Success now 👆

The famous word ~ success ✨

In art as in the personal life of every artist ~ success is always achieved ~ without forgetting that it is a relative concept independent of each creator.

What is a successful life for me ✨ is not the same as for someone else, ~ as it depends on many internal factors that are a function of the spiritual evolution of each artist.

Sitting in front of the sea and eating an ice cream while contemplating the sunset in total inner peace and communion with oneself ~ is a success, which is amplifies when you receive a phone call and your family tells you that they are in good health, or you open your email and see a message from a very dear friend who invites you to the screening of his documentary.
Of course, for that beautiful moment you are living in front of the sea ~ no one will give you a little oscar, and you may not have thousands of followers at the moment.
Which is not to say ~ that it’s wrong or right to win an award, or to get likes ~ it just shows that there are different kinds of success in life, and they are all admirable and wonderful to be proud of.

Success depends on the personal goals you create along the way, making a pizza in 10 minutes is not the same as painting the Mona Lisa.
Today we all love pizzas, and the universality of Leonardo’s art, who didn’t even have a surname ~ transcended to our days ~ glorious.
It’s as simple as that.
It all depends on what the artist wants to expand with the elevation of his soul, and as it is well seen pizzas cohabit well with Universal art~ one for the immediacy of the primate instinct of consumption ~ and the other for the elevation of the spirit.

If you are happy doing what you love ~ you are already successful, and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone or anything ~ if you have your inner peace ~ you have a lot✨

If you wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled ~ and express it in a work of art ~ whatever the medium ~ you are a successful artist✨

If your artistic creation ~ needs no external stimulus to exist ~ be it validation from others, awards, honorariums ~ you are a very successful artist✨

This does not mean that external stimulus are bad ~ or good ~ it just means that the artist has risen above all else and is focused on their work to a point above all stimulation.

A work of art is the ultimate expression of an artist’s soul ~ and the mere fact of bringing it into the world ~ is to succeed.✨

The prizes are gladly received ~ afterwards.

But the first step ~ the firmest and most powerful ~ is that of an artist who stands up👆and believes in his ~ her ~ work of art above all else.

Now ~ many works of art are subject to the time factor, and to this is added their success.

We all know the artistic path of Vincent V, ~ who today is in all the museums of the world and all thanks to his brother’s wife who cautiously recovered his art ~ to expand it and pay her bills.
It’s as simple as that.
Now, there’s no need to fall off the Vincent bridge ~ or go to the Warhol extreme ~ as far as his art is concerned.
It remains to be seen whether Andy will remain in a museum like Leonardo after centuries ~ highly unlikely ~ but that’s for Chronos to see to, so what the artist should be concerned with other than success ~ is the question ~
whether what he ~ she ~ is creating is part of yourself or a pale reflection of society in constant movement ?

Of course, without forgetting that this is another work of inner exploration

From that question two actions spread ~🤔

  1. I am myself in my art.
  2. My art being myself ~ expands.

👆That is the success, because if you are not true to yourself and your creation, no matter how many awards and glories ~ the day the ring bell of the cemetery where even the glorious ones end up ~ that day there will be no turning back.
So to think and meditate on these questions is wonderful ~ today and now⚡

Bearing in mind that success can always be very relative.

Success it can be as simple as eating an ice-cream in front of the sea ~ 5 oscars ~ or both ~ ✨☘️😇

Now ~ if you are dada 👉 ~ the creation of a work of art ~ like the enjoyment of a tasty ice cream ~ are available to the artist 24 hours a day ~

So if success ✨has arrived at the door of your atelier ~ just enjoy it !


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