My Father Óscar ✨ 



Today is my Father’s birthday – Óscar, and he is one of the best in the world, he has always inspired me in my art and has been, as he will be in the most important moments of my life.✨ 
Many film directors are in the world in search of an Oscar, and without a doubt of those that I will have as an artist in my life – I already have the most important one – that is my father – Óscar, a wonderful name that speaks a lot about his personality.
Its meaning is «the spear of the gods» and is of Germanic origin.✨ 
The name comes from the great apostle of the Scandinavian countries. Irish legends tell that Oscar was the son of the hero Oisín – the great poet of his people – and the fairy Níamh.

His saint’s day is celebrated on 3 February, which coincides with St Oscar’s Day.

Super cool to party until the 3rd !✨ 

I am proud to have such a wonderful Father✨ , as well as to have been accompanied on my philosophical path by the best Maestros of the Universe✨  – fathers who show the beauty of the world from the angle of respect, honour and kindness.

That is why today February 1st – I congratulate all fathers in the world , and I invite you to make a big Skal✨ for them, for all Maestros✨ , and loved ones who are always with us, and who are – like the Oscar – who give us the gift of life, – they are Golden!

My beloved mother -who took this photo- is not left behind either, as she was born on the 14th of July – the day of the day of the storming of the Bastille – so the old Chronos gave me a tremendous briefcase ! Hihi

Skal and Party ! ✨ 



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