Constancy ✨

Finishing a work of art ~ which requires intellectual and technical knowledge beyond our space-time ~ is marvellous and challenging.

That’s how I came up with the creation of my picture book ~ composed of 86 colour illustrations and a fresh and new literary structure.

In my creative experience, I put the success of my creation on a necessary quality for every artist ~ Constancy.

Constancy is very different from discipline, ~ qualities that are relative in every human being.
Discipline is getting up every day at a certain time, for example.
Whereas constancy ~ is knowing why you have to get up and do it without it being tedious for you.

✨Constancy of believing in the creation that I realise ~ was what moved me relentlessly in its completion.
Such constancy ~ forms a discipline of actions that lead to the success of a finished work of art.

✨Constancy arises from an absolute concentration on the development of an artistic idea ~ Focus.

However, there are polymathic minds that can develop several creative ideas simultaneously and that is wonderful.
That is why it is never right to generalise the concentration abilities of some artists and others ~ because it all depends on the speed at which they manage to grasp and express reality ~ through art.

In this case ~ everyone creates in their own space and at their own pace, whatever it may be ~ it is always necessary to have constancy of creation.

✨Constancy is a superior Virtue ~ which shows the strength of the artist to concentrate on his~ her~ work of art ~ overcoming external factors.

For the creation of my picture book ~ I amplified constancy and thus raised my technical ~ pictorial qualities to the level I wanted to take them to.
I went as far as I wanted to go and surpassed my artistic expectations by contemplating a complete literary work ~ in the exact image of what I wanted to convey.
Also from an intellectual point of view I succeeded in creating a dramatic structure that is simple to understand and at the same time based on a complex literary study.

I am very happy about that.
And I based the success of my creation on ~ Constancy ✨ ~ the higher inner force that becomes a quality and makes a work of art come into being in the world, just as the artist conceived it.


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