Go straight to the point 🎯 – is an elevated understanding of time and space.

Being direct is lovely.


When a person has a journey planned and is waiting for a train, plane, car – and it arrives late – ouf…

The first thing you feel is disappointment.
Now when it comes to relationships, in old communication structures – based on the archaic psychology of action-reaction – being direct can be frowned upon – when it comes to the journey itself – the journey of life.

Based on my own experience, I believe that we are energy – and the speed of communication, as well as the level of sincerity of the individual – depends on the spiritual evolution of the individual.
There are individuals with whom the flow of communication is so beautiful and direct, that it is not necessary to hide behind psychological artifice, to have an intellectual, romantic, friendly exchange – simply being direct and open makes ideas travel in a harmonious rhythm and that is beautiful.

A woman who is direct, is a woman who is sure of herself, and knows what she wants assuming – that she is on the same life journey – as the man.
So being direct – does not take away the magic of a relationship – on the contrary – everything is seen from a sublime angle of respect and communion with the superior self that lives inside us.

Now, all human relationships – are subject to time and space – it is a physical phenomenon from which no mortal can escape, so when a person is direct it means – he/she understands how ephemeral our existence is and how precious it is to have a beautiful, direct and transparent flow of energy.
So by respecting our temporal dimension – we respect that of all our loved ones.
After all, how beautiful is the world is when relationships flow in a transparent and healthy way.
Passion and Inner peace in total balance, without fear of being direct.

my first note on the road – of true love road

приглашаю вас в свое пространство размышлений, где будут идеи на русском языке!




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