Inner peace is a state of absolute love, where nothing and no one can modify the vibrational system of the highest frequency – Love.

Understanding that each soul has its own individual evolutionary process, one can learn to let go, to forgive and surrender to the shining fullness of the Higher Self.

To reach this magnificent state requires many years, even many lifetimes of learning, centuries, centuries and centuries.
That is why it is often said that there are some old souls, and they are souls who have rolled long enough – purifying and purging themselves – to shine today with pure love.

It is a wonderful state of spaciousness, and spiritual upliftment, of artistic creativity, and understanding of the world – through acquired knowledge and peace.

One enjoys every detail of life, from a crystal cup of honey – the morning in a house by the sea.

Yes ! – Especially one enjoys the mornings, the small fragment where you open your eyes and smile with gratitude – saying – Si !

Si – for the soul in peace enjoys beauty and blossoms.
Si – for the glory in the eyes of God to behold an inner strength and beauty that is above all and all – yet invisible.
Si – cause you are loved, and you love in the same intensity that you were created – that you were and are – love.

Love other as you love yourself.- The one phrase that if you place it in your heart, will open the door of kindness light in you – and that’s what it’s all about – coming to home that we are –
To return to love.

In the path – which is called Life – is about you, and only about you – everything and everyone is at your way – for you to discover yourself, to reach the highest of your own Self.

To return to Love.
The journey may take centuries, and proofs – which are only wisdoms dressed as proofs – all – to strip your soul of the artifices, of the past, of the hurts.
God – doesn’t play dice – it is said –

God strips the soul.
Sooner or later, in this life or in another – all return to this wonderful place – to a great Feast of the soul.
Love first and always, love before everything and everyone,
Love – cause love rises above all.

So just open your arms to the world and say – YES to Love.



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