I choose

Today is a great day for me – as a creator and as a woman – finally I am no longer in love with my past and take the destiny of my future completely in my own hands.
On my way I have always given everything for love – it’s great what strong and self-confident women do – because it is a very difficult gesture, to give without knowing what the other feels – just being in the vibes of unlimited love.
That experience led me to expand my heart and to see reality from another point of view.

Today – The experience is over, and now I am going to live another experience which is unlimited love from two directions -%- I am very happy about this decision and I am open to it.
From my past, I kept the most beautiful fragments of my heart in a wonderful book, the one I wrote during the pandemic.
Then I opened my heart – until the day of Eros, where I once again fearlessly remained vulnerable with my heart open.
That day I was very happy, to experience how a woman in love doesn’t have to stick to a guy to enjoy life – in fact I was always very free to choose my days.
The day of Eros – it was wonderful – and opening my heart I didn’t feel it was broken, in fact a heart is never broken – there are only energies in one direction that come together.
That’s how simple it is.
Human beings complicate everything, when everything is simple.

Experiencing love in its full extent, I realised that Silence – is one of the most comfortable and coveted positions of this beautiful experience.

Communicating the feelings of those moments is beautiful and uplifting.
All my relationships have been beautiful and emotionally all my past is behind me – well preserved in my book – My Sword and I –
As a universal creator, I can bring the beauty of lived moments into art – and I am proud of it.

I am happy to have the strength and courage to do so and to hold my destiny in my hands keeping my heart open and unbroken, unwounded, and radiant.

My heart is golden – just as I give unlimited everything I deserve to receive.
I’ve made the difference between the ghost guys, the ones who keep silent because they’re cowards ? – I dont know why, this silence, and the ones who come to see you with an ounce of flowers, simply because they think of you and decide to do so.

I choose the ones with flowers, the real ones, the ones who respond to my vibration and make me rise even higher in my art.

I love mens with character, because I myself have a lot of character! I love mens with real actions and gestures – because I myself put real gestures and say what I think when I think it – directly.
Supposedly we live in the 21st century – but in our society many ideas about women are a bit confused – either she has to be Penelope – sleeping beauty – or one focused on success and career with money – when the reality is not like that.
A woman can have it all, and be sweet, faithful, beautiful and strong, create a family and create a career – at the same time.

When Homer wrote Ulisses, he sat poor Penelope down to wait for her prince charming – and I making a quantum leap now – I’m going this afternoon to the beautiful vineyards where Homer imagined those adventures and told him:

Homer, if She loves – so much, why don’t she dont take a boat and travel! – Like me ?

For love I made a wonderful film – my first feature film – Resonare Fibris – where I was giving all my heart and received as an answer – What beautiful shots. That day I understood that I was in another dimension, and that love be drawn from dimensions. Of dimensions and time. When one creator elevates love to a work of art and the other is unable to see it, it can be very painful. Why it feels – I gave you everything and you didn’t see it yet, you didn’t see yourself. I got over it and kept creating beauty.

My heart is not broken by that experience, my art is not affected, my films are wonderful and I do not feel less, nor more – I feel that I was myself in all the moments of love and I am proud of it – I am strong.

Im Golden.

My Film – The Golden City.

That experience does not lead me to take my camera and side with feminist directors, and detest all men on the planet, does not lead me to think that men are bad – on the contrary my Higher Self elevates me from the little mary and says – you are more than that. It doesn’t matter who can’t see you – it matters who can see you. And every day you wake up and look at the Sun you are before the eyes of the Creator, who sees it and gives everything – yet – it is invisible – it is love. – And if you are in the eyes of love – you are love and by love it is created – you live – you share – in an unlimited way – that’s how simple life is.

I am myself no matter what, and I am open.

In total communion with my Higher Self – I think it’s great, that womes are able to decide and assert their desires to men and that romantic relationships move to a higher level of emotional openness.
Being open does not make us fragile, it makes us stronger, and we have to understand that the heart is never broke – so if you love a men – Tell him – I love you ! Its all, if he love you – he will act, if not he will dont act – Simple and direct.

Now – liberated from the past, and in – The Golden City – my film in road.

My way is True Love – where I am the mistress of my destiny – as always but with a strong certainty of what I want and what I don’t want.

The world is beauty and I just decided to share my precious moments of life with a lucky man who knows how lucky he is that I support him, and love him – that makes me also lucky to see how love expands and the soul of both of us rises.
This is the experience I chose to live.

I choose True love.




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