Plaza San Juan de Dios

I only live once –
I don’t want to regret – afterwards what could have been and wasn’t.


I am walking along the cobblestones towards Sacred Heart Church in my hometown  – Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.
I am 17 years old. On the street I see the lady selling flowers on the corner of Republic Street, I have bought some bouquets for Magdalena – the mother of a dear friend of mine.
Magdalena is a nurse and she likes flowers, today I will eat at her house, because she also likes to cook and she cooks very well!
The bus will take me to her house, near the hospital, and then at 16:00 I will go to visit one of my Maestro – J.Besmar.
I will only be able to get to his house around 17:00, is when he is finish the Books painting.
That’s good, I have enough time to explore the city. That means I can walk all the way down the street ….. and get to the National Library – there I stay 10 minutes to say hello to the students of my art class – who are probably doing the art history homework that Alfredo, the teacher, sent us.
How boring – it is to stay in the library in total silence. I already did that homework yesterday and today I just want to walk around, and visit wonderful people.
Oh, let’s see if my friend – William, maybe he is creating a new painting, in his house behind the Sacred Heart church, if his mother is not there, we could talk about painting techniques before I get to Besmar’s house.
Well, well, the wooden windows on the first floor of his house – they are sawn… it seems – he is not at home, however his mother is sitting in the living room – Wow ! She is happy today… – she opened the door…
I continue to the end of the street, and from there I’m almost at the Avenida Caridad, reaching the Maestro’s house, I still have time to stop by the dollar service and buy something for Marcel and Diego, it would be horrible to arrive on empty hands, in a house with childres…
Good plan, but…
A line of few unruly people are waiting at the entrance of the Dollars Shop…
It’s so hot in the street, and it’s 17:00 in the afternoon!
God, I need some air-conditioning in the shop.
Well – finally inside the dollarland, let’s see !
Ou la la – they only have one of those red lollipop candies?
Well, those are the ones! 25 cents, Jm.
Let’s get a glimpse of those chocolate biscuits ? 1 dollar .35 cents ?
I hope they have chocolate stuffing in them, at least that’s what it says on the picture on the box. Jm…
Well, candy and cookies in hand, I’m off!

Look, I’m arriving at the Marriage Palace – Nice ! An old man sell flowers there too, how wonderful.
Oh, some sunflowers for Beatrice, my Maestro beautiful wife.
How lovely is the world with sunflowers !
Anyway, I can’t continue exploring the shoping of traffic, flowers and sweets, and now – straight to the point – house with the staircase, where the door opens with a thread -that is made of gold-.
Great, great, 17:30 already at Maestro Besmar’s house – flowers on the little table at the hall, where there is a game of chess, and the children are running around happily, Marcel found a slug and showed it to me, that boy is very clever.

Diego is still small, but I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a film director, he loves to observe the details, he’s a curious kid. Here comes Beatriz from the balcony waving, always so smiling and elegant.
And of course the Maestro, explaining about Platonist works, and taking stock, in the living room, with its gleaming bookshelves.
Thank goodness I didn’t go to the library to study!
4 hours later, I leave the temple of knowledge, I have time to eat a 5 peso pizza with Luis Arturo, in the street of the cinemas…
Arturo is looking for paper for his drawings, so we have a quick lunch in the square, and he goes off in search of his materials, to a very distant neighbourhood…
I’m still hungry, so I go to see if Janny is at her aunt’s house. I’m thinking it would be great to have a party at San Juan de Dios, and why not have something to eat in the area.
By this time it’s all closed… Almost 21… Buttercups?
Well, I keep thinking and I’m going to shout at her aunt’s balcony.
Ouff, my friend is home, what a blessing! Her aunt invites us to dinner, and we call Arturito and Nine, from her landline, to meet at Plaza San Juan de Dios.
Janny got to thinking… we need wine, see if Rojer’s mum is open, she sells wine for 10 pesos, it tastes like pure vinegar, but it’s strong!
Great, we’ve already got our bottle of plastic with the strange drink in it – heading for Plaza de San Juan de Dios!
Ayyy – I forgot there’s a film, Almanza is showing at the Cine Club, and maybe he’ll give us some time, but, I don’t think we can go to a screening with vinegar in our veins …. It will be tomorrow.
Now I’m on Holiday, thank goodness I’d finished my art history homework for the nice professor -Alfredo.
What a laziness to get up at 7 o’clock to be late again in the morning…
Well, I’d better not think about it, I’m with my friends and it seems that the only music we have is in my music player, and in our hearts of course!

Ohh, Janny just reminded me that my art group has a perspective exam with the Maestro – Ernesto, just after the matutino …. God ! So early…
No, no ! I can’t think about perspective at this hour, I don’t know what the exam is about, but something will occur to me in this moment – after all… – Walking and exploring the road – is my favourite perspective.
Arturito is taking me back to my house in his bike, and I’m sure when my grandma Rosa opens the door, with her surprised face, all the wine its in me – will come out inmediatly – so I’ll remember this day very well!

One day in my city –

My hometown is a Unesco Treasure, just for the record! 🌈


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