Victoria ~ Im in home ✨

Walking down a very long street and seeing all my past lives as little restaurants of experience where at some point I stopped and did something important, or maybe something irrelevant.

In some I stopped for less time than in others, meeting sister souls who were always by my side in each of my lives ~ in each of those restaurants of experience. In some they were friends, in others enemies, in others family, in another siblings or children, ~ all appearing to give an exact road guide ~ like a golden thread of love that makes me keep walking the street uphill ~ until I reach an unnoticed space.

Walking with hunger, ~ hunger for knowledge, walking with thirst ~ thirst for wisdom ~ walking against bullets and gift flowers ~ however I move forward and leaving in each life a small fragment of memory to hold on to for strength ~ intuition.

I sense that I can’t stay here and I go on, I sense that I can’t turn down that alley that although it seems short will lengthen my path. Without knowing the exact direction I keep walking ~ receiving love and giving, leaving joys and sorrows, I walk trying to remember my origins and the more I remember the less I see the visible and the more I see the invisible ~ and seeing ~ I understand ~ and understanding I follow at the speed of light that invisible thread that guides me.
Sister souls from their own evolution or involution are leaving me clues, showing me the best of me and the worst, purging and cleansing my heart more, opening it ~ until it is unlimited before the eyes of the world.
I am happy I want to embrace everyone ~ but still none of my fellow travellers remember their origins, they have not yet climbed, ~ they have their learning path and I have mine ~ that is the one I follow.
I climb and I see myself in the past, I can look back and reflect on my soul. I see from the most sacred to the most profane ~ but nothing is more important than going up ~ nothing is more important than arriving.
I pass all the restaurants and stop at none, time walks on my side ~ revealing to me new faces and other forgotten faces.
Black and white dogs appear ~ guides along the way. Everyone looks at me but I look at no one ~ Focus on the centre of myself. Focus on my direction.

Life seems to me Like a Karucel of attractions that says ~ Catch YourSelf if You Can.⚡
Difficulties embrace me, but I know them all ~ I resist and laugh ~ I survived in lives before them.
I keep climbing and the street looks long ~ I remember my childhood ~ from this life as fragments of others parade before my eyes ~ dressed in sensations, smells, tastes ~ words that are familiar to me.
I read, I study, I explore philosophy ~ science ~ all searching for answers ~ all searching for my origins.
The sun can already be seen in the distance, and through it there are crystal clear glints of water.
A fountain can be seen, I’m tired but I go on.
At the crossroads of the roads, a carrefour, the same as when I lived in Paris. Every day before picking up the children I was looking after in Paris to pay for my film studies, I would go into a carrefour and buy a 2.89 box of sushi with cidra and with that lot I would sit in front of the Sorbonne’s wonderful fountain to eat, read something and enjoy the sun ~ when it wasn’t raining.
Of all the food packages in the super market I always chose that one ~ and I never knew why.
Today I am in another city, more than 10 years have passed and right in front of the big fountain at the top of the mountain on my way ~ there is the same Carrefour.
I am hungry and tired of walking, I have 7.50 euros in my little tiger of a purse.
I go into the super market and buy the industrial sushi ~ just to remember. And of course my bottle of cider.

This time I have my bottle opener myself.
I sit down and remember.
And those sushi taste like glory to me, the whole puzzle of my life is reconstructed in fractions of seconds.

I know who I am and this is my last reincarnation, for better or worse the whole chain of encounters on my path happened to bring me to this day.
A sign in front of me says ~

Except Up and Down.
So I’m not moving from here.
Because really after finding oneself and reconnecting with the Source ~ where can one go?

From this point I would like to embrace all my travelling companions souls ~ and I hope my embrace will reach them.
I smile, for I can only enjoy every moment of beauty and be happy ~ I have travelled a long way to get here.

And at last I am ~ Picsis ~ last sign ~ last me ~in Chronos Karucel Road. I dit It ⚡~ Im in home.

A feeling of infinite peace inhabits my heart. Even an earring came out in the background ~ and that was not foreseen.

So you know the soul can reach the Fontaine from a simple supermarket ~ eating 4.20 sushi and drinking 1.08 cider. For each journey of each soul is independent and like on a chessboard among thousands of moves one knows well which one to make.


And I have the necessary material to enjoy a dessert in front of the Fountain ~ with my book.

I love you all, my fellow travellers souls ☘️

I did It ⚡

My advice to you ~ evolving soul ~ of all the cards the Universe deals you ~ choose the only one that will lead you to yourself ~ love.
And maybe with luck you will live your last life and be as happy and in peace as I am.
It is a wonderful feeling.
I am home !

Victoria ✨

Just love.
Whatever comes your way ~ just love above all else.




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