With the rainbow in my pocket 🌈


The first reading on – Thursday 17:30 – was magical 👏

Joyful to finish writing my comics, I went to celebrate the arrival of my work of art into the world.

At that moment I wanted to have a nice cold beer in a place with a view – not be in the typical roff top, for roff – me ! for top – me !

Yea ! My day – my rules ⚡
It turns out that in my favourite place in the city of Madrid, from where you can see the most beautiful sunsets – it is the Royal Palace, unfortunately there is still no bars place to celebrate looking at the sun.
So I thought I would find a solution that would make me independent of the lack of space and that I could use for my celebration. After all, I had the whole square for a party, even with live music – despacito. Yes, you won’t believe it, but that’s how it was.

Chronos told me the exact time of the repertoire of the Orfeus of that square, who is not Hauser but is a beautiful musician who sits to play harp and sometimes harmonica. It’s just great !
Sun and Music – Im in Home – what more could you ask for !

Well I ask for a solution for my whole party and I have it – Idea 🤔 – a bottle opener !
A bottle opener – Yes! Victoria ! – that’s my magic key to this day of all days, I want that on whatever mountain I am, I have in my pocket something to open a simple bottle and celebrate, be it with San Peregrino, or with Guinness, it doesn’t matter – I needed a bottle opener – Now !
I went to the nearest shop and when as this week the rainbow followed me – as if by magic the only opener I saw – was a rainbow.
Great !
With the rainbow in my pocket, I bought two Mexican beers and went to the Royal Palace, where I sat in the sun and opened my bottle!
I was very happy to read my comics, and drink beer – and all thanks to a rainbow opener !
I took off my shoes and stayed for a while enjoying my Triumph in Art – when one of my best friends wrote me that he was coming to see me, he was on a bus that was stuck in a tunnel and was just arriving from Havana, so it was just beautiful.
I said to him – quick, I have another cold beer for you in my bag.
That’s how the first reading of my finished work happened – all spontaneous and unprepared – all under a rainbow of peace.
And beer of course, you can’t forget Dionysus.

Those who follow my art – know the importance I attach to values such as honour and friendship, and that’s what comics is all about, it’s a beautiful adventure, where I draw inspiration from my road and my friends. So it was magical that one of them was there on the big day at the Royal Palace and read my story.
It was beautiful when, at the end of reading the story we were walking to a cafe, and my friend asked me – And where is the ship?
He was still connected with my adventure, I kept thinking and today I wrote this article – because I have the answer.

🌈FriendShip – who has wonderful friends – is Golden 💛

Sure – in life we also need rainbows in the form of openers, and champagne terraces in Royal Palaces…..

But dont worry, they exist – with a rainbow – an heart open to life – the world is beauty.

Every day is royal.

Every day is glory.

Everyday is love and friendship.

Every day is a reason – to share – to celebrate – to create beauty – that’s what stays – it’s true ☝️

To all artists,

I invite you to Celebrate your creations, and to keep a little rainbow in your pocket – always !


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