sounds surreal and hard to believe ~ but it’s true ☝️

With this article ~ I will not reveal the exciting synopsis of the novel ~ because it will come into your hands as if by magic 🌟

So now ~ I can simply share it with the rest of the world and let it expand love like a Sword of Light ~ it rises it shines on its own.


note :

thanks my constancy ~ the higher inner force that becomes a quality and makes a work of art come into being in the world, just as the artist conceived it⚡

hug to Dmitrii ⚡ for the wonderful colors that made possible the realization of 86 color illustrations.🌈

hug to Rev ⚡- for giving me his hand in times of darkness🌈

hug to the little little inner child – shia👶🏻 for showing me that there is no fire that can burn the water🌈

a huge hug to Jay ⚡- for the gift to my birthday🌈

hug to Will ⚡- for nothing and for all ! hihi – loving jokes🌈

hug to Pedro ⚡🌈

And of course a mega hug to my Higher Self ⚡🌈 

You know without a day there is not a week – and without a week a month, a year – a lifethat’s why hugs are so beautiful.

Honor and kindness for adobe all of everything – it is and it will be☝️

сейчас все просто ☝️

Sunday 17 – let’s celebrate My Naxos arrival

Success now 👆


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