I decided and I am ☝️

I decided to be famous – and I am – Not because I like the world of vanity – I feel fortunate to always create my art in total freedom, beauty and trueness to my moral and spiritual convictions.- the reason of my new point is simple :
Since many years my art has social references – which I would like to develop, one of them is the artistic work with children, and among them with children and adults with visual impairment.

On my artistic path I conceived an architecture – for visually impaired people and artists – which is simply necessary in our cultural environment. From 2016 – I am in the creation of this space, and I have travelled a lot, I have seen a lot, and I understood how this world works with all its respective levels.
I saw and saw and decided that this space is going to exist.
First of all because I have faith, and it is great that artists share their vision with those who have less vision – and in this case – no vision – like children with visual impairment.
I look around the world, and I see that many famous artists promote creams, and beauty products – I think it’s great because everyone is free to do what they want with their image. Now, I look even more and see how these messages are shared and distributed at the speed of light, not because people need creams – simply because the people promoting them are famous. – It is true.
It’s as simple as that.

In my case instead of creams and beauty products, I want my message to reach all levels of society – especially artists – so that from their light they connect with those who cannot see, but feel the world in a very special way.

That’s all. 🌈


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