Art Call 🌈


This Christmas, I started an Art Call
– to all artists of the world, for participate in a beautiful collaboration in an Orphanage in Russia – sending your beauty to children, who have no family and thanks – God, have wonderful teachers who give all their energies in their artistic growth, where every collaboration is Welcome – from art materials, books, and even works of art.

We always give what we have, and an artist has it all – a whole Universe in our hands! There – how easy it is to share it, and to get it into the hands of little ones.

With this call I also invite all curators to meditate and take a more amplified action with regard to art – since an artist is an unlimited being, and I repeat – it is very easy for both artists and curators to bring beauty to all corners of the planet – Earth!
From museums – to orphanages, from your website to a postal envelope in the hands of children. 🌈

I thank my friend Xavier, director of the postal service of the city of Madrid, for collaborating in my Art Call.Art

And with this message I make a – Do Re Re Mi Fa Sol
– Re Call – 🌈

For all artists who are interested in participating in my call – please contact me for more details.

Thank you !



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