A generation of kite makers 🪁

Does anyone remember their first kite?
A generation of kite makers ! 🪁

In Camagüey ~ where I grew up ~ I remember that we used to make kites in creative workshops at school, or at home with our parents, uncles, aunts and uncles, or friends.

I remember how carefully I used to make sure that my kite did not get full of knots in the thread – so that it would go up as high as possible.
I would run around a lot, watching as the colours of my kite joined the blue of the sky🪁

Making a kite 🪁itself was quite an adventure ~ we would first find different sticks that weighed little and then cut out the paper shape and glue them together – stretching the string.
It was quite tedious when the glue that was usually made from flour stuck between the fingers and that creation was close to catastrophe….
The great victory was when coloured paper or paint was found to decorate the kite and it took flight.

The other nice detail was the choice of the thread and the little wooden tare that held it, I remember very well how with my little hands I tried to manage that flying beauty – and of course, at the same time you could run – piloting a flying being with colours.

Sometimes you went out to fly the kite with bare feet and in those moments it didn’t matter what boulders appeared on the way, you ended up with dirty feet – but happy – of course, you looked more to the heights than to the ground.
And the more wind ~ the better! 🪁

A beautiful fragment of my childhood ~ rescued !
And you remember your first🪁 kite?


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